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Brisbane property market data, trends, forecasts

Brisbane property market news

After a blazing run of growth followed by a sudden and sharp downturn, the Brisbane property market is back on a historic rise. Home values exploded by +42.7 per cent from the Covid trough to the market peak in June 2022, and while prices fell fast from that peak, CoreLogic data shows that a rapid turnaround that hasn't stopped since early 2023 has prices have soared back up to record highs

Brisbane property prices - April 2024

Property typeMonth change (Apr 24)Quarter change (Apr 24)Annual change (Apr 24)Current median price (Apr 24)
All Brisbane dwellings0.9%3.1%16.1%$827,822

The impact of rising interest rates took some time to be felt in Brisbane when compared to other markets thanks to superior affordability, and an extended period of high interstate migration to Queensland has helped bolster housing in the state. Even so, rate hikes ended up taking their toll on the Brisbane property market. Price growth is now continuing to defy the high-rate environment, though, sending values back up to peak levels once again. 

Listings remain very low across the city. Compared to 12 months ago, the number of new listings was up +20.2 per cent in Brisbane but total listings are still down -9.2 per cent, suggesting supply remains stretched. Demand is tracking stronger, with sales volumes up by 7.0 per cent in the 12 months to April 2024, and there are signs that buyers are back in force. 

That strong buyer appetite has pushed Brisbane's median days on market (DOM) down to just 19 for the April quarter. 12 months ago, that figure was sitting up at 23.

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    Brisbane house prices

    After the house-led boom over the past two years brought attached housing prices up to record levels, it was to be expected that the average house price in Brisbane would be first in line to experience a correction. A sharp rebound occurred in 2023, though, and that's followed through to the new year.

    Brisbane house prices - April 2024

    Property typeMonth change (Apr 24)Quarter change (Apr 24)Annual change (Apr 24)Current median price (Apr 24)
    Brisbane houses0.8%2.7%15.9%$920,046

    The median house price in Brisbane got another substantial boost in April, gaining another +0.8 per cent. Across the quarter, house prices were well into the green with +2.7 per cent in value added, while annual growth ballooned out to +15.9 per cent.

    Top 5 Brisbane suburbs for first home buyers - houses

    Brisbane's median house price skyrocketed over the past two years, making affordable housing harder to come by for first home buyers. Here are some of our top picks for Brisbane suburbs where you can buy below the median house price.

    Top Brisbane suburbs under $500,000 house price

    SuburbMedian house price
    Acacia Ridge, 4110$393,000
    Mount Warren Park, 4207$406,000
    Deagon, 4017$485,000
    Strathpine, 4500$445,000
    Alexandra Hills, 4161$485,000

    Brisbane unit prices

    Unlike houses, the Brisbane unit market declined at a relatively gentle rate throughout the downturn as investors and first home buyers seek out value, and now major growth has returned. 

    Brisbane unit prices - April 2024

    Property typeMonth change (Apr 24)Quarter change (Apr 24)Annual change (Apr 24)Current median price (Apr 24)
    Brisbane units1.6%5.0%17.4%$600,215

    The median unit price in Brisbane shot up by +1.6 per cent in April, bringing quarterly changes back up to strong positive territory at +5.0 per cent. Over the past 12 months, Brisbane units have increased in value by a full +17.4 per cent, bringing the median price to just over $600,000.

    Top 5 Brisbane suburbs for first home buyers - units

    Units offer better affordability for first home buyers in Brisbane, although median prices have still climbed since 2020. Here are some of our top picks for Brisbane suburbs where you can buy below the median unit price. 

    Top Brisbane suburbs under $500,000 unit price

    SuburbMedian unit price
    Moorooka, 4105$340,000
    Clayfield, 4011$355,000
    Bowen Hills, 4006$369,000
    East Brisbane, 4169$385,000
    Spring Hill, 4000$396,000

    Brisbane property market forecast 2024-25

    After such historic growth over the pandemic and the correction phase that followed, Brisbane's market recovery looks well entrenched. The question is, how much further can price growth go in this cycle? 

    NAB's latest Brisbane house price forecast indicates that we could see growth of +7.7 per cent in 2024 with a further +3.0 per cent to come in 2025. 

    Westpac's Brisbane real estate forecast sits at a similar level of +8 per cent in 2024. Both Westpac and ANZ see eye to eye with NAB's +3 per cent expectation for 2025. 

    Big four banks' Brisbane home price forecasts 2024-25

    BankBrisbane property prices 2024Brisbane property prices 2025

    Whether or not this growth can be achieved still largely depends on the supply and demand dynamic over the rest of the year. Interest rates had extensive impacts on the market and, while there is now a period of stability, the high rate environment is still causing stress for buyers and homeowners alike. 

    Currently, the RBA sits at 4.35 per cent, a long way up from the emergency-level 0.1 per cent rate borrowers were enjoying until May 2022. The banks mostly expect there will be no further hikes, with rate cuts to begin in the later stages of 2024 or early in 2025.

    Big four banks' cash rate forecast 2024-25

    BankPeak rate forecastMonth of peak rateRate cut forecastMonth of trough
    Westpac4.35%November 20233.10%December 2025
    NAB4.35%November 20233.10%November 2025
    CBA4.35%November 20233.10%December 2025
    ANZ4.35%November 20233.60%June 2025

    Brisbane apartments substantially outperformed houses throughout the downturn, and that dynamic is now being seen in the latest upswing as well. 

    For one thing, the 2021 boom was house-led. Affordability in the house market has reached critical levels, even in Brisbane, and with house prices gaining a significant amount more than units, they also had further to correct. 

    Units are also expected to appeal further to incoming investors as immigration is set to ramp up significantly, bringing additional demand to the rental market. Looking longer-term, the Brisbane Olympics is another reason the city is seeing an increase in investor activity.

    What are industry experts saying about the Brisbane property market?

    Michael Yardney - Director of Metropole Property Strategists

    "Brisbane continues to be one of Australia’s strongest capital city housing markets and is likely to remain so throughout 2024, with dwelling values continuing to go from strength to strength.

    Brisbane's housing market skyrocketed over the last few years with 55.2% price growth since the onset of COVID-19 and is currently at a new peak in price. This remarkable growth has pushed up the city’s median home value to be higher than that of Melbourne.

    Despite more homes being listed for sale and rising prices making property less affordable, the Brisbane property market is expected to keep steaming ahead in 2024. A slowdown in construction has hampered the supply of new housing, concentrating demand on existing properties.

    Both buyer and seller confidences increased in the early part of this year, with the thought that potential rate cuts could boost borrowing capacity, giving buyers more money to spend."

    Eleanor Creagh - Senior Economist at PropTrack

    "The price premium Melbourne has held over Brisbane for many years eroded after Brisbane recorded exceptionally strong growth throughout the pandemic and over the past year, while Melbourne lagged.

    Through the pandemic period, Queensland experienced an unprecedented population influx, with more people moving interstate to Queensland than to anywhere else in Australia.

    As a result, Brisbane was a winner during the pandemic boom and has been one of the strongest-performing markets since the pandemic onset, with prices up 60.7% since March 2020."

    Brisbane house prices graphs and charts

    The latest Brisbane property price graph from CoreLogic's monthly chart pack clearly shows the rapid acceleration and sustained highs of the Brisbane property market followed by the equally sharp decline. The worm turned swiftly once again in 2023.

    Copy Block Image
    Regular monthly growth is now embedded in the Brisbane market. Source: CoreLogic, April 2024

    The massive upward surge from early 2021 follows a lengthy period of stagnation for Brisbane, becoming one of the most explosive times of growth in Australian history. It would take a similarly historic crash to wipe out even the majority of the gains built up in Brisbane over the recent boom. Half-way through 2023, it became safe to say that a crash of that magnitude is no longer on the cards. 

    Looking at the wider context of the housing market over time, we can see in this 30-year house price growth chart that Brisbane's recent gains have shot prices up at a historic rate.

    Copy Block Image
    The recent Brisbane boom has been a once-in-a-generation event. Source: CoreLogic, Domain

    The declines over recent months pale in comparison to the surge in growth seen across South East Queensland since the pandemic began.

    Brisbane property info for sellers

    According to Domain's figures, the Brisbane auction clearance rate has on the rise over the past six months, recovering from a low point of 33 per cent in mid-2022. Days on market (DOM), meanwhile, is holding significantly lower than some other cities.

    Brisbane auction clearance rate44%13th July, 2024

    Brisbane DOM19 days3 months to April 2024

    Brisbane new listings+20.2%3 months to April 2024

    Brisbane sales volumes+7.0%3 months to April 2024

    Brisbane property investment

    The Brisbane property market is looking especially promising for investors as purchase prices decline, rental vacancies are towards record lows, asking rents continue to increase at pace, and further demand is expected as immigration returns and the city gears up for the 2032 Olympics.

    Brisbane house rents+7.9%12 months to April 2024

    Brisbane unit rents+11.2%12 months to April 2024

    Brisbane rental yields3.9%April 2024

    Brisbane vacancy rate1.0%April 2024

    Top 5 suburbs for Brisbane investors

    BuyersBuyers' latest Investor Special Report detailed some of the top suburbs where Brisbane property investors could find strong potential. 

    The report noted that "much of south-east Queensland is suffering from a chronic shortage of available rental stock as population growth has boomed. There is little respite on the horizon, and we expect rental vacancies to remain extremely tight over the year ahead."

    Top suburbs for investors to buy units in Brisbane

    SuburbRegionPostcodeProperty typeNo. of propertiesMedian price ($)
    New FarmInner Brisbane4005Unit5,448$737,786
    BulimbaInner Brisbane4171Unit2,007$697,020
    KedronBrisbane North4031Unit1,753$432,166
    CarseldineBrisbane North4034Unit1,035$469,385
    St LuciaBrisbane West4067Unit3,203$534,313

    With the Olympics coming to Brisbane in 2032, investors considering the long-term are wisely eyeing off the city as the market looks set to benefit many years beyond the Games. 

    Looking to invest in Brisbane property? 

    Brisbane property FAQs

    • Will the Brisbane property market crash?

      Considering there is significant uncertainty about inflation and interest rates, Brisbane property market forecasts are wide-ranging. Get the full picture and more well-rounded understanding of what's to come in our article, will the Australian property market crash?

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    • Should I sell my Brisbane house now or wait?

      Selling your property is a huge decision that deserves all your careful consideration weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of either scenario. 

      Even if the market feels uncertain, it’s important to remember that it’s all relative and the market doesn’t stop. There will always be properties being listed and buyers out there wanting to purchase a home. 

      For a clearer picture of what the market is looking like and whether it's a good time to be listing your Brisbane property, check out our article: should I sell my house now or wait?


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    • Where are the top growth suburbs in Brisbane?

      According to recent CoreLogic data, at least ten Brisbane suburbs experienced growth of +20 per cent or higher in the six months to August 2022. The median unit price in Stones Corner surged more than +30 per cent, houses in Greenback and Eight Mile Plains jumped by +28.6 per cent and +23.4 per cent respectively, and units in Beenleigh and Cleveland were up +25 and +22 per cent respectively. 

      Overall, the fastest-growing suburbs in Greater Brisbane are located around the Logan and Redlands City areas.

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