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Suzanne Coverlid - The people's real estate agent

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Samantha is a Sydney-based real estate and home improvement writer. She is currently Head of Marketing at OpenAgent.

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Suzanne Coverlid is a real estate agent in Townsville, Queensland, whose passionate “people-based” approach to real estate has seen her build up an impressive reputation among longtime locals and newcomers alike. Coverlid is a supporter of smart local investment and a firm believer that Townsville is one of the best coastal towns in semi-rural Australia.

"We moved up here from Adelaide 10 years ago, and as soon as I arrived in Townsville I had this really great feeling that Townsville had so much to offer," said Coverlid.

The move to Townsville in 2006 accompanied a career change, with Coverlid previously working as a bookkeeper in Adelaide. She decided to make the switch to real estate  thanks  to a passion and desire to have positive impacts on people's lives.

Over the years she has developed quite the attachment to Townsville as well as its residents, demonstrated through both her personal and professional approach to the real estate market.

The first thing Coverlid does when meeting a new client is ask them why they decided to move to Townsville, which gives her some valuable insights into who they are as well as what they want or need out of the housing market.

Getting to know clients and becoming invested in their lives is one of the main reasons why Coverlid will go above and beyond to provide a great service. Finding out what a client's motivation for entering the housing market, rather than just looking at their sale or acquisition as a business transaction, allows Coverlid to develop a better understanding of the client and the city in which she operates.

"You've got to remember that everybody's personality is different, you can't approach people in the same way and just paint everybody with the same brush, everybody's different. You've really got to understand people and work with them to understand what their personalities are, so I think that's been a real positive for me because it's good to be able to figure out how people are and work with their strengths and weaknesses," said Coverlid.

As an active member of the community, Coverlid has developed a strong relationship with Townsville locals, and her reputation has spread fast through word of mouth. Her genuine and personal approach has seen Coverlid be recognised among residents as a leading agent in Townsville, and she is raking in the multiple positive reviews from clients on OpenAgent.

"I must admit OpenAgent has been fantastic for me, absolutely fantastic. The great thing about OpenAgent is that they've had really good feedback from the people that I've dealt with, so that just gives me more business," said Coverlid.

Often recognised in these reviews is Coverlid's personal approach: Coverlid is known throughout town as an agent that really gets to know her clients to provide an excellent service.

"You've just got to try be everything to everybody, I think, because everybody wants something different from you or needs something different from you so you've just got to be out there and help people," she said.

Coverlid is strongly invested in the emotional well being of her clients, often going  above and beyond the call of duty to do everything she can to ensure they have a positive experience navigating the housing market.

For example, throughout her career Coverlid has actually taken in and found homes for a number of her clients' pets, most of which weren't able to move with their owners. Describing herself as an animal lover, Coverlid believes this personal approach to real estate will make for a good experience on the part of clients as well as herself as an agent.

"People are stuck and they need help or advice, and because I'm an animal person I've taken these animals in and was able to find really good homes for them. That's the personal approach."

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