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    Proactive. I felt she was on my team all the way. She kept me up to date and gave good advice as I progressed through the process.
    Review by for Michelle Wegener from Harcourts
    Friendly, helpful, and always available. This agent was the sellers agent but provided an excellent avenue of communication as we negotiated the purchase of our new home, from our initial offer through to settlement. This agent was always available for us and provided everything he promised, on time and as requested. If we were selling we wouldn't hesitate to approach this agent to represent us. 5 star service.
    Review by for Andrew Stein from Harcourts
    It's been an absolute pleasure dealing with this agent. Real estate agents cover a whole range of different personalities. Many are pushy, some use the old obvious "used car dealer" tricks (like a radio playing rock music to drown the noise from nearby train tracks and a motorway), others opt for flashy cars and sweet talking personal assistants in mini skirts and some even blatantly lies to secure a quick deal. It's rare to find a real estate agent like this agent who's none of this but a genuine, honest, friendly guy and also a very professional and knowledgeable real estate agent. this agent helped us secure our dream home and was a very reasonable and fair negotiator acting for both parties throughout the process. We're very pleased with the way this agent handled it and extremely grateful to now be settled in the true gem of a prize home that this agent sold us. I'm curious to see where this agent will be 10 years from now but I'm sure he's got a bright future ahead of him. Being genuine and honest pays off in the long run.
    Review by for Andrew Stein from Harcourts
    Excellent agent. This agent was very good to deal with. Being my first ever sale, he took me step by step and made me feel comfortable the entire way. This agent was very attentive and sought out buyers as best he could. I can't thank him enough.
    Review by for Andrew Stein from Harcourts
    Amazing agent got us a quick sale for record price. He was fantastic, very happy.
    Review by for Andrew Harvey from Harcourts
    These agents have worked tirelessly with us to ensure that we achieved the price that our unit was worth. During the period our unit was for sale, this agent continued to provide us with market conditions and specific feedback about potential buyers. This agent is very knowledgeable and showed us great respect whilst presenting us with sales advice and options. Whilst we didn’t always agree, this agent happily gave us feedback and advice. They achieved a pleasing sale price for our unit, after another agent tried to convince us to take a loss of over one hundred thousand dollars. We highly recommend this agent and Penelope from Harcourt’s Coastal Broadbeach Real Estate, and will happily engage them again for any further real estate.
    Review by Roger & Barbara for Katrina Keegan and Penelope Nicholls from Harcourts
    This agent was helpful and honest, took the time to go through all proceedings and paperwork. Marketed the property well and managed to deliver a higher price than expected.
    Review by for Robert Macciocu from Harcourts
    We recently purchased our house with this agent and we found him very professional at all times. He was very keen to hear what we were looking for and was always punctual and contactable by phone.
    Review by for Robert Macciocu from Harcourts
    This agent was a great help.
    Review by for Tim Zampech from Harcourts
    Very efficient, polite and easy to deal with. Helpful with any queries and concerns.
    Review by for Robert Macciocu from Harcourts
    Very professional and honest, handled the sale to my complete satisfaction, achieved the price I wanted and competently completed all the paper work.
    Review by for Robert Macciocu from Harcourts
    Very good agent in every aspect of the purchase, well-spoken, well-mannered and easy to communicate.
    Review by for Robert Macciocu from Harcourts
    I'm living in NSW and not easy to find a suitable property. This agent gave me a great help and did great job for me. Up to now, I still want to say "Thanks!"
    Review by for Robert Macciocu from Harcourts
    Selling our house with this agent was a pleasant and quick process. We were guided through the process step-by-step and we were clear about our options. I believe this helped us to make decisions easily along the way, which helped us to feel confident and relaxed. The customer service we experienced from this agent was excellent. Thank you.
    Review by for Robert Macciocu from Harcourts
    50 characters does not allow me enough space to praise this man and his help, understanding, consideration of all of our needs. As we are from NSW our time and requirements were met 100% . I would recommend this agent to all selling or buying in QLD.
    Review by for Robert Macciocu from Harcourts
    We first met this agent when he was the agent selling the house we bought. It was clear from the start that he was honest and very professional. The fact that this agent was the selling agent helped the smooth transition of the sale. We remained in touch. Then a couple of years later when we were trying to get an idea of the current value of the house, we spoke to this agent to get his opinion. He was sensible and professional and was never pushy or overbearing, like most sales agents are. Even though we weren't committed to selling, this agent called us up later to say he has a potential buyer. We thought it was just a tactic to get the listing, but he did have a buyer. In fact we sold it that week for a lot more money than we thought it was worth. In summary, this agent is without doubt a top performing real estate agent who has genuine credibility, and is honest and 100% professional. In all the years we have dealt with agents this agent and one other are the only agents I'd ever give the time of day to.
    Review by for Robert Macciocu from Harcourts
    We bought this apartment from this agent in 2007 and when it came time to sell, there was no one else that we wanted to work with but this agent. In the last 7 years, he has always kept in contact with us regarding the market and has offered a lot of advice and assistance. A good, honest, reliable, friendly and kind real estate agent which is so rare these days.
    Review by Rhian for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    This agent sold our last home and found our new one by conjuncting with another agent. We highly recommend this agent as a hardworking agent that is not afraid to look around for what you are after and keeps you very well-informed.
    Review by Ron for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    We sold up and moved countries and this agent was our agent for both. I was pretty emotional about faraday as we built it and bought our babies home to it. This agent was compassionate and kind when I was emotional about leaving our beloved home. His communication skills are second to none. We were always kept in the loop about faraday and the interest we were getting. He was able to help us with the whole process. From listing, photo choices, legal help and even moving help. Thanks to this agent. If we come back to Australia, expect to hear from us.
    Review by Rhian for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    We were very lucky to appoint this agent as our sales agent for the sale of our property. This agent's knowledge of the area was excellent. He is a very talented agent, who was always on time and very prepared for the day to come. He has a very pleasant personality and a good sense of humor which we find always relates good with other people and makes buyers comfortable and at ease. He never gives up and puts in 100% to make sure your property gets sold at the right price. We would recommend this agent any time.
    Review by Rose for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    We were interested in an Apartment this agent was marketing - at the same time we were looking to sell our house. We engaged this agent and he professionally marketed our property and the house was sold very shortly after being put on the market. He was again excellent in negotiating the purchase of the apartment for us as his negotiation and communication skills came to the fore. Not long after, we decided to sell our investment property and we had no hesitation in engaging this agent once more and again with his professional approach we had two offers almost immediately and was sold in two weeks. We would recommend this agent to anyone selling a property and in fact we did so to some friends who were selling a family property. They also engaged this agent and were very happy with the result as the house was sold at auction through this agent at a very satisfactory price in a very short time frame - they were very happy, we recommended this agent.
    Review by Doug for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    This agent's enthusiasm and absolute professional attitude made the sale of my palace in Upper Southport an easy process. From immaculate grooming and a wealth of knowledge of the market in the area, he always answered the phone, and was always on time and extremely approachable throughout the marketing of my property. He is on the level and doesn't talk in another language. This agent is honest and to the point. He will always have my custom, and I've passed on his contact details to many friends and family. "Great work with this agent, your success is your own doing and everything you're doing is right."
    Review by Trent for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    Property & market knowledge? - yes. Friendly & approachable? -yes. When dealing with real estate agents, this should go without saying. This, should be the bare minimum. Where we found this agent different from the many other agents we have dealt with over 10 years plus, is the qualities he displayed above and beyond these bare minimums. He was genuine, honest, reliable but most importantly we trusted him. What should have been quite a stressful time was infact quite organized and stress-free. This agent's communication was amazing, he kept us up to date with every aspect of the purchase. We never had to chase him for information, even if there wasn't much information to be passed, we would often just get a call to see "how we were feeling" I think this agent has a genuine passion for his field and people and that's why he's such a success.
    Review by Kat G. for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    This agent has done an incredible job during the transaction, his after sales service is also brilliant. Highly recommended.
    Review by Wetex for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    With the difficult Gold Coast market, it was good to have an agent that respected the current market and helped guide me as an investor. This agent was attentive and responded to any query I had as promptly as possible. He kept me up to date with what was happening and let me know if he was going to be offline for any period of time.
    Review by Andrew for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    We found this agent to be an excellent agent. Great advice, enthusiastic, great help, even with moving furniture for the photos. He was extremely easy to deal with, and kept us well-informed. Very professional. Would highly recommend him.
    Review by John M. for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    We thought this agent was a very knowledgeable agent who was prompt in returning our calls. He answered all our questions or researched the information for us. A pleasant, courteous agent to work with.
    Review by Jeri & Dennis D. for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    Thanks to this agent, amazing result with 4 days on the market and negotiated well above our anticipated price that exceeded our expectations.
    Review by Trent B. for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    This agent is a consummate professional and a very good communicator. I have had the pleasure of his support through both purchase and sale contracts and will always ask his opinion/availability first. He is the one you want working for you. When your contract goes unconditional, he can show you his happy dance. Thanks again for bringing your usual A-game competence. Champion.
    Review by Anton for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    We cannot thank this agent enough for recently selling our beloved home to people who I know will love it as much as we did. This is our second home we have asked this agent to help us sell and once again his integrity, commitment, communications skills, professionalism but most of all character made selling our home a pleasant experience. It is a rare find that you meet someone as committed and honest as this agent. There is no doubt that will be calling this agent when we are ready to sell our next home. Keep doing what you're doing.
    Review by Chantel for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    We recently bought a property listed by this agent. What a great guy. By the end of the process, it felt like we were old friends. I think he was more excited than we were that we'd bought the house. He was there every step of the way, keeping us informed, running around after everybody - he kept his sense of humour throughout it all. Cant recommend this guy enough, he made it a brilliant experience.
    Review by Rochelle for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    This agent was a pleasure to deal with, from the very moment I presented an offer, this agent alleviated any stress with prompt responses to any questions that I had. This agent proved himself to be very knowledgeable, he was always friendly, efficient and professional.
    Review by Tina for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    This agent is a very professional person, with great systems and disciplines. His follow up process for prospects has proven to be very successful. He gave us great advice and his personality presents a credible and empathetic style. We achieved a quick sale and a good price.
    Review by Tony & Sue for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    I have completed some research and identified the Gold Coast market as an opportunity to invest and met this agent at a home opening. This agent showed me a property at Burleigh Waters which in the end we purchased so I’m more than happy to provide you with some feedback on the sale. In summary, this agent is a sales professional, a great communicator and made me feel very comfortable throughout the sales process which at times was challenging. The settlement date was postponed several times as the vendor lived in Tahiti and we had problems getting the contract, but this agent kept the communication lines open and I was very happy with the way the entire process was handled. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this agent to any person wishing to purchase property and looking forward to catching up for a beer the next time I’m in town. Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you require more information in regards to the above.
    Review by Gerry H. for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    The is the second time I have dealt with this agent, the first being when he sold the apartment to me in 2007. He made the process of listing and selling very easy. I was always well-informed how it was all going. I would have no hesitation in recommending this agent to anyone wishing to buy or sell property on the Gold coast.
    Review by Blair for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    I found this agent through a mutual friend and have bought and sold a lot of properties. I would highly recommend him as he did a very professional job with the sale of our unit, I am very happy.
    Review by Darren for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    When my wife and I looked at the property, we we found this agent to be very professional, friendly and helpful. I personally am very happy with the outcome and so is my wife Lynda. I am very happy to give a positive review of this agent.
    Review by Lynda & Martin Cornish for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    My partner and I engaged this agent to sell my property in Labrador, we were looking for a quick sale and felt he was the right person to do this for us, well that turned out to be true, we were surprised at how on the ball this agent was, and we engaged this agent on the Monday to start the ball rolling, we were set and ready to go within that week with open homes on the Saturday and Sunday. We had not set a price and this agent felt that we should go for a tender system and allow the buyer to set a true worth, this we did and on the Monday we informed the lucky buyer that their offer had been accepted. Both my Partner and I were very pleased with the price we received and we cannot recommend this agent highly enough for his terrific effort in achieving a great sale.
    Review by Evan for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    This agent was fantastic to work with, honest, and always timely his communication. Very knowledgeable about all areas of the Gold Coast in terms of past and future developments. Never felt pressured. Would most certainly buy through this agent again and would highly recommend his services.
    Review by Simone for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    It is with great pleasure that my wife and I have the opportunity to write a testimonial about this agent. After having our house with another agent for 91 days with two sales that fell through, he was a breath of fresh air. I was at our property mowing the lawns when I saw his flyer in the letter box. My wife decided that the other agent was not doing the proper job for us and engaged this agent. He is very professional in his manner and demeanour, he explains exactly what the procedure would be in relation to advertising and open houses, and most of all he is in constant contact with us appraising us of what was happening with the house. He had the house for 5 days and on the six day the house sold for $50,000 more than what the previous agent had offered. He is a credit to Harcourts, himself and his family in manner in which he conducts himself. We would have no hesitation in recommending him to our family and friends if they needed to sell their property. Keep up the good work and thanks for selling our home and putting our minds at ease.
    Review by Kerry and Chris F. for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    We were impressed with this agent's professionalism. In a cheerful & courteous manner, he was very helpful in clarifying contract conditions, in liaising with parties involved, & follow-up communication. Our property acquisition was, surprisingly, a smooth stress-free transaction. Knowledge of market trends & experience in dealing with clients are vital.
    Review by Juana for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    In recent years, some units in this building were on the market for over a year so I was delighted that this agent got the unit sold in 3 weeks for a price within my asking range. I was resigned to having to wait around 6 months to get a sale. This agent's strategy, communications with me and overall effort were spot on. So much so, I gave him another unit to sell which went in 4 days. This guy get results.
    Review by Dave L. for Rob Lamb from Harcourts
    Gary and I have been extremely pleased with your attentiveness, communication, honesty and advice throughout the entire process. Selling a house is a stressful occurrence for anyone and you have helped to make it as smooth as possible for us. We feel that you truly go beyond the general duties of a real estate agent with thorough follow ups, reporting and always being 'on top' of potential buyers. We also thank you for helping us find the right home to buy for us by doing the leg work and knowing what we were looking for.
    Review by Gary and Liz Williams for Peter Jarmer from Harcourts
    This agent was always able to provide me with the knowledge regarding the property I purchased. This agent has plenty of knowledge around the market and the process of sale and purchase of a property. This agent was happy to answer questions and queries even after settlement had taken place. This agent was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend this agent.
    Review by for Martin Kovac from Harcourts
    This agent was recommended to me by a friend, he was professional and thorough and did everything that was asked of him, I tried to sell my property with another real estate agent just prior to Mr. Kovac and I had to get rid of them, in conclusion, I would recommend this agent to my family and friends.
    Review by Jeff Gersic for Martin Kovac from Harcourts
    We found this agent to be a great upfront, honest agent when purchasing our family home. I would have no issue recommending this agent to anyone considering selling or buying on the Gold Coast.
    Review by for Martin Kovac from Harcourts
    In the past year and a half, with our selling, and reselling as well as looking to purchase, we have dealt with 6-7 Agents. We have seen and learned so many things from them, Experienced many Highs and Lows, and felt stress like we never felt it before. Just as we lost faith, and were to head home to Sydney, I found my last piece of paper with a property I wanted us to look at, that was listed with Harcourts GC with this agent as Agent. When I called this agent, we learned that the property we wanted to see was sold, but after he asked what we were looking for, this agent suggested he had another property we may like to look at. My husband had enough at this stage, but somehow we did go along to met this agent and view the property he had suggested. From the very moment we met this agent, we felt we were dealing with a very different Agent, this agent was friendly, courteous, a good listener, helpful, and very relaxed, knowledgeable and professional. He was like a breath of fresh air, after all we had been through. Needless to say, we extended our time at Gold Coast, and wanted to view the property at odd times and check on some things, and any request we had, this agent was always very helpful, he made himself available, and if he was not sure of any things, he always came back to us with answers. From then on, our faith into good agents was restored, and we highly recommend this agent as well if we need to sell and purchase again, he will be our first choice. We thank this agent for all you have done to help.
    Review by for Martin Kovac from Harcourts
    I was very impressed with professional approach and excellent negotiation skills. Would not hesitate to recommend this agent.
    Review by Olga for Brian Goodgame from Harcourts
    This agent from Harcourts was fantastic. He was very professional, he kept us up to date with who was coming through the property and when, he bought several “real” buyers through the property within the first week of listing it. He got a written offer from one of them for us within a week which was within the price range we were looking for. With this agent’s help we were also able to negotiate the price upwards from the written offer very substantially. Within two weeks of listing the property we had a signed contract by all parties. This agent didn't stop there. He followed up consistently over the next couple of weeks to ensure all issues were resolved so that the settlement would go through without hiccup. We couldn’t have been happier with the service this agent provided. Very nice person, and very, very good at his job.
    Review by for Tim Zampech from Harcourts
    I found the service from this agent of Henderson professional real estate Mermaid beach to be outstanding I wouldn't hesitate to recommend using his services.
    Review by Scott Imalch for Andre Sharples from Harcourts

Recent Sold Properties From Harcourts - Broadbeach

    4/18 Tourangeau Crescent , Varsity Lakes 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 26/09/2017
    21 Mapleton Circuit , Varsity Lakes 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 22/09/2017
    26 Portobello Drive, Mermaid Waters 5 Bedroom House
    SOLD 22/09/2017
    44 South Bay Drive, Varsity Lakes 2 Bedroom House
    SOLD 20/09/2017
    4/196C Hedges Avenue , Mermaid Beach 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 19/09/2017
    2/43 Notre Dame Court , Varsity Lakes 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 15/09/2017
    3/9 Rosewood Avenue , Broadbeach 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 14/09/2017
    14 Bernardino Court, Mermaid Waters 5 Bedroom House
    SOLD 12/09/2017
    7 Lee-Anne Crescent, Helensvale 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 08/09/2017
    2/85 Government Road, Labrador 2 Bedroom House
    SOLD 05/09/2017