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    This agent is a 5-Star agent, working for Domain.com.au for 6 years. I got to meet my fair share of agents and being on the receiving end as a purchaser, this agent was helpful and respectful at all times. I would be more than comfortable in engaging her services when I am ready to sell.
    Review by Troy for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    From the moment we listed our property with Raine and Horne Double Bay, this agent worked tirelessly on our behalf. She assisted us in finding contractors to de-clutter and clean the house, tidy the garden, and put items into storage. This agent worked with my sister and the stylist to ensure that the house looked attractive to prospective buyers. The marketing campaign was executed professionally and the open days went smoothly. This agent delivered on every promise she made, ensuring that the property sold for the maximum possible amount. My sister and I will always be grateful for the passion and commitment she showed throughout the entire sales campaign.
    Review by Jonathan for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    This agent did an outstanding job selling my home. She maintained high energy and professionalism throughout the 4-week campaign and attended every open house. This agent understood the emotional connection that I had to my home and made the whole campaign run smoothly. I am thrilled with the result and would definitely engage this agent next time I sell. I highly recommend this agent.
    Review by Willow for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    We first met this agent several years ago when we were looking to buy an apartment in Double Bay. We ended up being successful at the auction almost 5 years ago now. She did such a great job for the vendor on that purchase that we had to approach her when it was time to sell. It was a great decision on our part. This agent had our interests as her priority during the entire process. She is the ultimate professional: calm, approachable, easy to get along with and is able to strike up a rapport with almost any buyer. She is thorough and pays attention to detail. Her patience with buyer queries and constant communication with potential buyers meant that when it came time for the auction, we had a full house. She followed up on every query that came her way. She was in touch with us on a daily basis, and had a keen sense for interested parties and made sure that she kept in touch with those people. This agent and her assistant Molly brought a positive and optimistic attitude to the process. When difficult queries arose, this agent's experience and judgment came to the fore. The result speaks for itself and we were absolutely surprised by the result. She is a wonderful person to deal with and we recommend her highly. If you are after a top level professional advisor to sell your property, this agent is just the person.
    Review by Carlo S. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    Selling the family home is high on the list of stressful experiences in life. This agent's professional skill, consideration and willingness to keep us in the picture eased the process. We chose her after watching other real estate agents in action at open houses. We are more than happy with our choice and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants to get their price with minimum stress.
    Review by Sally for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    We entrusted this agent to sell our family home, and it became increasingly obvious that we had chosen the right agent for the task. From the beginning we were impressed by her ethics, professionalism and enthusiasm towards her work. Throughout the marketing campaign, she worked tirelessly displaying great energy and sound judgement. We observed and appreciated her high level of communication skills and talent in keeping buyers engaged and us informed. We were delighted with the outcome this agent achieved for us and would not hesitate recommending her to others.
    Review by Jacqui P. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    Having never sold a house before, I was comforted to be working with Deny Bernardo and this agent from Raine and Horne. My next door neighbour had recommended Deny as he had sold their property 6 months earlier. I felt very well-briefed and guided by their advice and they welcomed all my naive questions about what to expect and how to prepare the property. I was also guided by their recommended stylist Shereen who gave me some simple hints about rearranging the furniture and removing items that I loved but that were distracting. Both Deny and this agent were clear and honest about how the campaign was going. They did not over embellish the situation and clearly described the groups of interested parties who were visiting the property. They were confident without ever being overtly presumptuous and explained what I should expect to experience at the auction. I was so nervous but they were very reassuring. I never ever felt mislead by the information they gave me. They were always present at the inspections and easily available if I called them for an update. I would recommend them to anyone thinking of selling as they were both a pleasure to deal with. The property sold above my expectations and all parties were thrilled with the result.
    Review by Mayriel for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    This agent was fantastic to work with from the moment I met her. She loved my little unit and was confident it would sell well. In fact, it sold for far more that we originally expected and that was lately due to this agent's marketing skills and her delightful personality. I would recommend her without hesitation.
    Review by Gillian A. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    This agent recently sold my house for me in Bondi. It sold within 10 days of going on the market at a price with which I was very happy. I was overseas during the sale and from the start this agent was extremely helpful. She advised me on what was needed to present the house at its best and saved me a lot of expense. She took charge of all that needed to be done which was a huge relief for me as it would have been difficult for me to return to Australia and do everything myself. She negotiated with the tenants and neighbours and kept everything on a friendly level. From the outset, I felt I was in the hands of a true professional. This agent is highly experienced which is very important in the real estate industry as there is much to be aware of. She has a friendly, open and engaging manner which inspires trust and confidence in both the vendor and purchasers. From my experience, I have nothing but praise for the effort this agent made to help me with my house sale and I have no hesitation in recommending her to others.
    Review by for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    This agent has a tremendous amount of energy, dedication and enthusiasm in all aspects of getting you the best possible price for your property. The advise she gave us before the campaign showed she really is experienced and understood the property market. Listen to this agent on preparation and strategy, you will not be disappointed. Honest, professional and backed by a great team.
    Review by Neil for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    As well as being very 'on deck' to sell our house, this agent took great care of us through the difficult emotional time of moving on after 30 years in the one place. Her knowledge of the market, her care to detail and her compassion made it a rare experience in this cut-throat world. I recommend her highly.
    Review by Sarah for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    I engaged this agent to sell my Double Bay apartment. This agent was always contactable, positive and hardworking. This agent sold my property and achieved a record price for the building. I would have no hesitation in engaging this agent again.
    Review by Neda for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    This agent was recommended to us by another real estate agent when we were in the process of selecting an agent to sell our house at Bellevue Hill. We can fully understand why she was recommended after meeting her together with her team from Raine & Horne Double Bay and we were very impressed by her professional integrity, market knowledge and expertise as well as her enthusiasm and work ethic. She has extremely good communication skills and she kept in touch constantly with both the potential purchasers as well as with us during the entire process. Her professionalism is matched by her enthusiasm and she is always warm and friendly with everyone she meets. She did such an excellent job during the campaign that we of course had a successful result at the auction. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of this agent as she made the whole experience of selling a house a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding one. I will definitely engage her services again in future.
    Review by Simon Chan for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    We purchased our new penthouse apartment in Sydney through this agent, never a problem and nothing we asked for was too hard. Everything was met with a smile and a YES we CAN DO attitude. This agent is a hardworking agent. She is knowledgeable, and above all honest and kind. We have just listed a property we have in Sydney with her to sell and again it is the same attitude, we have a couple more coming up and would only consider this agent as our agent.
    Review by for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    This agent was recommended to me by a family friend (who is also a real estate agent). I was told that she had recently sold a property that exceeded my friend's expectation for that area. When I first met this agent, I instantly felt very comfortable with her, she was not pushy (like some agents) and came off as being a very genuine person. She made herself available at all times of the day and went out of her way to assist us during the sales campaign. She diligently contacted me after every open and communicated her summary of the day, in addition, she would call during the week after she spoke with the potential buyers to keep me updated on the progress. During the final week prior to the auction, we had 3 potential buyers and this agent would be in touch with all of them to maintain interest and addressed all issues arising from nerves and indecisions. Come auction night, she would be standing next to the buyers to maintain momentum during the auction. We achieved our target price and was happy that it was a great result. This agent is a very competent and capable agent, she has a personal touch that engages well with all potential buyers, she works extremely hard for the vendor and she is backed by one of the largest agency Raine and Horne of Double Bay. I highly recommend this agent and would use her again for any future real estate sales.
    Review by for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    It was a pleasure to work with this agent. She did her research and came to us with a fair market appraisal. Throughout the campaign, she kept us updated with potential buyers and their comments. Towards the end of the campaign, this agent assessed the situation well and we achieved an excellent result. Thanks to this agent.
    Review by Adam J. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    Very happy with the service given. Very willing and punctual with appointments and ability to quickly research extra information requested.
    Review by Ron F. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    This agent was wonderful with not just her skills as an agent, but as a great support with the whole emotional process of selling a home. She is committed to working at getting you the best result until the very last minute.
    Review by Kavita for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    This agent is always sincere, professional, extremely experienced, calm, hardworking and wonderfully open and friendly. This was our second sale with this agent and we would always use her as our agent. We are so lucky to have found such a gem of an agent. We sold our property after only two opens and felt very secure throughout the process, from her first meeting at our property to our signing of the contract, confident knowing we were in excellent hands with this agent and her wonderful business manager Molly.
    Review by Sandra T. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    This agent knows and is clearly passionate about all that Double Bay has to offer. She is a very hardworking and professional agent who makes it a priority to get to know your property and its best selling points. You do not feel like a number with this agent. This agent is proactive and she goes the extra mile to ensure that the right buyers see your property. With this agent, your property gets the best possible chance. She keeps you informed during every step of the process and monitors where the market is sitting throughout the campaign. She does not lose interest and maintains the same enthusiasm throughout - she answers the phone, turns up for every showing and follows all leads.
    Review by Nicole for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    We greatly appreciate your dedication to the selling of our property in Edgecliff. Consultation with us at all times regarding interest in the home, promptness to openings and feedback, bubbly personality making viewers relaxed as well as informed of our location and proximity to services, schools and the CBD. Mostly, true interest and dedication to help us achieve such a wonderful campaign and ultimately a fabulous result. Again, thank you, we would be delighted to recommend you and your assistant Molly to any one interested in selling their property through you at Raine & Horne Double Bay.
    Review by Deb M. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    Ric Serrao has sold properties for me before, so I had no hesitation in reconnecting with his agency for this one, and the addition of this agent into the dynamic absolutely enhanced the entire process. They had more expensive properties on their books, yet they made me feel like the sale of my property really mattered. They were very attentive and I was happy with the result.
    Review by Ron L. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    I highly recommend this agent, she was a pleasure to deal with and very professional.
    Review by Josh A. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    This agent has the best negotiation skill and she always delivery the best resource to her clients.
    Review by Gabe A. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    This agent was a fabulous agent for my mother's apartment. The campaign proceeded seamlessly to a fine result, due to this agent's attention to detail, advanced planning and the willingness of both she and her assistant Molly to cheerfully assist at all times. This agent has superb negotiation skills, and I can thoroughly recommend her for hassle-free selling.
    Review by Robin for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    We would like to sincerely thank this agent for her professional, attentive and focused approach to selling our home. She is well-regarded and has extensive knowledge about the Double Bay market which resulted in her achieving a great result for our home. Would highly recommend this agent if considering selling your property.
    Review by Matt P. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    Great communication skills - highly recommended.
    Review by Steve C. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    My wife Lea & I heard about this agent by our daughter - praising her hard work and achievements. The results she achieved in selling our Unit has exceeded the recommendation. She was modest in her evaluation, was careful not to put unrealistic values and delivered by pulling it all together and achieved maximum results. We greatly appreciate her commitment, her modesty and ongoing follow ups. I believe that this agent is the best anyone can ask for.
    Review by for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    This agent was really friendly from the start. She was very easy to approach and I felt comfortable asking any questions I may have had. Selling your home after 40 years is a big step so the couple selling must have felt this agent was someone they could trust which was how I felt as well.
    Review by for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    This agent came highly recommended and upon meeting her and her assist, Molly, I was not disappointed. My first impression was that I wouldn't mind buying a house or unit from this agent so if I felt that way, hopefully our potential buyers would too. She clearly has a significant amount of experience and knowledge and this is evident in how she communicates and operates. Throughout the process, we spoke frankly about the state of matters and I appreciated her honesty as well as commitment to getting the best possible sale price. I give her 100% credit for the successful sale and feel that the experience and result would have been quite different with any other agent. I have no issue in recommending this agent to anyone looking to sell in the Eastern suburbs.
    Review by Clare B. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    I have been looking at a property for a number of years now and this agent is by far the best agent I have encountered. She was always helpful, professional, courteous and pleasant to deal with. Her knowledge of the property and market was second to none. It was a great experience leaving both us as the buyer, as well as the seller very content.
    Review by for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    Very professional. Pleased with all her hard work & good result.
    Review by Tom F. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    Excellent, persevering & dedicated.
    Review by Tom F. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    Transparent with every detail, trustworthy agent who puts the buyer at ease in what can be a stressful environment. Thanks again, a great buy.
    Review by Alex B. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    A pleasure to work with her from the moment I first enquired about viewing times until the closure last night. We are also sure that her help and advice will continue in the future.
    Review by Danielle for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    As we're routinely in the market on behalf of our clients, we have the opportunity to deal with many agents across a range of areas and price points. This agent was always a pleasure to deal with. She's quick to return a call, is generous with her time and nothing ever seems like too much trouble. If any prospective eastern suburbs vendor is looking for an effective salesperson who knows her stuff, they would do well to include this agent in their shortlist.
    Review by for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    Very happy to recommend this agent who kept me calm and held my hand through the whole process. Found her to be polite, professional and a great bubbly personality to deal with. She had excellent knowledge of our area and I would happily use her again in the future.
    Review by Deborah B. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    This agent was lovely to work with and really went above and beyond, we couldn't recommend her highly enough.
    Review by Alicia H. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    When we first met at a home you were showing, I immediately knew that you would be my only choice as the best person to represent the sale of my biggest asset. From our initial talks, all the way through to the evening of exchange, you were completely honest, didn't 'condition' me throughout the process, nor put any pressure on me to make any decisions. Throughout the campaign, my stress levels were high, albeit you remained rational and helped me consider all my options - easing my emotions and giving me sincere reassurance of how hard you were working on the sale of my property. I have always felt that a real estate agent does not sell a property, rather, a property sells a property. You changed my life-long opinion on this by demonstration your exemplary negotiation skills and clever tactics. As my Dad would say - "you're in danger of giving real estate agents a good name. Thanks again to this agent for your hard work and wonderful help throughout my campaign. You were my real estate agent, but now you're my friend. I hope we can catch up again soon for a drink and take the dogs for a walk.
    Review by Mark O. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    This agent achieved my buying budget for my dream property. I found her to be astute and pleasant to deal with. I happily recommend her to others buying property.
    Review by Sally for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    This agent went out of her way to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. Highly recommended.
    Review by Doug F. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    This agent was recommended to me and I would not hesitate to recommend her. I found her to be highly professional, responsive and a delight to work with. Her local knowledge, charm and ability to get things done certainly helped us a lot in finding buyers and showcasing our property in the best possible light. As a vendor located abroad, she kept us well-informed and independent feedback verifies the positive impression she made with buyers. The end result was a successful campaign and a job well done.
    Review by Mike C. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    Where do I start with this agent. She is simply wonderful and I would never go anywhere else again. Right from the start, this agent was enthusiastic, communicative and very proactive. She had my property in her capable hands and I felt it early on. It was on the market in lightning speed which was important to me due to my circumstances. She negotiated with my tenant around the inspections sensitively. She attended the inspections and managed the interested buyers with fantastic interpersonal skills. She was very proactively working behind the scenes to gauge potential buyer interest and commitment. She generously gave me fearless and excellent advice on my various property needs throughout that didn't always relate to the sale of my property but just to assist me in my property needs. On the day of the auction, this agent had clearly gathered together a strong group of interested and committed parties whom she had been communicating with throughout the campaign. The auction went very smoothly and I was absolutely surprised and delighted with the outcome - I couldn't have had a better agent. This agent doesn't just tick boxes, she commits to doing a thorough and excellent job with attention to detail and commitment and I believe she does this every time. She is genuine, hardworking, capable and very insightful. Fantastic experience because of this agent.
    Review by Lisa K. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    This agent is a true professional, throughout our transaction. This agent was very knowledgeable and always made herself available. This agent truly went above and beyond to get the best result for the vendor.
    Review by Moshe G. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    We can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you have done for us selling our house. Nothing was ever too much trouble for you and you made yourself available day and night. You are kind, patient and genuine and we have no hesitation in saying you made it a most stress-free experience. Furthermore, we couldn't recommend you highly enough to any future purchasers.
    Review by Ann J. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    We cannot recommend this agent enough based on the experience we had with her engaged as our agent. This agent really went the extra mile and was giving of her time, attention and experience throughout the sale process. This agent was in contact with us for many months prior to us deciding to finally sell, and she even helped us to bid on our next property. At no time did we feel pressured or that we were receiving anything other than her honest and down to earth opinion, which we valued highly. Her pro-activeness and wealth of experience ultimately helped us on the night of our auction and we were ecstatic at the result, a record price for our building. This agent is a welcome breath of fresh air in an industry full of eager upstarts and dishonest sharks.
    Review by Anna G. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    this agent isn't like any other agent I have ever met. Being from Queensland she explained the process of selling so clearly as she has such knowdge of the market and market trends. She is honest and wants to place the best fit for both the seller and new owner. She was an absolute delight to communicate with. I would highly recommend her to anyone ever selling.
    Review by Hannah M. for Louise Snowden from Raine & Horne
    Chris was fantastic. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate about the industry. I met with 5 agents although I had a strong intention that we would use Chris. I would highly recommend him. So thrilled with the result, worked so hard until he felt we got the price the property deserved. Well above what I ever dreamed of selling my place for. Thanks, Chris.
    Review by for Christophe Serrao from Raine & Horne
    Chris was fantastic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate about the industry. I would highly recommend him. So thrilled with the result, worked so hard until he felt we got the price the property deserved. Thanks, Chris.
    Review by for Christophe Serrao from Raine & Horne
    Thank you so much for all your assistance over the past two years. Whilst I am still to find my ideal new home down South, your input, advice and honesty in relation to what my house on Fletcher Street would achieve, even in the overheated market we presently find ourselves in, is invaluable and at the same time, reassuring. You have a thorough knowledge of the local area including all major attractions, parks, schools, shops, etc and I have no doubt, as soon as I put my house on the market, you will use this local knowledge and your unwavering passion and drive to achieve a premium price for my property. I wanted to also thank you for your clear and concise communication – this is a major move for me and a process I have not undertaken for many years so thank you once again for walking me comfortably through the entire process, buying and selling as well as your various recommendation for tradespeople. Looking forward to speaking in the coming weeks.
    Review by Joanie W. for Graham Berman from Raine & Horne

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    SOLD 12/10/2017
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    SOLD 27/09/2017
    6/526 New South Head Road, Double Bay 2 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 25/09/2017
    2/18B Benelong Crescent, Bellevue Hill 2 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 25/09/2017
    2/18B Benelong Crescent , Bellevue Hill 2 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 25/09/2017
    60 Bent Street, Lindfield 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 23/09/2017
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    2/236 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach 2 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 20/09/2017
    8 Rockley Street, Bondi 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 20/09/2017
    33 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 19/09/2017