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Cheapest suburbs to invest in Brisbane 2023

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With real estate in Brisbane finishing on a high for 2019 and the housing market at the start of its recovery, the stage is set for a better year for property investment in 2020 with plenty of room for capital growth.

Brissie has a lot to offer in terms of liveability, affordability and employment opportunities, and according to John Kubatov from Class Real Estate in Bulimba it has been benefiting from interstate migration as more people search for a better lifestyle, high-quality homes and an attainable mortgage.

Houses for sale in Brisbane are much more affordable than Sydney or Melbourne, and the median house price is just $546,781, up 0.7%.

"Particularly in the last year, there's been a greater number of people from Sydney and Melbourne - the southern states - investing up here because it is really good value. There are also people moving here, changing their lifestyle, particularly in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast where there have been lots of improvements happening."

It's been better news for investors since the cash rate was lowered, mortgage rates are cheaper and property prices have been achievable for more buyers. Increasingly, there is a higher number of suburbs in Brisbane that are cheaper to buy than rent. This means that the mortgage repayment on the median price of a property is lower than the average weekly rent.

There are currently 69 suburbs where houses are cheaper to buy than rent and 54 suburbs where units are cheaper to buy than rent. This has more than doubled since June 2019.

John says, "Over the last 10 years, Brisbane has had fairly stable, steady growth. There hasn't been any high increases or great falls in price, compared to Sydney and Melbourne that have had exponential growth."

"I believe we're at a turning point now where Brisbane is set to be the highest growth city in Australia and the growth rate will be much higher than it has been in the past 10 years... I think that 3% to 5% could be an average expected growth rate for 2020."

So if you're looking for a bargain investment and want to find the cheapest suburbs in Brisbane for the right opportunity, then let's take a look at some of the suburbs where houses and units are priced well below Brisbane's median.

Cheapest suburbs in Brisbane to invest in houses

Logan Central


Logan Central is one of the cheapest suburbs to rent in Brisbane, with the average house rent at $323 per week and the average unit rent $260 per week. Yet for landlords, the rental yields are strong at 5.8% and 8.8% respectively. This is a great area to take advantage of having a cash flow positive property in your portfolio.

With median house prices below $300,000 and unit prices at half of that, this suburb could be a great investment opportunity for you.

  • Median house price: $289,000
  • Median unit price: $154,000
  • Average house rent: $323/week
  • Average unit rent: $260/week



Beenleigh is up there as one of the cheapest suburbs to buy in Brisbane with a median house price of $337,000, while units top the list for being cheaper to buy than rent. With a median unit price of $198,000, there's a weekly savings of approximately $98 (calculated with a 20% deposit in mind).

Annual price growth has seen declines of -0.59% and -10.09% for houses and units respectively, but with the market hitting the bottom this could see a big turnaround with potential for strong capital gains. Rental returns are very cash positive at 5.4% and 7.5% respectively.

  • Median house price: $337,000
  • Median unit price: $198,000
  • Average house rent: $350/week
  • Average unit rent: $285/week

Acacia Ridge


This friendly suburb is a very popular choice among buyers and investors given its excellent location and proximity to shops, schools and childcare services. It's also just 16 kilometres from the CBD and well-connected with buses and two train stations close by.

The median house price in Acacia Ridge is $393,000 and offers rental yields of 4.9%, while units are $321,000 with rental returns of 5.9%.

  • Median house price: $393,000
  • Median unit price: $321,000
  • Average house rent: $370/week
  • Average unit rent: $365/week
most affordable suburbs Brisbane

Some of the most affordable properties can be found in Brisbane's middle and outer ring suburbs

Mount Warren Park


In an area that is not only one of the more affordable suburbs in Brisbane, Mount Warren Park also offers the convenience of all the Beenleigh amenities just minutes away, including the train station, RSL and sports club. This leafy suburb ranks highly for liveability and boasts its own golf course, dog park and bowling alley.

The suburb is experiencing 1.56% annual price growth for houses while the median is currently $406,000. The unit market makes it one of the best growth suburbs in Brisbane with 9.52% annual growth and a very affordable median price of $230,000. Rental yields are 5% for houses and 5.9% for units.

  • Median house price: $406,000
  • Median unit price: $230,000
  • Average house rent: $390/week
  • Average unit rent: $260/week



Plenty of cheap suburbs in Brisbane and property hotspots tend to be in the north around the Strathpine area where you will find houses with a median price of $445,000 and units just $266,000. Rental yields are decent at 4.6% for houses and higher for units at 6.3%.

  • Median house price: $445,000
  • Median unit price: $266,000
  • Average house rent: $395/week
  • Average unit rent: $320/week



Deagon is like the underdog you never expected to perform so well. It ranks in the top 20 for liveability while still having house prices well below the median for Brisbane. Properties have a median house price of $485,000 and rental yields are 4.2%. It's 18 kilometres north of the CBD and benefits from its close proximity to Sandgate, while being more than $200,000 cheaper.

With access to rail, the Gateway, shopping, culture, cafes and the beach, this suburb is a bit of a hidden gem with a desirable lifestyle on offer, and there's certainly room for solid price growth.

  • Median house price: $485,000
  • Average house rent: $395/week

Alexandra Hills


This family-friendly Redlands Bay 'burb also ranks in the top 20 for liveability and affordability. Like Deagon, Alexandra Hills' median house price is $458,000 and has rental yields of 5%. It's close to the hub of Cleveland and only ten minutes from Carindale shopping centre, and offers a coastal vibe with relaxing beaches nearby.

  • Median house price: $485,000
  • Average house rent: $440/week

Cheapest suburbs in Brisbane to invest in apartments

Some of the most affordable suburbs in Brisbane for apartments are those that are closest to the city where the median price for units is $400,000.

Here's a list of cheap places to live in Brisbane for those seeking an apartment, and they all have rental returns above 5%:

SuburbMedian unit priceAverage weekly rent
Bowen Hills$369,000$425
East Brisbane$385,000$360
Spring Hill$396,000$440

Houses for sale in Runcorn, have a median price of $550,000, just above the median for Greater Brisbane. However, Runcorn real estate offers affordability in the unit market where the median price is $331,000 and rents are $395 per week, bringing in a 6.3% yield. 

John Kubatov from Class Real Estate in Bulimba believes that East Brisbane real estate is ripe for investment, due to its "very central city location, which has great access to main arterial roads, the river, great schools and parks." While houses for sale in East Brisbane are well above the median, you’ll find affordability in unit prices where the median is $385,000 and has excellent growth at 8.45%.

"Kubatov from Class Real Estate in Bulimba believes East Brisbane is ripe for investment thanks to its very central city location"

While he says house price growth has been steady in the suburb, "It's expected that in the next 3 to 5 years, there will be a great increase. It could be a 3% to 5% growth." However, the market is really staged for apartments.

"East Brisbane is such a prime suburb, 3km from the CBD. There's lots of blocks being maximised. What I mean by that is blocks are being subdivided and renovated. There are townhouses and unit developments happening."

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