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The most commonly used words in real estate advertising

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Most Commonly Used Words in Real Estate Ads

There’s no better way to maximise the amount you get on your property than by having an effective advertisement. Agents are the experts when it comes to getting the most out of your property listing but there’s a science to the words you use when you sell your home.

Luxurious, spacious, beautiful or priced to sell - these are all words that have been proven to to capture the attention of potential home buyers.

But knowing what to write can be a challenge if you’re not familiar with real estate jargon. We’re going to take a look at the most commonly used words in property listings to find out what keywords you can include in your ad to boost interest in you property and, ultimately create the most value when you sell up.


According to the real estate book Zillow Talk, lower-priced homes are able to sell for 8.2 percent more than expected when they’re described at luxurious. The word implies that the finishing, design and amenities of a home are premium and it’s often able to push the property into a high price range. If your property has undergone renovations or has been decorated or fitted out by a designer, talking this up using “luxurious” will help you maximise the amount you get when you sell.


The word “stainless” conjures up images of stainless steel appliances, modern kitchens and a house that is modern and ready to move into. It’s been found that this particular keyword can boost the price of a lower-priced property by an average of 5 percent so for those looking to sell, make sure to use both your description and the pictures in your property ad to show off stainless steel elements and appliances.


In a country where the yard is an inextricable part of the house, a landscaped and well-maintained garden is important for many potential home buyers. Zillow Talk says that the keyword “landscape” can add more than 4 percent to the premium of lower-priced homes.


Considered the buzzword for many years now, beautiful is one of the most frequently used words in property listings. The reason why it works is because the idea of a beautiful house changes from buyer to buyer and “beautiful” really impacts on the imagination and conjures up an image of whatever that may be. Other phrases such as “dream home” and “must see” also rank quite highly and are used on a wide scale by real estate agents.


Wealthier home buyers aren’t so concerned with the beauty of a house, but rather with the privacy it will be able to afford them. If you want to connect with buyers, make sure they understand that your property is private, secure and can offer them peace of mind.

Priced to sell

Every house on the market is being priced to sell, but help the buyer feel like they are getting good value for their money by including the phrase “priced to sell”. The keyword is often linked to the belief that the price is already as low as possible, or that the seller is happy to negotiate.


No homeowner would pass on more space. It’s been tried and tested and shown that the word “spacious” as well as phrases like “high ceilings” and “open plan” carry special weight for people looking for a home and brings up pictures of large, cool and clean spaces.

Call to action

At the end of your property advertisement, make sure to include a call to action and the appropriate contact details so that potential buyers can contact you or your agent. Don’t be afraid to indicate if you’re selling urgently and that it may be the last chance for the buyer to get their hands on your property.

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