Meet the OpenAgent review board

Meet the OpenAgent review board

The OpenAgent Review Board is a team of real estate, finance, tech professionals and property experts who ensure our content is high-quality and aligned with our core values. They join us in our mission to help everyday Australians own, buy and sell property with confidence and the least amount of stress.

Get to know the passionate registered real estate agents, property market experts, real estate commentators, property stylists, real estate journalists and more who make up the OpenAgent Review Board. 

Review Board Members

Zoe Pointon 
Co-CEO and Founder of OpenAgent / Doorsteps Group 
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Johanna Seton 
Co-CEO of OpenAgent / Doorsteps Group 
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Samantha Thorne 
Head of Marketing at OpenAgent / Doorsteps Group 
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Kevin Kong 
Head of Data, Analytics and Insights at OpenAgent / Doorsteps Group
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How our review process works

Every article created by our team of expert writers that contains verifiable facts makes its way through our comprehensive Review Board process and gets assigned to a specialist based on their area of expertise.

When you see this tick on an OpenAgent article, you can trust it meets the high standards of our Review Board.

The OpenAgent Review Board members confirm each piece of content they review is up-to-date, thorough, and authoritative—containing unbiased facts and guidelines that reflect the latest market data and rules, as well as practical real estate advice you can use right away.

If the Review Board suggests improvements, those are shared directly with our editorial staff so our writers can make any changes needed. Once a piece of content is approved, it receives the Review Board stamp in the byline—and you’ll know exactly who reviewed it and when.