Most binge worthy home renovation shows to watch in 2019

By Katy Holliday

The world has gone a little reno mad over the past few years and television execs are driving the trend hard and fast. Whether you're in it for the entertainment and drama or you're planning your own exciting home reinvention and searching for inspo, here are our top picks for binge-worthy house renovation shows that will have you glued to the telly.

OK Blockheads, are you ready?

Home renovation shows on Netflix

Restoration Australia

netflix shows
Source: Netflix

Restoration Australia is a bit of a game-changer in Australian renovation shows. With most series having the pressure cooker of time limits added to their reno and stress levels, this show gives participants an ample two-and-a-half years to complete their projects.

With no competition or prize money offered and the historic, dilapidated houses already up for restoration by their owners, this show is more of an organic viewing experience.

Instant Hotel

If you're into renovation tv shows for the drama and bickering rather than the inspo, Instant Hotel should be next on your Netflix binge list. Think of it as House Rules meet Airbnb!

"If you're into renovation tv shows for the drama and bickering... Instant Hotel should be next on your Netflix binge list."

This savage competition takes you into the transformed homes of the contestants as they try to prove their home is the best. The homeowners stay at each other's properties and judge them on the experience. The couple with the highest score at the end of the season wins the ultimate prize.  

Stay Here

If you're looking to glam up the granny flat for rent, this show could be the one for you. This American home improvement show, hosted by designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate guru Peter Lorimer, helps homeowners take their one star short-term Airbnb rentals and convert them into show-stopping, Insta-worthy, money making machines.

The Great Interior Design Challenge

The Great Interior Design on Netflix
Source: Twitter

The accents, the architecture, the history, and the countryside… The Brits are the authority when it comes to classy interior makeover shows... That was... until this one!

Expert judges watch on in horror as a bunch of amateurs take the reins to "transform" a set of rooms to the best of their hapless abilities in the hopes of being crowned amateur interior designer of the year. As the competition heats up the claws come out!

Amazing Interiors

What looks ordinary on the outside can often be extraordinary on the inside. In this American reality show, looks certainly can be deceiving as you're taken on a journey of spectacular and curious interiors.

"In this American reality show, looks certainly can be deceiving as you're taken on a journey of spectacular and curious interiors."

From a bed with its own cascading waterfall, to a wall-to-wall aquarium, and an impressive wall-to-ceiling mural, there is something to fascinate every viewer.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo
Source: Netflix

Not requite a renovation show, but all around Australia, people are learning to spark joy in their lives by eliminating unnecessary items and tidying up their homes - konmari style!

Who knew folding a jumper could be so therapeutic? The charming and sprightly Marie Kondo shows you how to declutter your home with grace and gratitude.

Grand Designs: Australia

If you loved the original British series of Grand Designs, make sure to check out the Australian adaptation. Grand Designs Australia episodes are hosted by prominent architect Peter Maddison.

We follow Peter as he travels around the country finding people who are embarking on a journey to build their dream home filled with ambitious ideas.

Watch on for the drama as the trials and tribulations begin with budget blowouts and other unforeseen problems arising.

Home renovation shows on TV

The Block - Channel 9

home renovation tv shows
Source: 9Now

Home to Channel 9, The Block has 14 seasons under its belt. It centres around multiple couples as they compete against each other renovating and decorating properties room by room in the hopes of ultimately receiving the highest price at auction and winning the show.

The Block 2019 has revealed its location for this year's series, with St Kilda site, The Oslo Hotel, to be restored to its former glory.

Fixer Upper - Channel 9

This American reality TV series based in Waco, Texas stars remodeling and design duo Chip and Joanna Gaines.

The endearing couple help home buyers purchase fixer-uppers, and renovate and decorate their new homes on a tight budget, transforming them from dumps to dream homes - farmhouse style!

House Hunters - Channel 9

For those interested in the property market, House Hunters might spark your curiosity. The show offers house buyers a lending hand from a real estate agent.

"The show offers house buyers a lending hand from a real estate agent."

The buyers are shown three properties and by the end of the episode they must make their decision on which house they want to buy.

For those who love the format, also check out House Hunters International.

House Rules - Channel 7

home renovation tv shows australia
Source: B&T

For Channel 7 renovation shows, look no further than House Rules. Following six couples as they travel around the nation fixing up each other's homes, with a list of five house rules to adhere to, the team with the highest score at the end wins the season.  

"With Jamie Durie set to join House rules 2019, the show is upping the ante... with not only house renovations but apartments, terraces and warehouses thrown into the mix."

With Jamie Durie set to join House Rules 2019, the show is upping the ante (and the drool factor), with not only house renovations but apartments, terraces and warehouses thrown into the mix.

The Living Room - Channel 10

Maybe not your typical renovation show, but this fun-loving lifestyle program takes you inside the world of fixer-uppers and decluttering with various segments like Renovation Rescue, Design Challenge, Renovating for Profit and Declutter.

Selling Houses Australia - Foxtel

This popular show is back for its 12th series. This year, Shaynna and the guys will be tackling the struggles of selling in a buyer's market as they travel across Australia fixing up a smorgasbord of unsellable properties making them perform fiercely on the market!

This is the perfect series for you if you're getting ready to list your home.


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