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At OpenAgent, we come to work every day because we want to make it easier for Australians to sell their homes. We thrive on a culture of transparency and continuous improvement, where we can add value and support you in your home selling journey, because we believe that Australians want to sell their homes for the best possible price and have a good experience along the way.

Let's face it, the home selling process can be stressful. On top of being busy, you might have pressure to sell quickly, be going through a difficult time, or even have property in another state. Every story is different, but we know that no matter what your home selling journey looks like, we can help.

Every story is different, but we know that no matter what your home selling journey looks like, we can help.

We get to know you and your property

We intelligently use data and customer reviews to match you with local agents who have a proven track record for selling properties just like yours. We firmly believe that by matching you with the right agent, you can sell your home for tens of thousands of dollars more.

We save you 12 hours of research

We know that every property is as unique as the person who owns it, so when it comes to selling, you need someone with the right skillset and expertise to guide you through that process.

To get things right from the start, we ask questions about:

  • Special features of your property that you think will help it stand out on the market
  • Your past experience with agents
  • The qualities you're specifically looking for in an agent

Our research consultants spend each day speaking to real estate agents and home sellers just like you. We take an individualised approach to your property and your situation so that we can match you with the right agent, and unlike other services on the market, we listen to your needs before recommending agents.

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Unlike other services, we listen to your needs before recommending agents.

Using real estate science

Our research tool intelligently compares and ranks over 30,000 real estate agents nationwide. We'll only consider active agents in your area, and make our recommendations based on your needs. Rankings are determined by customer reviews and in-depth sales analysis. Most importantly, you'll only hear from the agents you want to see. There are no obligations, and no fees. What do you have to lose?

Our research consultants look at all of this information for you and help to narrow it all down to a shortlist of local agents who match what you're after.

Agents can never pay to appear in our search results. Rankings are earned based on customer reviews and in-depth analysis of sales.

Only quality agents

We recognise that looking for an agent can take time, and in your search we don't want you to miss out on finding any of those hidden gems. We've built a dedicated team to analyse performance markers including millions of sales and tens of thousands of customer reviews.

Why we started

It was incredible to us that you could get all this information about a hotel on the other side of the world, but when it came to selling what's arguably your biggest asset, you knew next to nothing about the person that you'd trust with the process.

One of the biggest issues with the real estate industry was the lack of transparency, and without transparency it can be really difficult to know whether the agent you choose will actually look after your interests. We set out to create a transparent service where home sellers could find the right agent for their needs.

We now help thousands of Australians every month to sell their properties

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How is it free?

Our service is 100% free for vendors.

When a property is sold, the successful real estate agent pays OpenAgent a referral fee 18%-28% of the agent's commission. It enables us to offer our services at completely no cost to the homeowner.

In order to give you the best outcome, it's important to us that all parties' interests are aligned. That is why we only get paid when the agent is paid once your house is sold.

Our service is 100% free for vendors.

Will the agent charge me more?

No - when working with us, agents need to agree to our terms and conditions, which explicitly highlight that they cannot pass on the referral fee to the vendor (you).

What about agents I'm already talking to?

If we recommend someone you already know, please tell us so we can recommend another agent. It's important to us that you have freedom of choice.

How we're different

We've built a company around putting you first. Every decision we make is made to get you the best outcome. We focus on delivering caring and personalised service, listening to your needs and constantly finding new ways to serve you better.

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We've built a company around putting you first.

From deciding when to sell and how to add value to your home, we work hard to provide you with all the information you might need throughout your home selling journey. Whether it's our in-depth guides, agent recommendations, expert Q&As, our property price estimator, checklists, commission calculators or our helpful blog, we've got you covered.

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OpenAgent worked well for us

OpenAgent led us to an agent who did an outstanding job in selling our property.

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Great pick

You definitely got this one so right 👍 Tim Ferguson and team at macarthur property specialist.

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Great, pleasantly surprised!

Natalie was friendly and engaging, the process was easy and thorough. Very happy with everything!

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We're rated excellent 9.2/10

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