Zoe Pointon


Zoe Pointon entered the real estate industry three years ago as an entrepreneur with an idea - OpenAgent. Zoe recognised that real estate is a massive industry and there is lots of opportunity to improve the way consumers transact their properties, so she took the risk to build OpenAgent to build something that matters.

Zoe is the one who, in her words, comes up with the “big, crazy ideas”. She’s also stubbornly addicted to seeing these ideas become a reality, which she says means she’d annoying her team almost every waking hour and consuming large amounts of caffeine to fuel the OpenAgent overdrive.

Keeping her sanity with early morning swims and taking long runs and bike rides, Zoe stated that, “Taking on such a big challenge is exhilarating, and making progress is rewarding. And getting to build the team that makes it happen is the coolest part of the job”.

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