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    We knew from our first meeting with this agent 7 years ago that he was the one to sell our home. He has always been professional, both in demeanor and dress, and his knowledge of the Merewether / Merewether Heights market was unparalleled. He did an excellent job courting buyers and our house sold for significantly more than we had expected at auction. Excellent work by this agent.
    Review by Gary and Kathy Rowarth for Simon Wall from McGrath
    This is the second home that this agent has sold for me and both times he has sold for more then I was thinking was possible and within 4weeks. It is easy working with this agent as he communicates very well and keeps you informed ahead of events occurring so you know what's happening at every stage along the way. This is the first time I've sold using an auction and I am glad that I took this agent's advice because it resulted in an excellent sale price. I have recommended this agent to a friend of mine wanting to sell and he provided them with the same experience I've had both times which was sound advice, hyper knowledge of the marketplace and a sold price they were delighted with.
    Review by Nicholas Coulton for Simon Wall from McGrath
    When I first considered selling my property, I met with a number of agents to gain a valuation and investigate their selling strategies. The first thing that struck me about this agent was his sincere and authentic manner, and the second shortly thereafter was that he was the only agent to politely and unobtrusively follow up on my initial enquiry. At this point, it became clear he stood out from his peers and displayed a level of commitment that confirmed to me I could trust him to sell my home. This agent and his team put in a great effort resulting in the sale taking place as envisaged. The property was priced accurately and sold quickly, which further reinforced to me how well he understands property markets and process. I am very pleased I chose the expertise of this agent and the McGrath team to handle this responsibility on my behalf in a most capable and professional way. From my observation, I think it would be fair to say that this agent displays a genuine interest and passion for property that extends far beyond simply working in real estate. Should I ever wish to sell again, I will have no hesitation in picking up the phone to give him a call.
    Review by John C for Simon Wall from McGrath
    I am writing to thank you and Sabrina for the tremendous amount of work you did in achieving the recent sale of my property. With such a large number of people attending the open houses, I am sure the amount of work you did behind the scenes must have been considerable. Great communication skills, a friendly disposition and positive attitude were attributes you showed throughout the process. Keeping me up to date with everything was also greatly appreciated. I couldn't have asked for a more professional, attentive and decent real estate agent. I wish you well in the future.
    Review by Jan Potter for Simon Wall from McGrath
    Thanks for sending us the video of the auction the property in Merewether Heights. It brought back to us all the excitement of one of the most significant days of our lives as well as wonderful memories of our 25 years living there. We really appreciated the enthusiasm and hard work that both you and Tess put into promoting and selling the house. You certainly made us feel confident that the sale would go well and it certainly did. We were impressed by your friendly and cheerful manner, helpful advice, and respect for us and our home. Tess' amazing enthusiasm and stamina in letterbox advertising right though the neighbourhood was outstanding. We felt at peace when the house was open for inspection knowing that it was in good hands and that you would effectively engage interest and make good connections with possible buyers, and you certainly did. From beginning to final settlement, everything went smoothly with absolutely no hassles. We commend you and Tess for your hard work and for obtaining for us such a wonderful outcome. Great work and well done. No hassles, no stress and we are both happy with the outcome and would recommend you wholeheartedly to anyone looking for the best real estate agent in Newcastle – certainly the best we have ever worked with in all of our moves.
    Review by Anne and Ray Lang for Simon Wall from McGrath
    We would like to thank you for coordinating the sale of my father's property and for your regular and transparent communication which made decisions easier for us. The home had unforeseen issues and road noise problems which made things difficult for you, however your proactive approach to these problems meant you were able to adapt quickly which helped us correct the problem and sell the home in a timely manner. We are very impressed with your negotiation skills and cannot thank you enough for the great result.
    Review by Di and Kenn McCall for Simon Wall from McGrath
    You did a bloody great job selling my house and I am very happy with the result. This was a stressful time in our lives and you certainly helped ease that with your advice on the best way to approach selling. The constant communication, weekly face to face meeting and proactive strategy went to plan just as you mapped out. I've enjoyed our chats about football, surfing and family but am sorry that you go for Manly it's going to be a long year or 2 for you.
    Review by Greg Cleaver for Simon Wall from McGrath
    We chose this agent as the agent for the sale of our family home due to his recent successful sales in our area and his demonstrated knowledge of the market. During the sale process, this agent provided useful guidance as to how best to present the home, and gave us regular updates on progress by phone and email. He was supportive and professional at all times and in the end we were extremely happy with the result, which was virtually spot on to the guidance that this agent has given us at the start of the sale process.
    Review by Sue Snape for Simon Wall from McGrath
    Thanks to this agent and Tess for doing such a wonderful job in selling our house. From the beginning, we felt very comfortable with the process and marketing strategy that you recommended, which has produced an excellent result for us. We particularly appreciated the regular communication with you that kept us fully informed of the progress of the sale. The assistance that you provided when we were preparing our house for sale was invaluable to us. It is clear to us that you really understand the market in our area, and we greatly admire your negotiation skills. Once again thank you so much.
    Review by John and Louise Brunton for Simon Wall from McGrath
    Thanks for all your efforts in the sale of our home. I met you four years ago and it was back then I realised that I had full confidence in you. During our meetings, you have been respectful, helpful and supportive. We have to say that in your profession you are industrious, honest and patient, and this will bring you all the success in future.
    Review by Vinubhai Patel for Simon Wall from McGrath
    We recently sold our Merewether property through this agent from which we received a fantastic outcome. The experience was hassle-free with a sound strategy for the sale. This agent provided constant communication, building confidence for a good result at every stage. We believe his knowledge of the Merewether market has provided us with the best possible outcome. We hope the next time we sell or buy, this agent is there to make the process seamless and simple.
    Review by James Thorning and Robyn Hayles for Simon Wall from McGrath
    We had this agent sell our property at Hamilton and were so impressed with his professionalism that we also had him sell our property at Merewether. We found this agent's communication skills impeccable. He kept us fully informed on how many people were interested in our properties and maintained constant contact with us throughout the whole selling process. This agent's ability to connect with people; not just us the family as vendors but also with the potential buyers proved he will go that extra mile to find the right mix of buyers for the property and get the right price for us. We would highly recommend this agent to anyone who is considering selling their home. This agent has exceeded our expectations as an agent.
    Review by Brad and Debby Cox for Simon Wall from McGrath
    Thank you so much to this agent for your untiring work on selling my home. I greatly admired your honesty and unfailing work ethic in getting the result we wanted. I would encourage anyone to place their home for sale with you. Thank you again.
    Review by Beth Brennan for Simon Wall from McGrath
    It was with a fair bit of trepidation that we commenced the process of selling our house - unsure of whether we were doing the right thing and how to best go about it. We saw a number of agents but this agent stood out from the crowd with his honest, warm and down-to-earth approach immediately setting us at ease. The communication, attention to detail and most importantly the final result were all outstanding. We would have no hesitation in recommending this agent and his team at McGrath to anyone looking to sell.
    Review by Adele and Heath Stewart for Simon Wall from McGrath
    After building up a good rapport with this agent over the 5 years we've lived in Merewether Heights as he was always out and about meeting people and offering his services, he was the easy choice when it came to finding an agent to sell our place. What a great choice indeed. Only 5 days on the market and it sold for well over the top of our pricing guide, I nearly choked on my sandwich when he called with the offer. I thought he was pulling my leg, we were jumping for joy. We couldn't recommend this agent enough, absolute legend. Thanks to this agent.
    Review by Danielle Watkins for Simon Wall from McGrath
    Having previously sold a house with this agent, he was an easy choice for us when selling again. We see him as Mr. Merewether with good knowledge of the area and market. This agent is easy-going, professional and approachable. We found the whole process of selling again non-stressful, the communication was open, and we knew exactly where the sale was at all times.
    Review by David and Rebecca Mackenzie for Simon Wall from McGrath
    Just a quick note to thank you for your recent efforts in selling our property in Merewether. The campaign was very professional right from the start and the sale price was at the higher end of our expectations. It was certainly a pleasure working with you and your team and I would highly recommend you to our friends and colleagues looking for an agent. I will definitely be in touch should I require a quality agent in the future.
    Review by Tim Carver for Simon Wall from McGrath
    This agent did a fantastic job in supporting us throughout our whole selling journey: from the early big decision-making process of deciding to sell, to the exciting days just before the sold sign appeared. We met this agent several years ago when house hunting and we found him very helpful and professional. Again, this time around, we were pleased with his excellent sales skills and he worked hard to get us the price we wanted. We certainly recommend him.
    Review by Stella and Matt for Simon Wall from McGrath
    I have engaged this agent and Tess Fearon of McGrath, The Junction as sales agents for my property. At all times, both agents displayed honesty and integrity whilst arranging for the sale. They were both very reliable and easy to communicate with. Every question was answered and they were very respectful at all times. The property was always very well-secured. The best price was obtained and the purchasers were extremely happy with the negotiation process. I would not hesitate to recommend the engagement of both agents.
    Review by Helene Leane for Simon Wall from McGrath
    I would like to express my appreciation for the wonderful job you did managing the sale of my home. Your advice to have the home professionally styled on the inside and pressure cleaned on the outside made all the difference to the presentation. On top of this, McGrath's exquisite photography and marketing left no stone unturned and brought 63 groups to the open homes. The auction ran seamlessly and brought competitive bidding to a much higher level than I would have ever imagined. So all in all, it was a dream result.
    Review by Tess Fearon for Simon Wall from McGrath
    I would like to express my appreciation of your management of the sale of this house. My wife and I were had been very impressed when you called on us some years ago and decided then that when we came to sell, you would have the first opportunity to act on our behalf. This has all now happened and I am happy to say that your conduct of the sale fully met our expectations. You explained the procedure clearly at the start and kept me well-informed about events as they arose, leading up to your wise suggestion that I should consider selling before auction. I accepted your advice and am now very pleased that I acted on it. Please accept my grateful thanks to you, McGrath and Tess for her assistance.
    Review by Richard Young for Simon Wall from McGrath
    This agent is very approachable, easy to talk to, down to earth, available, hardworking and knowledgeable.
    Review by Kate Fitz for Todd Mason from McGrath
    It is with great pleasure that I write a recommendation for the McGrath Real Estate team, in particular for this agent . We met this agent at another property and were immediately impressed by his professional manner as well as their friendliness and good communications skills. this agent followed up our enquiries and kept contact with us during the following months without being intrusive. When he suggested we meet for a proposal as to how to put our house on the market we were initially skeptical due to our negative experiences the previous year. But this agent 's approach was so different and so much more positive that we agreed to try his method. From the beginning, we could see that he was very professional in every detail. He kept us posted on every step of the process as well as having regular feedback from each viewing. He encouraged us when we were discouraged and has a particularly relaxed way about him that is very reassuring. Being a person prone to anxiety, I found this to be very helpful. We had our house on the market for one month but actually found the buyers that we were happy with after two and a half weeks. We signed our contract that day and went away for a holiday weekend with friends relieved and thrilled. After the sale, this agent continued to keep in contact on all matters and even helped point us in the direction of the house we would eventually buy with a different real estate company. So it is easy for my husband Peter and I to recommend this agent to anyone who is selling or buying a home. He does everything he can to set up a workable process to sell your home. His communication skills are beyond excellent, his temperament and easy-going nature keeps you encouraged and positive while at the same time he is actually fastidiously doing everything possible to present your home to the maximum number of possible buyers in the most diverse ways. We will be selling again and we will be having this agent as our agent. - Jane and Peter
    Review by for Simon Wall from McGrath
    On behalf of Becky and I, thank you for your efforts over the last three weeks. I think that given the negative feedback on the layout of the bathrooms, the lack of a second living area and the asbestos, it turned out to be a difficult house to sell. Thanks for your guidance throughout and I think we did the right thing in selling prior to auction especially seeing as there was only really one seriously interested party. Although the final figure is not what we had hoped in the beginning based on what the majority of people said they felt the house was worth in the current market, you did a good job in squeezing every little bit out of the buyer to get us a good result in the end. Anyway, we appreciate the long hours and time spent over the weekends that you put in. I doubt that we would have received the same work ethic from another real estate agent and am in no doubt that we made the right decision in going with McGrath's. Thanks. - Ross and Becky
    Review by for Simon Wall from McGrath
    Now that the sale of our house has been completed, I would like to say thanks for the work you and your team did to help us get the result we were after. I think that the advice and service Naomi provided was just spot on for what our house needed. I also think you listened to what we wanted and followed through. Hence the result with a sale price we were after within two weeks of going to market with a tricky style of property in Merewether. It gave us great satisfaction to achieve this price as some other agents thought a more realistic price was $575,000. Anyhow, although it was a lot of hard work to get the house ready it was well worth the while. - Stuart and Nuatali
    Review by for Simon Wall from McGrath
    We were impressed with this agent 's precise and detailed strategy and marketing campaign plan compared with all the other real estate agents. Some had no marketing strategy while others had an incomplete marketing strategy. During the sale process, we were informed of developments by telephone and backed up by emails so we could study the detail of the developments which we found was an excellent arrangement. We were provided with a clear plan of events together with sales guidelines. Consideration of our feelings of us selling our home he didn't rush and push us into agreeing with him but kept gently stating the facts as he saw them and was good at explaining and giving us helpful advice. We appreciated this agent 's cheerfulness and his no rush attitude. He always had the time and courtesy to say how lovely the morning was and showed interest in what we were about and what we were thinking. We found this agent to be efficient in all our dealings with him during the sales process. - Tom and Kathleen
    Review by for Simon Wall from McGrath
    Thank you for the help in the sale of my house. I have no hesitation in recommending you to any person I know who is selling their property. I also thank you for your 'no push' attitude in selling my house. - Reginald
    Review by for Simon Wall from McGrath
    I am writing to you to express my sister, Alice and my gratitude to you in the successful sale of our property. We had experienced a frustrating twelve months trying to sell this property through another leading real estate agency in Newcastle. At our wits end, we were referred to you through a friend and are very grateful that this recommendation was made. We met with you and from our first meeting, we were impressed with your open, honest and professional manner. You listened to us and our requirements and were supportive yet very clear in your advice and guidance. Not only did you secure a buyer within the eight week period, you secured a higher sales price than our previous agent had advised we would be likely to achieve. Needless to say, we were very happy with the outcome of our sale. We are very thankful to you and would recommend you to anyone wanting to sell their property in the Hunter Region. - Catherine
    Review by for Simon Wall from McGrath
    Being able to achieve the best possible price for our home and in as quick a time frame as possible was something very important for us. this agent instilled us with confidence from the very beginning bringing well-targeted and profiled purchasers in the first instance and from the ensuing advertising being able to nurture buyers in a very professional and personable manner. We were never in any doubt that our objectives would be achieved and have no qualms whatsoever in recommending this agent to all of our personal contacts and friends in Merewether. - Franco
    Review by for Simon Wall from McGrath
    Wendy, Rob and I would like to thank you very much for the excellent result from the sale of our parent's place at Kotara. As you now know we were very pleased that you contacted us to value our house at Merewether. It was the fact that you were the first real estate agent to deliver on the promise to value our home that we decided to engage you to sell our parent's place. We were very impressed with your friendly but professional attitude to the project from the first day. You combined an excellent understanding of the real estate market and buyer behaviour with the well-researched McGrath system to achieve an excellent outcome for us.Your excellent communication skills and open and honest approach made it easier for us to understand the process and to be comfortable with your direction regarding the sale. Your organisational skills were also exceptional and ensured that the sale went to the program and achieved the desired result. We were very impressed that you always followed through on promises - a quality that is often lacking in your competitors. I can still remember hearing the auction passing the reserve price and being happy at that stage but we were ecstatic when the final sale realised a price well over reserve. Thank you again, this agent . Wendy Rob and I wish you all the best for you marriage to Lauren and success in your future career. - Barry and Wendy
    Review by for Simon Wall from McGrath

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