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Illawarra is a coastal region situated immediately south of Sydney. It encompasses the cities of Shellharbour and Kiama as well as Wollongong the third largest city in NSW. Wollongong is famous for its heavy industry and port, it currently has a population of over 290,000.

Around Wollongong and Illawarra, there are currently 220 active agents - 71 of whom have been reviewed by previous customers. Together, they've sold a total of 9059 properties in the last 12 months. To see whether one of these agents are right for you and your property, view their profiles or book for an appraisal today.

Most people don't sell properties every year. But for most of us, our property is our biggest asset, and selling for a good price makes a big impact on what we can afford next. That is why choosing the right real estate agent to represent you is a big and important decision. The best agents are not only better to work with, giving us confidence in a time that can be stressful; but they get better results, too. It is easy and free to find the best real estate agents in the Wollongong & Illawarra using OpenAgent. All you need to do is search in your suburb to find the best real estate agents. All active real estate agents are there, so you can easily compare them in one place. You can read their profiles, see what they have been selling, read customer reviews, and contact them all in just a couple of clicks.

Real Estate Agent Fees in Wollongong & Illawarra

Taking into consideration all the factors influencing commission rates, the average charge in the Wollongong and Illawarra region is 2.08%. For a property valued at $850,000, this is equivalent to approximately $17,680. Additional expenses, such as GST, advertising and marketing usually come on top of this, so it's crucial that you thoroughly do your research and budget ahead of time, as to avoid any nasty surprises that may set your sale back. It's also essential to know that real estate fees and commissions are negotiable, so when you start interviewing Wollongong and Illawarra real estate agents, be sure to haggle on all costs to get the best deal possible.

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Top agents in Wollongong & Illawarra

More than 9059 recently sold properties are evaluated by OpenAgent to identify Wollongong & Illawarra's most prominent agents. In Wollongong & Illawarra OpenAgent has 1436 reviews on 71 real estate agents.

Jason Betschwar recently sold a 2 bedroom house at 147 Koloona Avenue, NSW 2500 Mount Keira

Daniel Ellem recently sold a 5 bedroom house at 91 Waratah Street, NSW 2528 Windang

John Tisma recently sold a 3 bedroom house at 90 North Terrace, NSW 2530 Dapto

Daniel McConnell recently sold a 3 bedroom house at 1 McGill Close, NSW 2527 Albion Park

Robert Dimovski recently sold a 3 bedroom house at 17 Jane Avenue, NSW 2502 Warrawong

Peter Bullman recently sold a 3 bedroom house at 4 Willawa Place, NSW 2530 Koonawarra

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What's it like living in the Illawarra and Wollongong region?

Situated directly south of Sydney, the Illawarra region of New South Wales is a coastal area that is home to over 400,000 people and stretches across 1,128 square kilometres from Helensburgh to Gerroa. Its landscape is characterised by rugged coastlines, shallow lakes and mountainous escarpments, separated into the three main local government areas - Wollongong, Kiama and Shellharbour. The region's economy is dominated by the retail and construction industries, which sees most employees working in the Wollongong LGA.

In terms of lifestyle, the Illawarra region offers the best of both urban and coastal cities. Its atmosphere is slow paced and relaxed and its landscapes scenic, yet the region is fully equipped with the amenities necessary for a convenient and comfortable life. Its facilities include high quality universities, a diverse range of shopping centres and dining options, accessible transportation services and great entertainment - awesome for those looking to get away from the big smoke but still have the conveniences of a big city life.