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OpenAgent Review - Anne McDonald

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Anne was able to relax far more than she ever thought possible when selling her house in Victoria, by leaving all the hard work to OpenAgent.

OpenAgent review from Anne in Victoria

“My father was a builder and built my house.  We sold many houses throughout my life and he didn’t like estate agents, so I was very wary. OpenAgent was good – they found me, someone, I could trust.”

“OpenAgent asked me what I was looking for in an agent and I told them I wanted somebody who was honest and transparent, who would explain everything to me, and that’s what they found for me.”

“Having OpenAgent compare real estate agents took all the work and worry out of it. I didn’t want to have to go around all the estate agents, talk to them, find out what they’re like and drag them to my house. They came to me. I didn’t have to make any phone calls. OpenAgent did all the work for me.  It was terrific.” 

“They put me in touch with the top agents in my area and Ashley, the agent that I chose from the group they recommended, sold my house for far more than I ever expected to get for it.”

“He was able to sell my house for $120,000 over my reserve and it was all tied up within 23 days!”

Anne appreciated the support of OpenAgent and the agent they matched to her. Here’s why she gives them both the thumbs up:

“OpenAgent were very supportive and friendly, they were quick at getting back to me, they answered all my questions, and they did follow-up after the agent had contacted me. They made sure that I was happy with my agent and that everything was going well. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them.”

“My agent gave me good advice on preparing my house – what I needed to do, and more importantly, what I didn’t need to do. He was very helpful and he was honest, and that’s what I’d asked for. I had plenty of faith in him, I trusted him and I thank OpenAgent for putting me with him.”

“If I was selling again, I’d be ringing OpenAgent straightaway. They put me in touch with the best agent in my area and he sold my house for $120,000 more than I expected. They were absolutely brilliant.”

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