Worst Melbourne suburbs by phone coverage

By Samantha Thorne

Have to step out of the house to answer a call? These are the worst areas for mobile phone coverage in Melbourne

The stereotype is that millennials can’t live without their phones, but if we’re all honest with ourselves, most of us can’t go more than ten to fifteen minutes without checking our phones. In fact, medical professionals have found that we’re all so addicted to our smartphones that nine in ten people suffer from ‘phone vibration syndrome’, that is, thinking that we have felt a buzz from our phones when they are in our pockets or sitting on the table next to us.

The thing is, while we might spend a lot of time on our phones using Snapchat or checking Facebook, for many our smartphone has become central to going about daily life and getting work done. Whether it’s ordering the week’s groceries online while waiting at the bus stop, squeezing in a quick chat with a client on the train, or catching up world news on the couch while your significant other controls the remote for an hour, the smartphone is key, which means good mobile phone coverage is crucial.

"Medical professionals have found that we're all so addicted to our smartphones that nine in ten people suffer from phone vibration syndrome"

While the long-running NBN saga has seen Australia’s fixed broadband speeds come in at number 56 on a global ranking, our mobile carriers have been picking up the slack to restore some pride. According to Akamai, Australia ranks second globally when it comes to mobile internet, trailing Germany.

However, network coverage is somewhat more of a murky issue. For the more fortunate among us, this problem presents itself mostly during certain stretches of a train or bus ride, but for others, home life is a constant search for the one hot spot in the house that offers five precious, precious bars of coverage.

best suburbs for mobile phone coverage

Australia's worst state for mobile phone coverage

Victoria leads Australia’s states and territories with the most complaints about mobile phone coverage, with a 2014 report finding that 2,029 areas around the state had been nominated by the public, local councils, state government, community representatives, and businesses as having appalling mobile phone reception. NSW followed with 1,780.

While rural areas feature understandably spotty coverage, coverage maps from OpenSignal show that some city suburbs aren’t always that crash hot either.

Among the Melbourne suburbs with the worst mobile phone coverage are:

Melbourne's best suburbs for mobile phone coverage

Among the Melbourne suburbs with the best mobile coverage are:

Interestingly, while Vodafone had some PR trouble a couple of years ago, fielding complaint after complaint about poor coverage and customer service, OpenSignal ranks the carrier as the best for coverage across Melbourne, followed by Telstra and then Optus.

Of course, mobile phone coverage isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to what a prospective buyer puts at the top of the list when looking at property, but if you’re sitting pretty with five bars of coverage on the couch, it wouldn’t hurt to pop that fact onto your listing. Meanwhile, if you’re having to duck outside into the backyard to take a phone call, perhaps it’s best not to mention that.


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