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    I would just like to say another thank you regarding last night. Bec and I really appreciated your bidding strategy advice and successful execution of it last night. I think it made a huge difference going in with a strategy and then a machine gun bidding style. Hopefully, we can be as successful selling our property which I'm now more confident with having you on-board to sell it. - Adam
    Review by Mark for Robert Terley from Position Realty
    Throughout the process of selling our unit, this agent was always very easy to communicate with and always mindful of our unique set of circumstances. He promised a fuss-free sale and delivered. Thanks, this agent . - Hilary
    Review by Hilary for Robert Terley from Position Realty
    this agent has successfully sold my property for a record price. I have been most impressed with his honesty, integrity and excellent communication. Rob has kept me in the loop throughout the entire sale campaign and pre-campaign. He is a very approachable person and one you are glad to have in your corner. I would recommend Rob again.
    Review by Melanie for Robert Terley from Position Realty
    We are pleased to have Deborah Terley and this agent of Position Realty to market the property for us and achieve a really strong result on the selling price. Communication during the marketing campaign on feedback from potential vendors is great. Without doubt we would love to recommend them to any property owner who is looking to sell the property.
    Review by for Aleksandar Elic from Elders
    You are the best. I would only choose you as my agent. You have now sold two properties for me and each time you were extremely successful in selling these and always kept me informed and looked after everything. Thank you.
    Review by Claude for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    I was so pleased with Position Realty when I originally bought my property that when the time came to sell, I immediately thought of asking this agent to sell my property. I was extremely pleased with the result, the efficiency and service I received. It was wonderful to know that I was in responsible hands and that I knew the best result was to be achieved. I will make sure to pass on your name to anyone I cross paths with who is looking for assistance in selling their property in the East. Thanks again.
    Review by Larell for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    It gives us much pleasure to write this heartfelt thank you note to you and your team. From our introductory meeting, the connection felt extremely positive, professional and sincere. Your in-depth knowledge of the process, and real estate market inspired the necessary confidence to proceed with the sale of our property. You and your team provided us with solid proactive support above and beyond what was required, which we greatly value and appreciated. You ran a very focused, effective campaign and the successful result is testament to your collective knowledge and hard work. Your continual client centric guidance provided the necessary advice to assist us through the challenging process and manage our expectations. You all delivered, kept us fully informed at all times and produced an outcome in keeping with our expectations. Thank you. We have no hesitation in recommending your services to and we hope to have the pleasure of working together in the future.
    Review by Carol for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    Thank you so much for the fantastic service we received from you and your team. Having bought our property through you, we knew you would do a great job. However, you still managed to exceed our expectations. You are indeed a fabulous estate agent and a wonderful woman. We would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone in need of an exceptional agent. Thanks again.
    Review by Joanna for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    Our neighbours recommended Position Realty as they had successfully sold for them just a few weeks earlier at an extremely strong price. My partner and I were very impressed with this agent and immediately felt comfortable. We have a marketing background so marketing was especially important to us. We were toying with the idea of selling as we were really very happy in our home but had occasionally thought to move into a larger place. Once the documents were signed, we were excited at the idea of moving on. Marketing and advertising commenced. We were informed about all prospective purchasers and given feedback after each inspection. The sales process was handled effortlessly and professionally. In what seemed to be just a week or so into the campaign we accepted an offer before auction. This worked tremendously well for us as we had just found a new home to move into and could line the settlements up to be simultaneously done. We were delighted. A great result in very little time, handled professionally. Thank you.
    Review by Justine for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    Deb, you are a legend. Fantastic result and done so quickly. We are blown away. The sale price is way higher than we expected. Thank you for working so hard and looking after our best interests.
    Review by Anthony for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    I know you were on the lookout for a property for me and I'm pleased to say that all your hard work and efforts paid off. I am so delighted with the unit you found, it is exactly what I was looking for and I am really appreciative. While other agents have been quite pushy, I truly felt that you listened and heard my requirements, you never failed to keep me informed and were so efficient in everything you did. I will happily recommend you to everyone and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again. Thanks for all your help.
    Review by Rosemary for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    Thank you for your hard work and dedication during the sale of our home. We really felt like you cared about us and had our best interests at heard from the very beginning. Your support during the entire process was fantastic. We both felt as if we were the most important clients you had. Deb, you are not just a regular real estate agent, you bring integrity, commitment, passion and service to a whole new level. Many thanks again for your help.
    Review by Lisa for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    We originally met this agent about a year ago when she was selling in a nearby block of units. We kept in touch and asked this agent to speak with us about the market and strategies in selling our property. We were impressed with this agent 's knowledge, enthusiasm and focus and decided to place our property on the market. Everything was organised effortlessly by this agent - photography, floorplan and cost effective advertising. Though we were prepared to go to auction, we were prepared to keep an open mind to any offers that came through earlier. We were delighted when after the first Saturday inspection we had a number of parties request contracts. Just two days later, we were exchanged. We were thrilled with the result and the way the whole process was handled with professionalism and integrity. We would be happy to recommend this agent to anyone considering selling.
    Review by Danielle for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    We are truly delighted with the result this agent and her team at Position Realty delivered for us on our recent unit sale in Rose Bay. The sale price really exceeded our expectations and the amazing thing was that she achieved this within just a few days of the property being on the market. I must admit, when I heard she could secure us a great result without any advertising I was skeptical. However, she absolutely delivered on this securing a fantastic result through the strength of her database alone. This obviously meant we avoided any advertising costs that you would incur with most agents. Overall, this agent provided an excellent service which is really useful advice about what we could do to optimise our property to maximise our sale potential and an outstanding result. She comes with our full recommendation.
    Review by Justine for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    We met this agent during the campaign of the property. The contract was signed and this agent spent time speaking to us about the possible sale of our home. this agent stated that she had buyers and that an immediate sale could be achieved. True to this agent ’s word as soon as she received the contract of sale, she introduced not just one buyer but five prospective purchasers. We had an offer that evening and were amazed at how quickly this agent expedited exchange. Within twenty-four hours our house was sold at the value this agent had provided us. We cracked open champagne and had to pinch ourselves this was all real. No advertising campaign, no stress - just a solid, quick transaction. this agent provided exemplary service throughout the transaction and afterwards, and impressed us with her high standards of ethics and honesty. We plan to refer our friends and relatives to Position Realty.
    Review by Sally for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    I was a property lawyer for many, many years. I have known and worked with countless thousands of realtors, Australian wide and internationally. The moment I met this agent , at an auction in June 2008, I earmarked her to be the one to sell my property for me. I built up a virtual relationship with her via email over the next fifteen months. By November, I took a gutsy decision to sell. The contract required a lot of special legal drafting and a cut above sales agent. That was this agent . We worked night and day together and even rectified a post exchange flood disaster from the flat above over Christmas and got the property to settlement by sheer joint effort on time. I received a very high price for my sale and was absolutely delighted. I would recommend this agent to anyone considering selling.
    Review by Jenny for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    Thank you yet again for all of your help in the purchase of our unit in Rose Bay. It is always a pleasure buying property from you, as you and your team are so thorough, efficient and professional. We had such a great experience when we purchased from you last year - that we just had to repeat the experience again this year and of course, this year you even exceeded our expectations. We were all so impressed by your caring, honesty and professionalism that our daughter is keen to start buying in the property market once she turns eighteen. After meeting you and your team, she has expressed that her agent of choice will be Position Realty. We would only ever recommend you and your team as the service and follow-up is always exceptional. I hope that in the future we will have many more dealings, and if there is ever anything we can do for you, please ask as we would love to show our gratitude.
    Review by Susie for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    this agent was thorough in the information provided, attentive, efficient and quick. I was shown through the property at 4PM and by 5PM, the contract was being viewed. By 10AM the next morning, offer and acceptance had been reached. I thought this was marvelous.
    Review by Richard for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    I have bought and sold property throughout Australia for over twenty years. I am very wary of estate agents and this agent was at first, no exception. However, I have now bought, sold and engaged her as a rentals manager. I have found her professional attitude and ability to gain positive outcomes to be exemplary.
    Review by Robyn for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    Brilliant result, this agent . Excellent service with integrity. You achieved the maximum price that you provided as a market estimate. Congratulations. I have worked with many agents in the past but you shine and are really true to your word and are a pleasure to do business with.
    Review by Roger for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    I would like to sincerely thank you for the successful sale of my home. In a very difficult economic climate, you conducted yourself in the most professional manner. Your respect for my privacy, your patience and natural grace did not falter, regardless of the challenges. You worked tirelessly and never lost sight of a positive result. I admire your dedication. I am grateful for your exceptional service. I will always feel proud to recommend your service.
    Review by Michele for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    Thank you for your assistance in enabling the purchase of our new home. Your friendly manner, combined with your courtesy and professionalism allowed us to be aware of all areas during the inspections. Your integrity came through during the tough negotiations in your honest and upfront approach. Again, many thanks for your assistance.
    Review by Jim for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    this agent is a first class agent, I would highly recommend her to anyone. She did an absolutely fantastic job.
    Review by Giselle for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    Positive. Effective. A job well done. Thank you, this agent and your team for delivering what you promised. I have no hesitation in recommending your services. Always professional, forever enthusiastic and most efficient, you were able to sell our property in a tough market, for a good price and within a short period of time. No doubt we will be using Position Realty again and again.
    Review by Pelissa for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    I was thrilled that you were our agent and that you sat down with me and explained in a direct way the sales process. We found this agent extremely professional, honest and helpful in assisting us purchasing our first home.
    Review by Kate for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    Wow this agent you’re on fire. I wish I had more property in Sydney for you to sell.
    Review by Murray for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    I really want to take this opportunity to let you know my experience with this agent and Position Realty. Frankly, I've never really been into reading testimonials but now I am moved to write one. Firstly, they will take time to listen to your needs, concerns and aspirations. Secondly, they will, with consideration, show you properties that are the most suitable for you. Straight to business - no wasting of your time. Thirdly, if you are particularly drawn to a property, they will keep you fully in the loop with any negotiations so you know exactly where you stand at all times to avoid disappointment. This was certainly my experience with them. If you are contemplating selling with Position Realty, this agent will, as she did for me, initially work tirelessly with you, giving you gentle guidance to ensure that you maximise your opportunity at sale - to present your home at its very best. I found her vision here both perceptive and inspired. Her advice was right on the mark. this agent is obviously a talented stylist, which I imagine is both inert and also fortified by nearly two decades of experience in selling quality homes. Because of this agent ’s professionalism and commitment to the task, she quickly followed up all potential purchase leads and within days of my home going on the market she had identified the serious potential buyers, worked closely with them to ensure rapid forward movement, sound negotiations and produce in a short time, a win/ win outcome for all parties. this agent ’s attention to detail was second to none. Her focus and discernment saved me a fortune in advertising costs as we sold my home of twenty-seven years, two days after the first open house. I am grateful to them for their vision, their respect and their commitment. I could not recommend them more highly.
    Review by Sally for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    this agent , many thanks for your tireless work and always considerate attitude in your dealings with us. Thanks so much.
    Review by Gil for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    I had no idea that purchasing a property could be such a pleasant experience. this agent and her team were so easy to deal with and were extremely professional. I wouldn’t hesitate using Position Realty again. Thanks again for all your help.
    Review by Reneille for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    Dealing with this agent and the Position Realty team was an absolute pleasure when I recently bought a property through them. As a first home buyer, they took the stress out of a big decision and took the time to talk me through everything I needed to know. I'm very grateful for the help I received and hope to deal with Position Realty again.
    Review by Chris for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    I am really pleased with the result of the sale of my home. Though I had previously given my home for auction to another agent, it was you who came in with two interested parties. You worked quickly and professionally. You understand people and you know your business.
    Review by Cohen Family for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    Brilliant work. this agent you achieved a fantastic result for me. You were completely dedicated, kept me informed at all times and I can only say how thankful I am that I chose Position Realty. Thanks.
    Review by Nicole for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    We want to thank you this agent , for all of your assistance. You have been fantastic. You will be the first person we think of when it comes to real estate selling.
    Review by Robert for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    I found this agent to be very professional at all times. She kept me informed every step of the way. I found her manner to be both very courteous and also showing great sensitivity in what was a very stressful time. Having dealt with quite a number of real estate agents previously, I would have to say this agent is an excellent agent. Being friendly and offering sound advice without being too overbearing. Without reservation, I would recommend her to anyone I knew selling a property.
    Review by Mary for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    The dust of battle has settled and the proceeds have been received. Ann and I thought it appropriate to write to acknowledge our appreciation for your efforts in our behalf. Apart from working in the real estate industry or lending to it all my working life, I have in my seventy-five years been involved on either side in a number of personal real estate transactions. Even so, our decision to retain your firm was taken with a lot of trepidation and no little advice from others to go with a major firm. The fact that our decision was the right one is now history. From the outset, you impressed with a level of personal effort that simply would not have been forthcoming with a big agency. Your efforts to photograph the unit whilst still occupied by a tenant involved a lot of personal exertion but gained a few valuable weeks for the programme. Your marketing and advertising policies, apart from being successful, were very cost effective, which we appreciated. We thought that you went to unusual efforts to properly understand the complicated issues surrounding the Body Corporate and repairs to the building: efforts that paid off in your ability to confidently discuss the issues with potential buyers. Above all, your obvious pleasure in the chase and your management of prospects and the vendor was a pleasure to watch. The fact that less than a month passed between first advertising and a signed contract speaks for itself. Needless to say, we would certainly seek your services again.
    Review by Ian for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    this agent has excellent communication skills. In addition, she is extremely organised, reliable and professional. She is flexible and will certainly go the extra distance to ensure her clients are happy, comfortable and well-informed. this agent and Position have my highest recommendation.
    Review by Dylan for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    We know many real estate agents but went with this agent due to her personable character, proven track record and knowledge of our area. this agent helped us rent out our flat and when we wanted to sell, she made it happen. Getting a great result in a short time frame without going to auction. Since then this agent has continued to act as a trusted adviser in relation to new purchases, even when being conducted through other agencies - now that is service.
    Review by Graeme for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    I had the pleasure of conducting a property transaction with this agent and her highly professional team at Position Realty in 2011. Recently, I contacted this agent for further advice and was delighted at her willingness to assist me. I find this agent to be highly knowledgeable regarding a wide range of property matters, very service oriented and easy to work with.
    Review by Neil for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    this agent is a dedicated and astute business person and demonstrates great expertise and knowledge in the real estate sector as well associated business areas. Efficiency and effectiveness is key to this agent 's successful business outcomes over the years.
    Review by Carol for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    this agent is a highly intelligent individual who is highly motivated to achieve results for the clients that have engaged her. I have known this agent for over thirty years and in that time have always been impressed in the manner that she has conducted herself in any social or business undertaking, being to the point and consistent. I have always felt comfortable in her company in any situation and especially during any business event or meeting. this agent is goal orientated and a high achiever ensuring that the best outcome is achieved and does it with grace and results. I have no hesitation to recommend this agent 's professional services in the property industry.
    Review by Rob for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    this agent is a pleasure to deal with. She is attentive, service-oriented and delivers the goods. Size is no indication of respectability and this agent , through her boutique agency offers personalized service and advice that helps achieve the best outcomes.
    Review by Robert for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    this agent brings a high level of integrity and care to her work and provided us with fantastic service when we sold our home. In an industry unfortunately littered with untrustworthy people, this agent brings a much needed breath of fresh air.
    Review by Lisa for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    We have been fortunate to have the benefit of this agent 's experience at Position Realty on a couple of occasions, for both property management and sale of one of our investment properties. this agent has deep knowledge of the eastern suburbs market, is highly professional, personable and a great communicator. Nothing was ever a problem and we were always kept fully informed. I wouldn't hesitate to utilise this agent 's services again and highly recommend her to prospective clients.
    Review by Rod for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    Thank you very much for everything. Excellent job done, will definitely call if I ever need to sell again down the track. I have been spreading the word to friends or homeowners about the good service and results I received. I will refer you where ever I can when opportunity arises.
    Review by Sebastian for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    Thank you very much for your kind and professional assistance with my home.
    Review by Patricia for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    this agent 's firm did an excellent job selling a unit for us in Rose Bay. Her staff were most efficient from start to finish.
    Review by John for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    I recently retained this agent of Position Realty to act on the sale of my Potts Point studio apartment. this agent did a wonderful job in marketing and selling the property. Indeed, she went above and beyond what I had hoped for. Not only did she run a first class marketing campaign, she also followed up with all interested parties and reported back to me after each inspection. She personally attended to the collection and delivery of contracts on the Lower North Shore to the lawyers involved ensuring that exchange occurred as soon as possible after the buyer had agreed to purchase the property. This was very much appreciated. It is rare that you receive such professional and motivated service in relation to any acquisition and so I was particularly touched by the efforts this agent went to. this agent sold the property at a very good price accomplishing around $12,000 per square metre which I understand is a fantastic result for the area. I would highly recommend this agent to anyone seeking good old fashioned service and a great outcome.
    Review by Peter for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    You have such an efficiently ran business and you are all so professional. I have nothing but praise for you all.
    Review by Elizabeth for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    this agent is undoubtedly the best real estate agent I have ever dealt with on every level. I have 100% complete faith and trust in this agent and her work.
    Review by Monique for Deborah Terley from Position Realty
    We are so so happy and looking forward to moving ahead. Thank you for making this process so smooth and rewarding.
    Review by Sandy and Brian for Deborah Terley from Position Realty

Recent Sold Properties From Position Realty - Rose Bay

    53/41-49 Roslyn Gardens , Elizabeth Bay 1 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 18/08/2017
    9/1-3 Onslow Street, Rose Bay 2 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 15/08/2017
    8/174 Old South Head Road, Bellevue Hill 2 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 17/07/2017
    2/26 Simpson Street, Bondi Beach 2 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 26/06/2017
    2/13 Dumaresq Road, Rose Bay 3 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 23/06/2017
    8/563 Old South Head Road, Rose Bay 1 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 20/06/2017
    8/563 Old South Head Road, Rose Bay 1 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 20/06/2017
    26/5 Haran Street, Mascot 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 16/06/2017
    10/521 New South Head Road, Double Bay 3 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 13/06/2017
    10/521 New South Head Road, Double Bay 3 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 13/06/2017

736A New South Head Road
Rose Bay
NSW, 2029

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