Real estate in Victoria

  • Median days on market 22
  • Median sale price $795K
  • Number sold 7394
  • Annual growth 18%
  • Total listing 23963
  • Change in rental rate 5%
  • Number of agents 8888
  • Median rent 430pw
  • Median days on market 35
  • Median sale price $610K
  • Number sold 2868
  • Annual growth 7%
  • Total listing 13541
  • Change in rental rate 0%
  • Number of agents 8888
  • Median rent 395pw

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Real Estate Agents in Victoria

Despite its small land mass of approximately 227,000 square kilometres, Victoria (VIC) is not only the most urbanised state, but it is also Australia's most densely populated one, with over 6.3 million residents. It's known for its diversified economy, with thriving sectors ranging from finance and services, to manufacturing, education, and of course, real estate. With the strong and steady growth of the urban state, Melbourne house prices play a major role in setting up Victoria's property market to rival that of NSW's. There are 8888 Real Estate Agents in Victoria.

More than 246894 recently sold properties are evaluated by OpenAgent to identify Victoria's most prominent agents. . The region of Victoria with the most sales was Melbourne. In Victoria OpenAgent has 31967 reviews on 2259 real estate agents.

Median property price for property in VIC

Victoria is recognised as having one of the strongest and steadiest real estate markets in the country. Data shows that median sale prices are continuing to grow for both units and houses across the state at a very steady pace.

VIC OpenAgent Seller Sentiment

Having started the quarter slow and steady, Victoria wrapped up Q4 of 2019 with a bang - boasting a +1.2 point spike in sentiment in December. This takes the state to a current index of +6.2 - giving them the highest sentiment across all other states.

Taking a look at the data, this translates to a strong optimism in the market, as 85% of Victorian home sellers believe house prices will continue to grow in the next 6 months.

Real estate agent fees in VIC

While real estate agent commission rates are generally negotiable, the average Victoria commission rate is approximately 2.78%**. This percentage is contingent on the active real estate agents statewide, the various markets and properties for sale. Fee structures will also have a significant influence on commission rates, as it may or may not also cover marketing and advertising costs of the property going to market. To estimate the average commission rate for your local area, use our commission calculator below.

** This figure is based on data provided to us by real estate agents who use our services.
Real Estate Commissions Calculator


Top agents in Victoria

More than 246894 recently sold properties are evaluated by OpenAgent to identify Victoria's most prominent agents. In Victoria OpenAgent has 31967 reviews on 2259 real estate agents. These are the Home Sellers Choice Award winning real estate agents in Victoria.

Shane Spiteri recently sold a 2 bedroom house at 14/14-16 Fay Street, VIC 3337 Melton

Joe Mavrikos recently sold a 4 bedroom house at 45 Corbet Street, VIC 3338 Weir Views

Paul and Gina Organtzidis recently sold a 3 bedroom house at 16-18 Fern Way, VIC 3805 Narre Warren South

We have no recorded previous sales for Will Ainsworth

Ming Xu recently sold a 4 bedroom house at 2 Naismith Court, VIC 3178 Rowville

Paul Ringeri recently sold a 4 bedroom house at 17 Maintop Ridge, VIC 3977 Botanic Ridge

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