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    This agent assisted us in selling our property and we achieved an incredible result within a very short time frame. Throughout the process, this agent conducted himself in the utmost professional way and kept us informed every step of the way. I would definitely recommend this agent to anyone looking to sell their property.
    Review by Fanny Rahayu for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    This agent was exactly what we needed in an agent: honest, direct, knowledgeable and positive. He had the drive to achieve us a price that was above our expectations. He is a great guy and results-driven. I'd not hesitate to recommend this agent.
    Review by Chris Carey for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    I am delighted to recommend this agent as the agent of choice whether you are thinking of buying or selling. In addition to his years of experience and knowledge of the market, his knowledge of the people he is dealing with is his greatest strength in my opinion: I had met this agent several years before actually employing him as my agent, and during that period had come across him at intervals years apart while viewing various properties, and he always remembered not only me, but which properties he had seen me at and what I was looking for. On every occasion, I was impressed by his courteous manner and the feeling that he was genuinely interested in helping the people he was dealing with, rather than just doing his job. He remembers his clients and their circumstances, and uses this knowledge to help match the property to the client and meet the needs of both buyer and vendor. It was my experience with this agent when I was a prospective purchaser which encouraged me to ask him to act on my behalf when selling, as I was impressed by his manner of dealing with his clients and the refreshing feeling that he left you with as caring about getting the best possible result for all concerned. This agent's communication skills are excellent. He has an enthusiasm and passion for the work which create a positive impact when you are dealing with him. He comes across as being genuinely interested in the best outcome for all concerned. He is always courteous, helpful and very efficient in speedy communication with all parties - a true pleasure to work with and I am happy to recommend him without any hesitation.
    Review by Tricia Gowing for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    This agent is a very experienced real estate consultant with deep knowledge especially of the St Ives market. We were initially going to talk to several agents but this agent's credibility, knowledge of our local area and his go to market plan convinced us to just proceed with him. We were always kept up to date with other house sales during our campaign and with the feedback potential buyers gave at our open inspections. This agent's experience paid off as we got close to auction date. His thoughts on selling prior to auction instead of waiting for auction day paid off with a good result without the anxious time waiting for a final bid. We are very pleased with the result.
    Review by Jeff and Gil home for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    This agent is a true professional and has a deep knowledge of the residential real estate in St Ives, Turramurra and Pymble. We have used his ability twice in selling homes for us and would use him again without hesitation.
    Review by Maurenn Foster for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    This agent has been superb throughout the whole campaign. I highly acknowledge his professional skill and knowledge in this market. I am very happy that he has delivered the best result.
    Review by Veronica Lee for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    This agent provides friendly service with professional advice on selling properties. I am totally satisfied with his service.
    Review by Wilson Zheng for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    Working with this agent was easy. He took the time to listen to what we wanted and then to articulate his strategy. Ongoing communication was honest and commercial. Would certainly use him again.
    Review by Steven Murphy for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    I feel very fortunate to have selected this agent to act on our behalf in the sale of my late father's home. This agent and his wife worked tirelessly on our behalf in less than optimal circumstances and were able to secure a very satisfactory outcome in the sale of the home. This agent's professionalism was exceptional and he promptly kept us up to date with all developments regarding the sale. His knowledge of the market and his advice were a real bonus for us. This agent is a very impressive personality and his honesty, integrity and work ethic gave us every confidence that we had chosen the right person to act on our behalf. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this agent. We were very fortunate in having this agent represent us and I am extremely grateful of the hard work and effort that this agent put in on our behalf.
    Review by Hugh Pinnington for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    This agent has this great can-do attitude and was very professional the whole time. Thanks to this agent.
    Review by Joseph Chou for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    We spent months looking at houses in St Ives. We found a house that this agent was selling and were impressed with his knowledge of the area, clear understanding of the market and ability to represent his vendor. His transparent approach to negotiating made this difficult process more straightforward as a buyer, enabling us to make a decision knowing the likely outcome of our offer. His no nonsense approach made it easier for us to proceed and no doubt manufactured a sale in a shorter time, benefiting all parties.
    Review by Adam Bateson for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    This agent showed high level of professionalism during the sale of our house. This meant that we were always made aware of every step of the way through receiving regular feedback and comments as well as exhibiting high level of communications skills. At the same time, this agent maintained a very friendly and also honest relationship throughout the process of the sale which we appreciated very much. The end result was indeed very pleasing for us. We highly recommend this agent and his team to anyone contemplating selling their homes.
    Review by Sam and Ellie for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    This agent was responsible for us listing our house at just the right time, due to his in-depth knowledge of the industry and market factors. He gave meaningful and timely feedback at all stages of the selling process, often driving over to us to discuss with us face to face. In addition, due to personal circumstances relating to both the buyer and to the seller, the sale process was an extended and complex one, and this agent managed to keep the buyer on board through it all. We are very satisfied with the result. Thanks to this agent.
    Review by Tania Cohen for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    The best agent in St. Ives. I bought from him and sold it through him. I am happy during both times.
    Review by Lisa Guerrera Pet for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    This agent offered sound professional advice regarding when to market the property, presentation and a realistic expectation of the sale price. There was no high powered sales pitch but a well-structured plan to achieve my expectations. During the open house marketing period where communication is essential, we received a prompt verbal and written report on all prospective purchasers and subsequent follow-ups. These were particularly helpful and comforting during this stressful period. The end result was a successful marketing campaign exceeding my expectations and a record price for the property. What more can you ask. Well done by this agent.
    Review by Jack Sandilands for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    My wife and I thought selling our home would be a harrowing experience. We dreaded the unknown. We were very grateful to a work colleague of ours who had tried selling his home through an estate agent only to find a lack of professionalism, and recommended this agent from Chadwicks realestate with whom he was totally satisfied, from the sale of his home. We experienced the same dedication from this agent and Soraya. We found their suggestions in presenting our home rewarded, through the feedback we received from the many people shown throughout our home, this agent accounted for every perspective buyer through our home with the eventual sale. This agent's efforts did not finish with the sale of our home, his efforts continued making sure all was finalised.
    Review by Janine and Allen for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    Great result. We watch the property market closely and want to place on record as potential vendor looking to sell soon. We have observed you work tirelessly over the years, you are a credit to your industry with the results you produce. When we are ready to place our house on the market we will be listing with you. Keep up the good work, nice seeing your wife has joined you too. You make a great team.
    Review by Marty Fisk for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    I am very pleased with how smoothly everything went and ended up with a great result.
    Review by Julie Samowitz for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    This agent has been very helpful in helping us find and secure our first home. He is friendly, approachable, and has been happy to go out of his way to organise several inspections outside business hours. Communications between ourselves and the vendor were relayed swiftly, and we would hear back from this agent within a few hours. His knowledge of the local area and professionalism are commendable. Thanks to this agent for all your help.
    Review by B. Hon for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    This agent was excellent during the sale of our property. I would definitely use him again.
    Review by Shawn and Justin Brow for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    We put our property on the market two and a half years ago with this agent. This agent was selected from three agents that presented to us, and we found that he guided us through the process and assisted with presentation ideas to get the best price. We did get a buyer but I felt that it was not the right price for the property. I decided not to proceed and this agent was very cooperative and not pushy at all. This agent's agency, Chadwick Real Estate found us a good tenant and we put the property back on the market. This agent kept us informed over the two years with market updated and advise. The property was sold in three weeks, at a price more than we expected and substantially higher than two years ago. The marketing and advise on presentation was spot on, and hence the result. I highly recommend this agent to anyone looking to sell in the area that he operates in. He is a pleasure to work with.
    Review by Dilip Khakhar Smi for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    We first met this agent a few years ago when he sold us the house, we were impressed then with his knowledgeable and friendly manner. The purchase was a stress-free and enjoyable process so when it came to selling, this agent was our choice. So much of what an agent does goes on behind the scene, we were very happy with the result, which could only have been achieved with this agent's experience, professionalism and determination.
    Review by Elizabeth and Jessie Grace for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench
    This agent is a very good and responsible agent who is full of passion and commitment. You won't find disappointment with his service and thanks to this agent for your help throughout the whole selling process, much appreciated.
    Review by Kin Cheung and Lee Tsui for Paul Diks from Richardson and Wrench

Recent Sold Properties From Richardson and Wrench - St Ives

    5 Kenwyn Close, St Ives 5 Bedroom House
    SOLD 22/11/2017
    10 Garrick Road, St Ives 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 19/11/2017
    67A Pentecost Avenue, Pymble 3 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 17/11/2017
    9 Mcrae Place, Turramurra 5 Bedroom House
    SOLD 17/11/2017
    19 Knowlman Avenue, Pymble 5 Bedroom House
    SOLD 04/11/2017
    33 Cambourne Avenue, St Ives 5 Bedroom House
    SOLD 02/11/2017
    34 Toolang Road, St Ives 6 Bedroom House
    SOLD 02/11/2017
    5 Briar Street, St Ives 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 28/10/2017
    5 Miowera Road, Turramurra 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 28/10/2017
    30 Roma Road, St Ives 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 13/10/2017