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What is OpenAgent all about?

In today’s market, 90% of people are using the internet to search for a real estate agent. We are now in a world where information is everywhere, and Australian home sellers expect to be able to find out more online about their real estate agent before they commit.

OpenAgent was formed to fill this gap in the Australian real estate industry and provide property sellers with more information about the people they are trusting to sell their biggest asset. The OpenAgent team includes ex-real estate agents, technology gurus and business leaders, who understand the challenges of working in a competitive real estate market. We are working hard to create a genuine win-win: where great real estate agents with highly satisfied clients are rewarded with online promotion and a growing business.

To read more about what we are trying to achieve, check out our mission.

How does it work?

Using OpenAgent, you are connected with real sellers who want results. Every day we are talking to prospective property sellers who are serious about selling their homes and who want to find quality real estate agents in their area.

We do not charge you anything for this service unless you successfully list and sell the property. If we bring you a lead and you successfully sell the property, then we charge 20% of your agreed commission (see our agent terms and conditions for further details).

As an independent third party, property sellers are talking to us because we provide a way for them to anonymously find out who are the best real estate agents in their area. They can compare using our free service, and find out which real estate agents they should short-list for an interview. We use your past sales performance and reviews by your recent clients to research and recommend the best agents and then we introduce these agents to these property sellers.

Is my Agency eligible to be listed on OpenAgent?

We are not aligned with any agent or agency, so we encourage you to direct your past clients to our reviews page and get reviews. Please note we verify all reviews.

How do I register to be on your website?

You don’t need to do anything; you are already “in”! We look at all publically available data we can get our hands on to ensure all active real estate agents in Australia are considered for our recommendations.

Can I pay you more to get more leads?

No, definitely not. Our recommendation engine is based purely on performance, sales experience and customer reviews. We use over 2,000,000 sales transactions and over 14,000 recommendations and customer reviews to identify the best agents for prospective property sellers on our website.

How do I improve my OpenAgent ranking?

The best way to improve your ranking is to have a strong selling track record and to use our website to gather reviews from your previous clients. We will independently verify reviews that come through our website, and these have the greatest weighting in our algorithm.

Can I give you my testimonials?

Yes, of course. We accept your testimonials and will publish them on the website because they are a good indication of customers you have given excellent service to. You should be aware that they are not as powerful for improving your ranking as customer reviews that we independently verify.

How do I get customer reviews?

You can send your previous clients to, where they will be able to search for you by name. We also can provide you with a unique link, which takes your clients to your own dedicated page to submit a review. We recommend getting in touch with as many past clients as possible and requesting they provide you with a review. You will have good responses if you can personalise the messages, ask them to be honest in their feedback, and stress that the process is anonymous. Contact us if you would like our help getting started.

How do you verify my customer reviews?

When your client comes through the review form online, they will be asked for some personal and property information. We use this information and cross-check with sales data, our own records, and follow up directly with the reviewers, to ensure that the reviews we mark as “Verified” are 100% genuine.

You are missing some of my sales data – can you correct this?

We do our best to gather all your previous and recent sales, but our technology is still very new and not yet perfect! Email us at with property sales we have missed. We will verify and add these to the site in the next update.

For more information, contact us at

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