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The Central West, is a geographically region in NSW, just west of the Blue Mountains. It has an area of 63,262 square kilometres. Major population centres include the cities of Bathurst and Orange as well as large towns of Cowra and Parkes.

In New South Wales' Central West, there are 108 active agents - of whom 28 agents have been reviewed by previous vendors. Within the last 12 months, these top agents have successfully sold 5773 properties. Compare agent profiles to find the right person for you and your property, or book an appraisal today.

Most people don't sell properties every year. But for most of us, our property is our biggest asset, and selling for a good price makes a big impact on what we can afford next. That is why choosing the right real estate agent to represent you is a big and important decision. The best agents are not only better to work with, giving us confidence in a time that can be stressful; but they get better results, too. It is easy and free to find the best real estate agents in the Central West using OpenAgent. All you need to do is search in your suburb to find the best real estate agents. All active real estate agents are there, so you can easily compare them in one place. You can read their profiles, see what they have been selling, read customer reviews, and contact them all in just a couple of clicks.

Real Estate Agent Fees in Central West

The average real estate commission rate in the Central West sits at around 3.11%. This is significantly higher than the New South Wales average which varies between 2% and 2.5%. Remember that the above rate is only an average and actual commission rates may vary from area to area, suburb to suburb and from agent to agent. Always remember to ask agents about their commission structure and don't be shy to negotiate. Also it can help to let them know you'll be comparing them against one another.

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More than 5773 recently sold properties are evaluated by OpenAgent to identify Central West's most prominent agents. In Central West OpenAgent has 323 reviews on 28 real estate agents.

Brad Randahl recently sold a 3 bedroom house at 124 Gardiner Road, NSW 2800 Orange

Liz McAtamney recently sold a 3 bedroom house at 15 Larela Circuit, NSW 2800 Orange

Chris Tyack recently sold a 4 bedroom house at 19 Speet Place, NSW 2800 Orange

Ash Brown recently sold a 4 bedroom house at 13 Benview Avenue, NSW 2800 Orange

Pat Cutcliffe recently sold a 3 bedroom acreage/semi-rural at 56 Wise Road, NSW 2800 Springside

Jamie Giokaris recently sold a 0 bedroom lifestyle at Lot 2 Wolgan Road, NSW 2790 Lidsdale

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What's it like living in Central West New South Wales?

Covering an enormous space of over 63,000 kilometres, the Central West of NSW is home to 177,000 people who reside within the 11 local government areas of Bathurst, Blayney, Cabonne, Cowra, Forbes, Lachlan, Lithgow, Oberon, Orange, Parkes and Weddin.

The Central West area was originally inhabited by the Wiradjuri people who were the largest group in New South Wales. Many significant historical sites still exist in the region including 56 within the Yathong Nature Reserve, west of Condoblin. The Central West was not initially favourable for European settlement until the gold rush of the mid-1800s drew many people to the areas surrounding Bathurst.

Mining still retains a significant role in the local economy, due to the rich mineral deposits scattered throughout the region. The fertile mineralised soil has also fostered a booming agricultural industry, resulting in excellent fresh produce and wine. The areas east is higher and hillier and receives a heavier annual rainfall which supports vineyards and vegetable growing, whereas the flatter and drier west support grain-crops and pastoralism.

The cities of Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo, are the larger centres in the Central West, with real estate in these towns consisting of large houses on quarter acre blocks and even a few low-rise apartments. Property in these regional centres have benefited from a 'ripple effect', and have seen growth over the last few years. Outside of town centres property with acreage is plentiful. Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo are home to campuses of Charles Sturt University, the leading provider of university education in the region.