Budget renovating 101: the best ways to save money when renovating your home

6 simple ways to add value to your home in one weekend Beautiful renovations for under $9,000 20 renovation ideas from every season of The Block Home renovations are notorious for having the potential to burn through your hard earned cash faster than Kim Kardashian at a Louis Vuitton sale. So what’s the secret to […]Read more >

10 value-adding renovation ideas from Selling Houses Australia

20 renovations ideas from The Block How you can easily add value to your home in one weekend What could be hurting the value of your property? When it comes time to get your property ready for sale, it’s vital you spend money on projects that will add value to your home. Otherwise you risk […]Read more >

House flipping: how to ensure you make money while doing it

How much does a budget kitchen renovation cost? How much does a bathroom renovation cost? Top 7 projects to boost your home’s value Easiest way to add value to your property in one weekend Thanks to our booming property market, and all the home renovation shows on TV (like the latest Aussie Property Flippers TV […]Read more >

What new product managers need to know about creating their first road map

Monday marked my 6 month anniversary since joining OpenAgent as a Product Manager. This has been my first formal product management role and prior to starting, my knowledge of the discipline was largely limited to stuff I’d read online or figured out by doing incorrectly at my own previous startup.   Of course nothing demystifies […]Read more >

What to know and consider when choosing an agent

What should you know about a real estate agent when you choose one to sell your house? What other considerations should you take into account? Choosing the right real estate agent is the most important step you will take. What you need to know about real estate agents At OpenAgent, we will find reputable real […]Read more >

How to compare property appraisals

When you meet with shortlisted agents, they will typically give your property an appraisal and suggest a listing price. While each agent will give you an appraisal, what they value your home at may be different. If the difference in appraisal price is slight, then that’s a good indication that the appraisals are fairly accurate. […]Read more >

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