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How to style your balcony when selling

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When it comes to selling your home, every area of the property is on show. And it’s just as important to pay attention to the outside areas as it is to the inside ones.

Regardless of how big or small your balcony is, styling it correctly is imperative. People who come through your home during inspections want to envisage themselves in that home, and this includes sitting on the balcony and enjoying the space.

So how can you make the most of your balcony? Here are some tips to styling it perfectly:

Utilise the space you have

Balconies can be small, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to work with. Choose appropriate furniture for the space so it doesn’t overcrowd the area. Remember, don’t be stingy on the amount you use. Some balconies can fit a barbeque, furniture and plants, and as long as you can move around the space freely then showing how much can fit out there is a great thing.

When choosing the furniture, a good rule of thumb is the chair test – can you pull out the chair and sit down at the table easily? The last thing you want is a cramped space. People will test whether they can sit comfortably so make sure they’ll have a positive experience.

In saying this, it’s also important to zone the balcony. Decide how you think it’s could be best utilised, and what kind of space is going to be the most inviting. Balconies don’t always have to be another dining area; they can be a comfy place to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book. If this is the case, a nice couch and small side table are the perfect additions.

Greenery is key

The best way to make a space inviting is to fill it with colour and texture. Of course, the amount you display will depend on the size of the balcony. But a few pots and plants will do wonders to create a sense of home.

When choosing what plants and flowers to pop on the balcony, remember to take the environment into consideration. Balconies are exposed to the elements, and different plants will flourish in certain conditions. If your balcony is in the shade from mid-morning onwards, having a plant that needs loads of sunshine just isn’t going to work. If your balcony is open to the elements – wind and rain included – a plant that won’t survive if overwatered is not a great idea.

If you don’t have the floor space, don’t despair; vertical gardens can be a wonderful alternative.

If you’re in an apartment and strata allows you to attach things to external walls, herbs, plants and flowers can create a beautiful hanging artwork. If not, there are plenty of other options such as leaning ladders or plant stands.

Play with art

Just because it’s an outdoor space doesn’t mean you can’t include some artwork. Again, if you’re in an apartment, you will have to check with strata, however there are plenty of artworks that can be incorporated to make your balcony more inviting.

If your outlook isn’t as lovely as water or vista views, and instead you overlook another building or a brick wall, consider adding some decorative screening. Not only will this be a beautiful addition to an otherwise bleak outlook, it will also give you a bit more privacy.

If outlook isn't your issue but space is, a mirror can be the perfect way to make your area seem bigger than it really is. Mirrors instantly double the perceived space, plus they can reflect light in some very pretty ways.

Another way to include a pop of colour or texture is lighting. There are plenty of options out there nowadays, including solar lights you can string from your balustrade, or from hooks on the ceiling. Lighting affects the mood of any space, especially so on a balcony during dusk and at night. It also shows that your space can be used regardless of the time of day.

Don’t go overboard

While all these ideas sound wonderfully creative and fun to implement, remember that you need to create space, not crowd it. When choosing the elements to include, less can be more. People still need to be able to move around the balcony without tripping over furniture and plants.

Another tip is to use the surrounding environment to your advantage. If your balcony has a view, face the furniture to make the most of it. Take colour inspiration from the environment. If you’re surrounded by lush greenery, build on this in your plant choice.

Dress it properly

When you’re getting your home ready for an inspection, leaving the balcony plain is never enough. Dress it appropriately. Pop some books out there if the main feature is a comfy couch, or pop a throw on the chair to show that it can be used regardless of the weather. Sweep the area so the floor is clear, and make sure any plants and flowers are green and flowering beautifully.

Knowing how to style a balcony properly (and the entire home for that matter) has the potential to add thousands to your bottom line, so remember to include colour and personality. A balcony should be an extension of the home, so reflect what is going on inside out there. That way, potential buyers will be drawn outside.