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An insiders viewpoint - Adam and Deidre Peacock from Platinum Realty Group, Wanneroo

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OpenAgent has just announced the winners of the 2018 Home Seller Choice Awards.

We’ve got an exclusive interview with the duo Adam and Deidre Peacock from Platinum Realty Group in Wanneroo, WA. Team Peacock has been in the real estate game for 15 years. They've maintained their personal brand and have consistently delivered outstanding results in their suburb, making them a winner of the 2018 Home Seller Choice Awards.

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With that said, let’s take a look at what they believe a top performing agent looks like in WA.

How do you stay ahead of the competition?

With the real estate industry constantly changing, staying ahead of the curve is difficult. Though having started over 15 years ago, Team Peacock believes in being tech-savvy to make their processes run smoother. 

"We began in the early 2000s when agencies only started creating websites - online technology was only entering the industry. Our motto is 'We are an old fashioned service embracing modern real estate technology'. This means we’re constantly moving forward and testing out new technologies to not only make our lives easier but also our clients’."

For both Adam and Dee, staying ahead of the competition is also about having access to the latest information and building their personal brand. 

"We believe in order to be successful, you need to keep up to date with the times. In one month, another agent will beat you because they’ll have better access to information for sellers, a better appraisal to offer."

"We believe in order to be successful, you need to keep up to date with the times."

"Reviews are also crucial in this sense too. Making sure you keep everyone happy always guarantees a good review that helps you build personal branding."

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What do you enjoy most about being agents? 

For some, the most rewarding part of being a real estate agent is the mobility and flexibility. For others, it's the fact that every day is different. Team Peacock feels that the most enjoyable part of being an agent is seeing clients get the results they're looking for.

"Wanneroo is a big local government area that encompasses rural areas, anywhere between one to ten acres of land. There’s a good mix of first home buyers and also sellers who have been in the area for years. It’s refreshing to see the change as this suburb continues to thrive."

Wanneroo real estate agents
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"We love assisting people and getting good outcomes - at the end of the day it comes down to being in the service industry - it’s not a reactive job it’s more proactive. We like to get results so that is an internal driving factor for us."

What does it mean to go above and beyond in the real estate industry?

In order to develop strong rapport with clients, Team Peacock believe in going above and beyond by being empathetic with each unique situation.

"The relationships we’ve built during our time in the industry is extremely rewarding. We currently have a client at the moment that we’re selling a property for. She has three boys that live with her who are autistic... and we both come around three times a week to assist her."

"We also assist with cleaning out the property to get it ready for the market... because we also have a daughter with a disability, so we understand the difficulties faced by this family."

Adam and Dee know how to get a property ready for the market. 

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How do you stay on top of it all?

For Team Peacock, how they manage their time is crucial. Not only do they need to work on their own tasks, they need to make themselves available for clients as much as possible.

"Being a real estate agent isn't a 9-5 job. You’re dedicating a lot of hours and working weekends can sometimes be a struggle. But we call it our game day and we go out and showcase our open homes. We try to make ourselves readily available but at the same time trying to be as resourceful and proactive with your time."

Being in control of when you work comes with the difficulty of separating personal time from business time. Adam and Dee express the importance of having distinct breaks from work.

"It’s really good to also establish clear boundaries of what is personal time and business time to give yourself a break, refresh and come back clear and fresh mindset in order to be effective."

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top real estate agents WA

What's it like working in a team?

Adam and Dee have built a unique team environment. Despite potential challenges, they manage to work together to delegate tasks and to stay driven.

"We’re a husband and wife team - so at the end of the day this is our major income - we motivate each other for success. Although we work as a team we do different roles. Dee is more analytical dealing with buyers and past sellers."

"Whilst myself, Adam looks after putting on listings, looking after marketing - and constantly keeping up to date with new technologies useful to the industry."

"We’ve embraced technology and established a sound marketing campaign that works for us. As a duo, we have more continuity - if we have barriers we can overcome through calling upon each other for advice or different opinions."

"As a duo, we have more continuity - if we have barriers we can overcome through calling upon each other for advice or different opinions."