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Meet our Frontend Engineer: Cheng

Profile photo of Ellen Orton

Meet our Frontend Engineer Cheng here at OpenAgent. Who helps build the front facing aspects of various web pages on OpenAgent. 

My aim is to deliver a beautiful, responsive, fast and an engaging user experience to all of our users.

I work closely with our team of engineers, product managers and UI designers to turn their designs into a user-friendly pixel perfection web experience for our users.

What inspired you to pursue this career path?

I've always had a passion for creating and building things, as well as a passion for technology. Being a front end engineer allows me to be creative, build products that I can be proud of. It's also a challenging field, where you're constantly learning and developing your skills. At OpenAgent you are constantly pushing yourself to improve. 

What made you want to join OpenAgent, and what is the culture like?

Before OpenAgent, I was working for a large digital agency. Having worked in a tech startup before, I missed how that felt and those connections you just don't get when working for a much larger company. As well as I felt my skills aligned with what OpenAgent was doing and that it would be a great opportunity to learn things too.

My initial impressions for Open Agent was that it's a laid back and friendly place.

I can say now that there's a lot of talented people here that really value their work and care about making the workplace a vibrant, fun and enjoyable place to be.

What is one of your biggest achievements to date at OpenAgent?

One of the biggest achievements was rebuilding the suburbs page. This involved a brand new design with lots of new elements and also different criteria for displaying data. It also had a fast turn around requirement which I was able to achieve.

These types of page builds can involve lots of moving parts or uncertainties such as changes in requirements, changes to the API, or a technical roadblock that we need to overcome. But it makes it all the more rewarding once we overcome these challenges.

What are you looking forward to working on in the future with OpenAgent?

There is always new ideas and projects in the works. As well as the growth team consistently thinking of innovative ways to improve our user experience. I look forward to seeing what these are and tasks that challenge my way of thinking. 

We're also looking at emerging technologies to improve our products. To help solve the problems our users may have. This is exciting because it gives us a chance to grow individually and as a team. 

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy going outside during my time off, as much as I love my computer there is a whole world outside. Mostly spending time with friends, seeing what events are on, going on a nice drive down the coast. But I still enjoy the lazy weekends at home from time to time.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I've been to 7 schools growing up. Not because I was expelled or anything, my family moved from China to New Zealand to here, and we'd move around as my parents changed jobs quite often. It was definitely tough as a kid since you'd make a good friend but a few months later you'll never see them again.

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