What commissions should you pay your Queensland real estate agent

If you are planning on selling your home in Queensland and are talking to prospective agents, you would want to ensure you are not overpaying them in commissions. Depending on the value of your property, this could amount to thousands in dollars of your hard earned cash. Sadly, there is no single answer to how […]Read more >

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How does Purple Bricks work?

Purple Bricks is a low cost real estate agency model, launched in 2013. It has some traction in the UK, it’s home market, and has announced entry into the Australian market for Spring 2016. The key message behind Purple Bricks is that a house can be sold for much cheaper than using a traditional real […]Read more >

Why you need an agent to manage the sale of your house

In this age of Google and various pieces of technology, many people are quick to call themselves experts in things they don’t actually have all that much understanding of – ever self-diagnosed an illness instead of going to the doctor? Given the likes of Gumtree and other peer-to-peer selling sites have made it easier for […]Read more >

Questions to ask before selling your home yourself

Is it worth trying to sell your home yourself? Some people certainly think so. But while some may have gotten the price they wanted, we will never know what price an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent could have negotiated for them. Why sell a home yourself? There are plenty of pros to selling your […]Read more >

Are you a family thinking about selling your home?

There are many reasons families choose to sell their home, from lack of space to the need for more convenient schools or wanting to live closer to work and cut down on the commute. A whole range of factors can see owners sell their home in order to buy another that meets their changing needs. […]Read more >

Some of the biggest mistakes award winning agent Tristan Rowland sees vendors make when selling their home

Tristan Rowland from Place Real Estate is one of the most awarded agencies in the state of Queensland. Rowland and his team specialise in taking care of the north side of Brisbane. Rowland is one of the areas most recommended agents on the OpenAgent platform and says that the service has probably put himself and his […]Read more >

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