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    It is with great pleasure that I write this reference. My partner and I initially met this agent when we saw a home for sale in the weekly Real Estate magazine. After this initial meeting, this agent 's competency made us confident that he would be who we listed our house for sale with. Unlike some other real estate agents, this agent is honest. This is the recipe for long term, successful business. Hence after looking at the house, we listed our house for sale with McGrath or this agent . I truly believe this is one of this agent 's best qualities. He is dependable and diligent. If this agent said he was going to do something by a certain time, it was done by that time, if not before. this agent is a professional and he exceeded our expectations because of his expertise. this agent never made us feel like we were under pressure (i.e., buy/sell now) although at the same time, we never felt like we were rushed (i.e., hurry up, I have another appointment). this agent went the extra mile and took the time to answer any questions or queries thoroughly. In addition to the above, McGrath's professional standards are incredible. They use professional photos. I believe this makes a really huge difference in selling a house. Our photos were exceptional. It truly stood out in the Real Estate magazine because of this factor. They follow up on phone calls and correspondence. Immaculate, professional presentation of office, staff and correspondence was demonstrated. Exceptional, honest, pleasant and thoughtful customer service was given which is a must for selling or buying. Overall, we were delighted to have this agent or McGrath selling our house. In saying that, we did sell and for a great price too. Thanks this agent or McGrath for such an easy and stress free process, we truly do appreciate it. We would highly recommend you to potential buyers or sellers. - Anthony
    Review by for Alan Bowler from McGrath
    I may have well been selling a $5-million property with the effort this agent put into selling my home. As it was, my home was on the market for offers over $395,000 and was going to auction. Auction was a dirty word for me but I could not argue with the fact that my house was unique with magnificent water views, however it was still only two bedroom home and on a very steep block. Regardless I loved my little home, it had enormous sentimental value to me and this agent did not take that lightly, in fact he seemed to completely understand. I trusted this agent and I felt a loyalty toward him since he has sold me the house over ten years ago at which time I found him to be very honest. I decided to follow all his instructions as to the amount of advertising etc. I was so nervous about the auction I didn't even attend, I had someone else attend for me. As it happened, I should have attended because the champagne corks would have been popping and I could have given this agent a big hug. Not only did my little home sell for the amount we were hoping for it sold for $55,000 over the reserve. this agent put his heart and soul into the sale of my home and I would recommend this agent or his team to anyone. - Lumsden
    Review by for Alan Bowler from McGrath
    On behalf of my wife and I, I would like to write this letter of appreciation for your valued service in the recent sale of our property at West Gosford. When we decided to sell our property we were drawn to the professional reputation that McGrath Estate Agents holds in the area, a reputation that you upheld from our first contact with you through to settlement and exchange. From our first conversation with you about sales strategies, to advice on open homes, advertising, listing price, negotiation and conveyancing you provided us with a stress free process that could not have gone smoother. As the first time sellers of a property, your experience and skill in real estate made what could have been a daunting experience a positive one. Should I need any further advice about buying or selling, I will be sure to contact you and will certainly recommend you to others I know in similar situations. Many thanks. - Matthew
    Review by for Alan Bowler from McGrath
    We would like to commend you for your amazing perceptiveness when we were recently looking to buy a property. During our hunt, we spoke to many agents, told them exactly what we wanted and how much we could spend. Yet, so many didn't hear us. They directed us with such a hit and miss approach to homes that either didn't suit or were out of our price range. Yet, you heard the first time, knew exactly what we were looking for, and of course it was you who sold us our property. Many agents should take a leaf out of your book. You're a true professional, a total gentleman to deal with, and throughout the whole process of buying, we felt that you were working not only for your vendor but were also excited you had achieved a good union with your buyer. We were thoroughly impressed with the staff at McGrath. They are an incredible family and we have been extremely happy in all our dealings with them. Congratulations to the McGrath Team. You are the best. Especially many thanks to you, this agent . - Josh
    Review by for Steve Farthing from McGrath
    We first made contact with McGrath Gosford via the domain website. Over the course of six months, we had viewed a lot of properties through various agents and found some to be unreliable and some outright deceitful. When we came across this agent and the McGrath Team, we found an agent who obviously wanted the best for his clients but also was proactive in helping a purchaser. this agent was very accommodating to make a time to view properties and also recommended others that may be of interest. He was always in contact with us and truthful in advising the stages of properties for sale. Throughout our experience with this agent , we found someone who was true to his word and someone who I would recommend to anyone looking at purchasing or selling a property. We believe that every home buyer is a potential seller and the first and only agent we would use is this agent . Thanks. - Nathan and Leslie
    Review by for Steve Farthing from McGrath
    We felt that a letter of appreciation was warranted for the great work you have done for us in the recent sale of our family home of thirty-four years. Your friendly but professional attitude to your work has really impressed us throughout the sale process. You may recall that we selected you after receiving appraisals and marketing submissions from the other local agents offering to sell our home at Wyoming. Your presentation and personality were the deciding factors that we based our decision on. We were reassured throughout the marketing process with your regular updates and feedback after inspections and open homes as the time extended out to sixteen weeks, with minimal offers, during a particularly slow market period. At no time did you pressure us to reduce the asking price which gave us the confidence that, in your opinion, it was realistic and attainable. Our memories of raising our family were forever in our mind during the sale process, along with much emotion, but you always made us feel good about it whenever we spoke to you and you gave us the confidence that it could be done effectively. Please accept our sincere thanks for all of your effort in assisting us to achieve our agreed selling price with the buyers. We are certain that they will love our home as much as we do. We would gladly recommend you to any of our friends and family who want to sell a property in the future with the full knowledge that you would be working for them to get the best price as well as being sympathetic to the buyer's needs. You are simply the best. - Ian and Christine
    Review by for Steve Farthing from McGrath
    In many years of dealing with the public, I have experienced every type of individual god has put on this earth. 70% are full of it, 25% just don't seem to ever hit the nail on the head. Yet every now and then one is fortunate to meet the 5% who actually get involved, do what they tell you they are going to do and it is an absolute pleasure dealing with those individuals. this agent , thank god you are in this 5%, absolutely a joy. We have been fortunate in dealing with an agent like you. Thank you both so much. - Henry
    Review by for Steve Farthing from McGrath

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