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OpenAgent Testimonial – Rebecca Carton

Once Rebecca was ready to upsize the family home in Queensland, she wanted to move quickly. Within 24 hours of deciding to sell, she was on the phone with Open Agent. Here’s how Rebecca recalls her journey:

“I registered all my details on the Open Agent website, and it was only five minutes afterwards that I had a call asking me about exactly what I wanted, just going into more detail about the type of agent I was looking for, and information about the house and that sort of thing.” 

“I think it is a difficult thing to find the right agent. There are a lot of personalities involved, and what one person will like, another person might not like. So, it was great when they called and talked me through exactly what I wanted and then, matched me up with exactly the right person. I wanted a great communicator, I wanted someone with lots of knowledge of the area – and that’s exactly what I got!” 

“I think that Open Agent providing a choice of a couple of agents was great because they both came to see me straightaway, they both talked me through what they thought the house would sell for based on other houses in the area, and then, I was able to make a choice. Two people was perfect and it was great to be able to choose myself, based on two great candidates.”

Rebecca really clicked with Nikala, one of the two agents that Open Agent matched to her. Rebecca tells us more about why Nikala was a fantastic choice:

“Nikala was perfect and she ended up being probably one of the most well-known agents in the area, so she was matched perfectly to me. She was great at keeping me involved, and she didn’t just tell me everything that I wanted to hear.  She told me all the things that were true about the area and my house.  She was really honest and I was really happy with the experience.”

“In the end, we sold our house for about $10,000 above reserve. Because Open Agent provided us with a couple of really good local agents, we felt confident that we were going to get a good price and we did! We were able to spend that extra $10,000 on our next house.”

“If I was selling again, the first thing I’d do would be call Open Agent. They made things really easy, and they chose great agents.”

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