The Block - 2016

By Johanna Seton

Episode 1

Today marks the first episode of the 2016 series, which is the 12th series of the Block. Tonight, we meet our 5 couples who will be renovating this years block; an old soap factory.

First Up it's Mum & Dad, Kim and Chris. Based in Newcastle, she's a teacher and he is a Police Officer.

Next we meet best mates Ben and Andy, both PE teachers from Geelong. Scotty has affectionally named them the boys.

Next it's Will and Karlie the young couple from Brisbane proclaiming their nickname as Warlie.

Now we meet the style queens Julia and Sasha; Sasha is an Account Executive while Julie is a property stylist. Both are local Melbourne girls and are hoping their home ground advantage pays off.

Finally we met Dan and Carleen, the most experienced renovators on this years block. The baby boomers hail from Western Australia.

Now that we have our contestants, what are they renovating? The block this year is the largest block ever at over 22 hundred square meters; not only is it large it's heritage listed. Made up of 5 apartments, each varying in light and space and one of the has the original soap factory vault it's contents are still a mystery though.

All the couples are exploring the block, when the enter they roof they see Scotty Cam being lowered onto the roof in a shipping container. There is a shipping container for each team, we have a 48 hour challenge for them to renovate their own shipping container, turning it into a bedroom and a bathroom.

Organised go-getter Kim starts straight away calling builders trying to arrange one for the morning, it's a success and she has a tradie lined up. Other's follow suit, everyone bar the boys have their tradies lined up for the next day.

Morning comes and the army of tradies start showing up, except the boys who are on the phone with their Geelong connections trying to get a builder to show up. Eventually they do, and all the teams have started work.

They've all locked in their ideas, Karlie and Will are doing an industrial theme, Sasha and Julia are doing Hollywood glamour and the boys are building a kids space.

The tradies are working, meanwhile, the couples have all started shopping. Andy the haggle king knows how to bargain, he's managed to get a bunk and all the linen for a bargain. Back at the block though, things heat up with Keith accusing the boys of cheating by getting one of their tradies to paint, don't worry it's all a misunderstanding, but to ensure it never happens again Keith makes Ben do lines to make sure he's learned his lesson.

Sasha goes out to pick up her custom-made bed-base and sits down and has a coffee, then they find the bed base doesn't fit in the van and she doesn't have cash to pay for the delivery. More tears, until the company feels sorry for Sasha and delivers the bed for free.

Back at the block, team Warlie are steaming ahead, they've gotten all their plaster in, and their bathroom is nearly fully tiled.

Julia is shopping when she gets a call from Sasha, they've got no money left after receiving a higher than expected bill from the electrician. More tears from Sasha, Julia remains stoic while Sasha takes all the blame feeling like she's let everyone down.

It's the final afternoon, of their 48 challenge and the budget is pressing on everyone. Will & Karlie have gone over budget, so are sending their trades home and Will is going to finish everything else tonight.

Dan just keeps on painting while wife is shopping, Kim keeps on smiling, she's here to have a good time.

On tomorrow's show they judges will decide who has won the challenge, and the winner will chose an apartment. Then it's on to master ensuite week.


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