Easy and Cheap Ways to Renovate Your Property for Under $9000

Upcoming house inspection or auction? One of the most common pieces of advice heard within the real estate industry with any kind of viewing of your property is to renovate your property. But more often than not, Sellers are left stumped with how and what to spend on in renovations to give their property that extra edge. With just a few DIY skills, you can easily improve your home’s value through some simple renovations for a great profit. Here are some handy ways to simply and easily renovate your property.


The heart and soul of every home, renovating your kitchen is an easy game changer when it comes to selling your property.

  • Counters: taking out your old, worn out counter and replacing it with a simple natural stone counter top, is a relatively simple task. Just pick up a counter top at your local hardware store and bring your kitchen to life with a sleek new counter top. (Average cost: $600)
  • Kitchen cabinets: Have any plastic cabinets? Swap them out for some solid wood cabinets to give your kitchen a more antique look. Simply unscrew the hinges of your old cabinets and secure your new ones in. (Average cost: $60 per cabinet)
  • Handles: An easy fix for any worn out kitchen – just use a screwdriver to get rid of those old rusty handles and replace them with a few simple metal handles. (Average cost: $6 per handle)
  • Remember to stage your kitchen for sale. This doesn't have to cost you a dollar - it's all about making the space clean, uncluttered and inviting for when prospective buyers inspect the property.


Whilst buyers can overlook some aspects of a property, bathrooms are definitely a sensitive point for most buyers. A dirty bathroom is generally off-putting and can be disastrous to the value of your property if left unattended.

  • Updating: Simply swapping out old tap handles and shower heads can easily change your bathroom appearance from moldy and aging to new and modern. Make sure you take off any excess grease which may come off when changing the handles and heads. (Average Cost: $200 tap handles; $500 shower heads)
  • Tiles: Renovating your bathroom floor is a sure way to completely invigorate your bathroom’s appearance. Using light, large tiles can make a bathroom appear larger and more appealing. (Average cost: $15 per tile *500x500mm tile)


A few general rules of thumb to go through renovating general living spaces and rooms to make your house look accommodating and new without having to go through every nook and cranny.

  • Paint Job: A paint job is a simple way to lighten up your house and get rid of any furniture marks or signs of wear around your house. Look for lighter cream colours to make your house seem more lit and welcoming. (Average cost: $13 per litre)
  • Floors: Old and aging carpet can be off-putting and give off a bad impression to home buyers. Rip them up and put in some new timber floors to give your house a younger and newer look. Already have timber floors? Bring them weathered hardwood floors back to life with a coat of timber oil to make them look good as new. (Average cost: $55 per 1.5 SQM timber floors; $25 per liter Timber oil)
  • Curtains: Exchange any old or outdated curtains you have with simple blinds to make your rooms appear more spacious and tidy. Simply detach your old railings and install your new blinds in. (Average cost: $25 per metre)


First impressions are vital, and ensuring your outdoor appearance is in top shape is key to this. A well groomed and tidy yard and front entrance will help leave a positive lasting impression in your buyer’s mind.

  • Deck maintenance: Decks can add a definite character to your property when in good condition. Recoating and staining your deck with a few layers of coating can bring out its original colours and emphasize the best of your garden. (Average cost: $13 per litre)
  • Garden Beds: Simply prune, trim and weed your garden to quickly neaten up your yard. This will easily clear up room and make your house seem orderly and well maintained. (Average cost: Free)
  • Landscaping: Add some perennial plants and fresh soil to quickly liven up your garden. All you need is a trowel and some garden gloves to plant and scatter the soil. (Average cost: $4 per 25 litres – soil mix; $10 per plant – perennial plants)

Renovating your property is a smart choice when it comes maximizing your property’s value and getting a good real estate agent can be the difference between a great deal. A good real estate agent can add a tremendous amount of value to your property through a combination of knowledge, experience and contacts.

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