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Selling your house - 10 ideas to increase the value of your property before you sell

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It's only natural that you want to achieve the highest sale price possible for your property. There are a few tried and tested ways to squeeze that little extra value from your home, they simply require a little planning.

Create a great first impression and paint a mental picture for prospective buyers, you will have the best chance possible of selling your property quickly and for the best price.

1. Tidy up your garden

This is the first part of your property the potential purchasers will see. It won't cost you too much to purchase some new soil, shrubs and ornamental features, but it could be the difference between selling your property quickly and enduring months of stress. Make sure you boost your homes street appeal, and draw those potential buyers in.

2. Clear away your excess clutter

Prospective buyers won't be able to visualise their own furniture and belongings in your home if your possessions are strewn everywhere. Create open and uncluttered living spaces, and let your prospective buyers use their imagination.

3. Get out your toolbox

This is the time to catch up with those little jobs you've been avoiding for the past few years. You might need to replace some tile grout in the bathroom, or the rotted wood around your house may need some long overdue attention. Pay particular attention to any light fixtures, cabinets, sinks and bathrooms, and repair any chipped and damaged areas.

4. Give your property a fresh coat of paint

Incredibly, most people won't realise that you have just painted your property to make it look fresh and new. However, stick to neutral colours, and they can make spaces appear larger and give buyers the opportunities visualise their own decor.

5. Check all of your doors and windows

Think about energy efficient replacements?

If replacements aren't an option, then make sure that all doors and windows fit and open properly and are free from cracks and damage.

6. Give your kitchen an inexpensive makeover

A kitchen is not only a functional space; it is often the hub of family life. Make it warm and inviting, and it could secure you your asking price on its own.

A few minor changes to your kitchen surfaces, cupboards and taps, you can bring your kitchen into the modern era.

7. Make sure your bathroom sparkles

Most prospective buyers will forgive an ageing bathroom, but very few will forgive a dirty one. Spend some time attending to small repairs, but more importantly, make sure everything is clean.

If your budget can stretch to a replacement toilet or sink, you could be able to create a great impression with a relatively low spend. For further information on creating a memorable bathroom, read here.

8. Make your property ready to move into

Particularly if your home is attracting first-time buyers, creating a home that can be moved into immediately without any major renovation, decoration or repair could give your property the edge over others in your area. Imagine what you want from your next property, and try to replicate it to entice buyers with limited budgets.

9. Borrow some quality furniture 

By adorning your home with borrowed or rented furniture that adds the element of luxury, you could be able to create an overall aesthetic of opulence in even the most modest of homes.

10. Select a great real estate agent

Finding the perfect real estate agent in your area is critical to your chances of selling quickly and for the best price possible. However, the choice can be a little bewildering, and there are many factors to take into consideration. Do some research and ask around, there are a number of tools available and information available on the web.

If you follow these tips, you're sure to get the most value out of selling your home. But if you still think there's room for improvement, check out our article on avoiding common home presentation mistakes to ensure you've maximised the aesthetic possibilities of your home.