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10 steps to preparing your home for a top sale price

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So you've decided you're going to get ready to sell your home. What now? 

The importance of presentation can't be underestimated. When buyers look at photos of your listing and walk through your home at an open inspection, what they see and how they feel could mean the difference between them falling in love with the property and walking away unimpressed. 

Preparing your home for sale requires attention to detail, being thorough, and thinking like a buyer. 

It doesn't necessarily mean spending big on money or time. Here we'll run through 10 of the most vital things to work on when getting ready to list to ensure your property appeals to as many buyers as possible, giving you the best chance at achieving a dream sale result.

1. Make the best first impression possible

From the moment a potential buyer sees your home from the street, you want their eyes to light up. Even the smallest details like a shiny new house number, a sparkling clean front verandah or blooming flowers and manicured shrubs will go a long way to generating that first spark. 

Nothing should be overlooked. Consider cleaning and painting the shutters, window frames and front door. Fix up any steps or railings that need any attention, high-pressure hose any pathways to bring them back to life, and brush any dust, dirt or cobwebs you can see. 

As long as you plan correctly, you won't need to budget too much time or money for these seemingly minor jobs. And while they may seem minor, they could end up adding thousands to your final sale price. 

2. Take a zero-tolerance approach to clutter

In everyday life, nobody's home looks perfect like a magazine cover. That pristine, mess-free look is what's going to make buyers' hearts beat faster, though, and even the slightest bit of clutter or untidiness can take away that effect. 

Dirty dishes and clothes, old dog toys, bills stuck to the fridge, even family photos around the house — all of these things should be whisked away from the home, leaving the place spotless and personalised. 

Do this and potential buyers will be able to picture themselves living in the space. 

Be utterly ruthless when it comes to this step. Every last personal item and unnecessary scrap should be stored elsewhere by the time your home is ready to list. Consider removing furniture or decor to open the place up, and organise and free up space in cupboards and closets to make them look spacious. 

In the end, your open and uncluttered living space will allow buyers to mentally 'move in' to the home, helping to build an attachment to the property that could ultimately generate more competition and result in a much smoother sale.

If you're looking to sell your home anytime soon, it's a good idea to calculate the cost of selling your home to help you budget accordingly.