An expert guide to planning a stress-free moving day

By Brent Mckee

It's not surprising that many people dread moving day. With so much to plan and do, moving houses can seem like a stressful experience that can take over the joy and excitement of new places and fresh beginnings. 

How long should it take to move? 

How much will it cost? 

What's the best way to pack boxes before moving? 

To help you have a stress-free moving day, the expert Sydney Removalists - Smoothmoves have put together their top tips and tricks for moving house, from how to get ready before moving day, to how to make your big day of moving easier than ever expected.

moving in together

1. Planning ahead for your big move

While you'll likely have a specific "moving day" (or days) set in the calendar, the process of moving house will often require at least 2-3 weeks of planning ahead to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Here are some key things you'll want to do before moving day.

Clear your schedule

Moving house always takes longer than expected, so it's best not to make any other plans for that day - or even the day before - as you'll need plenty of time to get everything ready. You should also try to get a good night's sleep the night before so that you can get started as early as possible.

Get supplies early

Make sure you have plenty of packing supplies ready ahead of time - stock up on boxes, scissors, tape, and markers. If you run out of boxes or tape, you'll have to stop what you're doing and run to the shops - a big waste of time that will only add to your stress levels.

"It's always better to buy too many packing supplies than to not have enough on moving day."

It's always better to buy too many packing supplies than to not have enough on moving day. Plus many packing supply stores will often offer a hire for moving boxes or buy back unused boxes!

Write a packing list

Before you pack anything, write down everything that you need to pack. This will help you feel calmer, in control, and ready for moving day. Even better, create a system so you know where everything is and where it needs to go. Number or label every box you intend to pack, and write the contents on your list.

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2. Packing up without the fuss

Packing up an entire house can seem extremely daunting, but as long as you keep calm, take things one step at a time, and stay organised, you'll be ready to go in no time. Here are some packing tricks to help keep you sane.

Pack as early as possible

Pack anything you won't really need in the lead up to moving day - this could include old files, photo albums, books, bed linen, towels, appliances, and sports equipment. Any items that you don't use every day should be packed up early, so you can save time and stress on moving day. 

Tidy as you go

Decluttering is always hard, especially if you've been in your old place for a long time. But, if you pack every item you currently have to take to your new home, the unpacking process will take much longer and will make your lovely new place a total mess from day one.

Get rid of anything broken, worn out or unusable and clean the house as you go, so you don't have to unpack boxes of useless junk later on. 

Pack an overnight bag

It's a great idea to have a small bag packed on moving day with some handy essentials - a fresh change of clothes, underwear, pyjamas and toiletries. It's likely that you'll be exhausted at the end of moving day, and won't want to go hunting through dozens of boxes trying to find your toothbrush late at night.

"It's a great idea to have a small bag packed for moving day with some handy essentials - a fresh change of clothes, underwear, pyjamas and toiletries."

3. Getting your move on

Moving day is finally here! Get up early, get a good breakfast, and get going. 

Here's what to do for a successful move.

first family home

Stick to a system

Check your packing list and stick to a system. 

Try keeping similar items together, such as pots, pans, and lids, or phone chargers, TV cables and remotes. Colour code each room in your new house and put matching coloured post-it notes on each box. Once you're in your new place, put a matching post-it note on the entrance of each room so your movers know exactly where things should go. 

Finish packing before your movers arrive

Whether you've got some friends or family coming over to help, or you've hired professional movers, it's a good idea to have everything securely packed and ready to go before they arrive. This will save time and tempers on moving day.

"It's a good idea to have everything securely packed and ready to go before the movers arrive. This will save time and tempers on moving day"

Look after yourself

Moving house is exhausting both physically and mentally, so make sure you and your moving crew are well hydrated and fed so you can keep your energy levels and attitude up! Have plenty of water and snacks on hand and take a proper break for lunch. If it's a hot day, take extra precautions and keep cool.

It's all about attitude

A good attitude and sense of humour will make a huge difference on moving day. Focus on being flexible, patient, and positive - invite friends over, play some good music, or listen to an interesting podcast while you pack to keep things upbeat and fun.

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Removing the hassle from moving house

Moving houses is a huge task and will never go entirely according to plan, but following these steps will certainly help to make the process as smooth and painless as possible. 

Of course, if you're stretched for time or would simply like the help of professionals, the team at Smoothmoves are friendly removalist experts who would be thrilled to make your moving day a hassle free experience. 

Content supplied by Brent Mckee for Smoothmoves.


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