OpenAgent Testimonial - Lisa Gilbert

Lisa needed to sell her parents’ place in Victoria quickly, so her parents would have the money to move into aged care. The trouble was, Lisa didn’t know the area or the local agents. So she decided to engage the free services of Open Agent. Lisa tells us how they made the process so much easier:

“We didn’t have a lot of time to sell the house. It had to be sold and we had to do it in a very short term to make sure we got the money that we needed for our parents to move into the aged care.”

“First of all, I went onto the Open Agent website, put in the postcode and all my details and it came up with some real estate agents. Then Open Agent rang us to get some more details to make sure that they could match the exact real estate agent to what we wanted. They recommended two to three agents and then, we contacted those agents directly so we could meet with them when it was convenient to us.”

Lisa tells us more about the impressive agent she found through Open Agent, and the amazing price he helped secure for her parents’ home:

“The right real estate agent was very important – we needed someone who would want to sell the house as much as we did. I did not have time for people to tell me they were going to sell the house at a price that they weren’t just so they could get the job. Fortunately the agent we chose really delivered. He was the best agent I’ve ever met. He was very communicative, very honest and sold the house as quickly as he could.”

“When it came to the fees we negotiated, I told him I did not want to pay a lot for the marketing costs, so he met me dollar for dollar.  So, we paid $3,000 but we got $6,000 worth of marketing. He wanted to look after us. He was very invested in the sale and I’m sure that’s why we got such a good sale price.”

“In the end, we got $208,000 above the reserve! We were lucky enough to get such a high price, and I believe that was to do with the right real estate agent we had recommended to us by Open Agent.”

“The best part about Open Agent was there were no fees. We paid absolutely nothing.  They did all the hard work and we got the rewards for it.”

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