How to best style your Airbnb to stand out from the crowd

Whether you've just purchased a new investment property or you’re looking at revamping your existing listing, interior design is the key to success when renting out your home on Airbnb! 

To help you on your way to secure more bookings and become THE Superhost in your neighborhood, Milray Park Designer Jessica Franklin shares her 6 best design tips to make your Airbnb stand out.

1. Be unique

With thousands of Airbnb listings saturating the market, it’s time to think outside the box and make yours look truly unique.

Create a focal point of interest in the space, something internally or externally that will stand out from the crowd and make any potential guest remember your listing. Perhaps it’s a vibrant coloured front door, or a mural covering an entire wall inside the living room? Whatever you choose, go big and go bold! 

"With thousands of Airbnb listings saturating the market, it's time to think outside the box!"

2. Create a home away from home

airbnb styling tips
Airbnb listing styled by Milray Park Designer Mardi Mason | Source: Airbnb

Cold, sterile spaces that lack personality will do no good in scoring you more bookings, or those coveted ratings. You need to create a little 'home away from home' for your guests.

This can be easily and affordably achieved through a simple styling hack that is sure to bring you more guests through the door: textiles! Think throws on the sofa, cushions on the bed, rugs layering hard floors or curtains framing draughty windows. These will certainly add warmth and personality to your space without breaking the bank! 

3. Go bold with lighting

Unusual lighting choices are another great way to make your Airbnb stand out. This could be an oversized pendant over your dining table, a funky lamp shade in your living room, or even hanging quirky pendants either side of the bed – don't be shy, go bold and make your place one to be remembered!

4. Use greenery

Inject some fresh air into your space with the use of plants. You don’t need to over do it here, just a few dotted throughout the space will do. Good spots include bathroom, kitchen and main living area. This added greenery will help to create a fresher feel in the space while making the images of your listing pop up too.

"Greenery will help to create a fresher feel in the space while making the images of your listing pop"

5. Make it personal to the area

Let your Airbnb tell the story of its location through artwork and photography. Why not frame up some old black and white photos of the area and create a welcoming gallery wall? Or perhaps a big map of the area hung over the sofa?

Hit your local op shop or second hand book store and see what goodies you can find. Remember, images are what get you bookings so anything that will stand out and look unique in your professional shots is worth investing time in.

6. Make the bed look hotel worthy

how to style airbnb
Airbnb listing styled by Milray Park Designer Mardi Mason | Source: Airbnb

Nothing is less appealing than a picture of a crinkled, flat looking, drab bed! What your future guests want to see is a bed look fit for a king or queen. 

My best tip to create a 5 star hotel looking bed is to purchase the best quality sheets for your budget. Stay safe, stick to crisp white, you can always bring in colour with cushions and a throw later. And when making the bed, pull the doona up to the cushions, then fold it back half way, then fold it in half again back up towards the top of the bed. This will give you a big plush looking doona all guests will dream about after a long day exploring the area.

Need some help revamping your Airbnb listing? Get started on your design project on Milray Park eDecorating platform, from just $299 per room.

Content supplied by Jessica Franklin for Milray Park.

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