What people say about us

Carolann Brown, Sydney, NSW
"If I was selling a house again the first thing I would do is get in touch with Open Agent."
"We didn't go to Auction, we didn't need to, our house was sold within 2 weeks"
"The price we got for the property was way above what any of us had expected, and we were very pleased with it."
"I'd give open agent a 10 out of 10"
"We ended up getting $150,000 more than we expected when we sold the house"
"Choosing the right agent really made the sale go through smoothly and efficiently, without any fuss and hassle."
"We felt we definitely got more bang for our buck with the recommended agent"
Kathryn Louw, Sydney, NSW
"I definitely got a better result being able to use Open Agent who compared agents . I probably wouldn't have compared so many agents myself being short on time and with young children"
"I was really really happy with the price I got and it was such a quick sale it sold in I think 4 days and it was only one negotiation they straight away gave me the price I wanted."
"It was a positive experience going through the Open agent website - it was so easy and clear what I needed to put in to the website to get the right results."
Lesley Fuller, Sydney, NSW
"If I was to sell a property again the first thing I would do is call Open Agent - they provided everything I needed as a basis to sell. Open agent were efficient, courteous, helpful and I couldn't have asked for anything more"
"To start with I was really stressed about the whole process of selling a house but once I spoke to Open Agent, it made the world of difference, I was confident to move ahead then. Selling our house was extremely easy going through Open Agent."
"Open agent did have an impact on the price purely because they put us in touch with the correct real estate agent who did the best job for us."
"We were delighted for the price we got for our property."
Neill Ansell, Sydney, NSW
"The price we got for the property that we sold exceeded our expectations by close to $100,000 above the reserve. I believed that result would not have been achieved unless I used open agent and their expertise."
"Open agent relieved our stress, our anxiety and all the worries involved when selling a house."
"I'd rate my experience with open agent 11/10 because it was absolutely awesome."
"The biggest positive in comparing agents through Open Agent was that Open Agent had done the homework, the ground work and research to recommend the best people to us."
Sarah Frost, Sydney, NSW
"I would rate open agent 10/10"
"Open agent made finding a real estate agent so much easier"
"I wasn't stressed at all selling my home, Open Agent and my agent actually made the whole process easier and allowed me to just enjoy the sale of my home."
"I'd tell my friends to use open agent as they gave me the opportunity to get in contact with agents I didn't even think existed."
"The right agent is important because it allows you to sell your home fast and for the right price and to the right person and making the process easy allowing you to enjoy the journey"
"I think the biggest positive working with Open Agent is it is a massive time saver and they do all the ground work of finding the best agent in your area. I've had bad experiences before with real estate agents. This time with open agent, the agent that was recommended was fantastic, she would be the best person that I have dealt with in any business."
"The agents that Open Agent put forward were very relevant to me. I doubt very much I would have gotten the same result if I had of just picked an agent out of the book. The right agent is very important, because it saves time and achieves results in the shortest possible time"
"I would tell a friend to use open agent because of the hassle free way of selling my property and they do all the ground work for you."
"The biggest positive when comparing agents with open agent was the calibre of the agent that they selected for me and the excellent results we achieved"
"The first thing I would do if I was selling or buying a property again - was access the services of open agent"
"Quiet certain we got a better fee from the agents as a result of using Open Agent as there was no doubt to them that they had competition."
"Selling your home is very stressful and you can't do it by yourself. There are so many real estate agents out there that its hard to choose which ones are really going to work for you - also based on past history. Your service was able to whittle down agents that align with my needs and beliefs."
"Why...that's very easy. I found you on the Web, and Tracey got back to me almost immediately. What a wonderful helpful lady, she explained eveything. On that same day she organised two real estate agents to come to my property. I decided which agent I wanted to sell my property. The agent was wonderful, and got me a quick sale."
"You research only the best agents in your area who definitely know how best to sell a property in your area. We chose Marion who is very friendly, knows the market and is very professional. She is on the ball, had us online within days and we are even on YouTube. The sign was up in front of the house within days of the photos done and it looks very good."
"You need to advertise more. I have passed on your information to others as they will use your services in the future, and they didn't even know you existed!"
"Very pleased with the personal service and follow through at all stages. Vivienne was always helpful, informative and responsive, particularly as we had not used this type of service before, and did not know quite what to expect."
"Fast and efficient service. After conducting additional research in our local area, it confirmed to us that the agent suggested was the best option, and it was reassuring to know that the information from Open Agent was 'spot on'."
"Everything was very professional, friendly and fast, just what you are looking for when wanting to put your house on the market. The agents that you sent to us were really great, and we were able to pick the one that we felt suited us most. Thank you Vivienne we are really happy with how you handled everything. The agents had never heard of getting clients this way and were really impressed. Thanks once again and I hope to be in touch with you soon to let you know we have sold our house."
"No problems at all. My house was opened just the once, had 3 offers of which I accepted one. At present I am awaiting the purchaser's finance approval but no difficulties are anticipated. Peter was everything one would want a real estate agent to be and I would not hesitate to recommend him highly again to anyone looking to sell or buy in the Mt Hawthorn/Joondanna/Tuart Hill area in WA."
"Fast, friendly and no additional cost. I received an email within minutes for 3 real estate contacts and all phoned back to arrange appointments the same day."
"Thank you so much. I am so glad I found you before I signed with another agent. You advised me to talk to Paul at Ray White. He is enthusiastic and efficient. He sold my Mum's property in a week of putting it on the internet and at $10,000 above our top price. You kept me updated every step along the way. I am very pleased with your service."
"The whole process took little of my time - all done for me, not knowing the area for the sale of the home this helped me immensely. Thanks Vivienne"
"Open Agent saved me the trouble of having to do research on a quality Real Estate Agent in my area, which I was very ill-equipped to do! It's likely i would have just gone with whatever Agent the Agency I decided to call gave me. Having had previously bad experiences with several agents, this service was greatly appreciated."
"I found your website by accident (but I'm glad I did!), thanks for a job well done. You saved me time and I was very pleased with the agents you recommended for me."
"Open Agent has been a very positive run for us - very helpful and friendly advice, and the local agents they listed had been graded in terms of sales activity and success. This is information that is hard to come by for us, despite the fact that we are familiar with most of our local agents. We interviewed the top two, as suggested, found them both very agreeable and professional, but decided to go down the path of auction, based on these interviews. The first agent on the list. Excellent and professional service from his whole team, good advice when we found ourselves with an offer just 3 weeks into the campaign, and from there on to complete a sale in record time. The price achieved was at the low end of our scale but with John's advice, we cancelled the auction and took the offer. In a very slow and depressed market, we consider ourselves lucky. Much thanks to Open Agent and John Phillips."
"I have just listed my mum's unit through an agent that you found for me through your website, and found your service of enormous benefit. I would appreciate your quarterly updates on the housing market"
Recent Client
"Using Open Agent takes the subjective element out of the decision-making process. In a small town where everyone knows everyone else, it is sometimes hard to decide who to appoint as agent when there are friendships and ongoing relationships to consider."
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