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Tax implications of selling property

The saying that ‘nothing in this world is certain, except death and taxes’, has more than a grain of truth when it comes to selling property in Australia. As a vendor taxes are one of many costs you need to budget for when you sell a property. Some of these include your real estate agent’s […]Read more >

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Top 7 projects to boost your home’s value this autumn

Want to spend some time boosting your home’s value over autumn? Here are 7 projects you can easily tackle over a three month period, and the best news is, they won’t break the bank. Read: Why smart sellers are gearing up for an autumn sale Increase the natural light in your home When you live […]Read more >


Is there an oversupply of apartments in Melbourne?

Apartment living is fast becoming the Australian dream, but there’s some debate as to whether buying a unit in Melbourne is a good investment as a flood of new developments hit the market. What we’ve seen in the Melbourne apartment market over the past few years Melbourne’s real estate market has certainly been buoyant. The […]Read more >

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Experienced investor and busy working mum looks online for help shortlisting agents

Selling a property is a time consuming process, especially if you are a busy mum of three with a demanding job as a corporate tax adviser. When experienced property investor Theresa Nguyen decided to sell her Ashfield investment property, she found it a daunting prospect. “Usually I like to research anything extensively, but between my […]Read more >

Weighing up investment

What you need to know about real estate investing

Looking for an investment that is going to perform strongly is all about doing your homework and understanding the dynamics of the market. Investment properties can deliver attractive returns in the long term and a regular income, but where to start? Before taking that leap into the property market, there are a few key considerations to think […]Read more >

investment apartment

Ask a real estate agent: how do I know I’m buying the right investment apartment?

Tempted by the thought of buying an investment apartment, but wary of getting your fingers burnt? And so you should. Investment properties can deliver attractive returns in the long term and a regular income, but not every unit out there is destined to perform. That’s why it makes sense to do your homework before taking […]Read more >

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