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    This agent is a very dedicated agent who took all the hard workout of selling a house for me. Her understanding of the local market and commitment to securing the sale is outstanding. This agent's personable approach is very settling and I would highly recommend her services.
    Review by for Janice Gribben from Move On Realty
    This agent has a thorough knowledge of local real estate trends. We had some open days where no-one came through. These days had storms forecast, exceedingly hot and were just before Christmas. This agent still attended every one and maintained her positive attitude. When people started getting around just after the Christmas break, she was rewarded with the sale and she was almost as happy as we were. Sellers should have great confidence in her professional approach - she takes her job personally. We would recommend her to anyone without reservation.
    Review by for Janice Gribben from Move On Realty
    Energetic, kept me informed, kept at it even though we had a difficult purchaser.
    Review by for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    This agent worked hard to get the sale utilising her professional knowledge and sales techniques. I really felt we were on the same team. This agent follows through on every agreed action. Do yourself a favour and hire her - you won’t be sorry.
    Review by Shirley & Reg for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    First time I have dealt with Move On Realty but I can highly recommend them. They are a great company, great to deal with and go that little bit more to help out. I would definitely use again.
    Review by Allan F. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    When I decided to sell my property at Scarborough, I interviewed two agents and I was not completely happy and a friend recommended this agent. First of all she was on time, prepared with all the relevant information and took me through the process of how she was going to market the property and the commission was very attractive. I was pleasantly surprised by her laid back approach and easy going manner. After a few days, this agent had a contract on the property at full list price. Unfortunately the contract fell over and this agent had another contract shortly after. During this time this agent kept me informed at all times with feedback and comments. I have no hesitation in recommending this agent to anyone wanting to list their property. She really does deserve to be in the top 1% of agents in Queensland. Congratulations and thank you.
    Review by Glenda B. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    We had two houses for sale and both were placed in the hands of this realty. We were very surprised when both were sold without any fuss and within a short space of time. We would highly recommend this agent to anyone selling.
    Review by Lillian & Michael Z. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    This agent is a 'no pressure' agent and tells it as she sees it. Love how she did not pressurise us when we first viewed the property and waited for us to get back to her. She helped negotiate the deal we wanted. Because of her style we are using her to sell our property and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her. I think having her own agency rather than being part of one of the 'big' groups helps to put that personal touch to the whole experience.
    Review by Kerry & Julie H. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    We have had dealings with this agent over a number of years and have always found this agent and her team to be professional, knowledgeable, hardworking and effective communicators. I would recommend Move On and happily deal with this agency again in the future.
    Review by Jason D. & Karen O. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    Purchasing the property through this agent was a pleasure. This agent was very professional and made the negotiation process as painless as possible, keeping us informed throughout. This agent made herself available to attend each inspection at the time which suited us and was responsive in getting back to us on any queries we had. Being a buyer of a property advertised by this agent, I would have no hesitation in recommending this agent as an agent. Whilst this agent was obviously working to achieve the best result for the vendor, at all times we were kept well-informed, treated respectfully and with genuine engagement; professional attributes I would look for when selling a property.
    Review by Greg D. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    Gina was with us through every step of the inspection, negotiation and eventual purchase, while we appreciate that she was trying to do the best by her clients (the sellers), we believe she also tried her best to do an equally good job for us when buying the property.
    Review by Leslie & Marcia for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    Right from our first meeting with this agent, we were impressed with her professionalism and knowledge. She was on top of what was happening in the market and we were more than happy with the result she got for us.
    Review by Rowena & Matthew for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    I found this agent to be a tremendously engaging agent. Her professional approach is refreshing. This agent is a brilliant time manager and really gets the selling process underway in a very efficient time. Communications were a breeze with calls answered and returned so promptly, a new experience for most Sellers and Buyers. This agent is very knowledgeable about current activity on the Peninsula; her skill is to relay that appropriately.
    Review by Jacqueline A. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    Thank goodness there are still people out there that are not out to take advantage of vulnerable people. This agent was honest and up-front in her dealings with us, (the buyers) and was sensitive to the seller's needs. Her team managed several shaky incidents including live termites with aplomb. A reasonable price was negotiated and both parties were pleased with the result.
    Review by Sue & Trevor for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    This agent and her team at Move On are a standout Realty team - from start to finish. We were first home sellers and were completely put at ease. We spoke to several agents and this agent's approach was a stand out from the rest. Their heart is really in the business which meant that we received a very personalised service. You will not go wrong if you choose Move On. Thank you for looking after us.
    Review by Tom R. & Jenn H. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    We are currently purchasing a home through this agent and her team, we have found that the whole process have progressed smoothly without any of the usual hiccups. We have found this agent and her team to be very professional and informative guiding us through this exciting time for us. We highly recommend Move on Realty.
    Review by Martha & Steven for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    We found this agent extremely helpful and reliable. As we bought at distance (from Sydney to Clontarf) most of the communication was not face to face. This agent was great in keeping up communications despite this. This agent has a wealth of local knowledge, which she is willing to share. We would recommend this agent to any prospective vendors or purchasers.
    Review by Eugene for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    This agent was recommended to me by a friend and, I definitely recommend her to everyone who wishes to buy or sell a property. She sold my house within a month and also had a lovey place ready for me to move in. Such an excellent solution. 10 out of 10.
    Review by Ursula G. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    This agent has been a committed sales professional with regards to the sale of our land. It has required her persistence and good communication over several months to finalise this sale and we do appreciate her efforts.
    Review by Jack & Pat T. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    We found the services of this agent good, her professionalism as a real estate agent is second to none.
    Review by Twiggy & Norm for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    Once again we would like to take this opportunity in thanking you, and all the staff at Move On Realty for their friendly professionalism in guiding us through the quick sale of our property and the purchase of our new home. We would highly recommend yourself and the staff at Move On Realty to anyone who is looking at selling or purchasing a property.
    Review by Ann & Pat M. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    I would not hesitate to use this agent and her team in any real estate dealings in the future. Thank you to the move on team.
    Review by Rodney B. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    What a pleasure to do business with this agent. She never rushed with our meetings. Always listened and carried out our wishes. Everything went astoundingly smoothly and before we knew it the home was sold for more than we asked and we started packing. We highly recommend this agent and her team to anyone who required all of the above.
    Review by Beth T. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    This agent had a hard job negotiating the sale of my home due to the location and condition of the property and she still achieved a price well within this agent's market estimate. This agent kept me informed of all offers and conditions and made the process of selling easy. Cannot thank this agent enough for her effort.
    Review by Terrence P. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    We have been very happy with the advice and service we have received from this agent.
    Review by Chris A. & Cathy C. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    This agent was amazing dealing with my elderly parent’s sale. She was so patient and kept them up to date and making sure they fully understood everything. The sale was quick and efficient. Highly recommend.
    Review by Sue M. & June H. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    This agent & team are excellent to work with. This agent's booklet (provided at initial discussion when I was deciding which Agent to use) was super informative and showed she had done research into the possibility of selling my apartment. I particularly appreciate the communication from this agent. She kept me up-to-date always and is honest and reliable. This is my 2nd experience with this agent & MoveOn Realty. I bought my apartment via this agent and as I found her fantastic, I decided to sell with her also. The best choice I could have made. Another agent I considered did not match ANY of her qualities.
    Review by Sandra for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    Efficient transaction. This agent stepped in when it appeared that we had reached deadlock with the Seller and a compromise was negotiated. Happy with the way the purchase progressed.
    Review by Janet E. & Dominic G. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    This is the second property this agent from Move On Realty has sold for us. Again, an amazing outcome. The property was advertised for a very generous price and this agent had a contact within the first week. This agent is very professional, honest and a pleasure to deal with. Our philosophy: "If this agent can't sell your property, no-one can". Thank you again.
    Review by Leigh K. & Rebecca B. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    I have sold many houses, over the years and would rate this agent as not only the best sales person I have dealt with, she also has very good people skills, the agency is both professional and friendly, I am very happy with the price achieved, a great job thank you.
    Review by Athlea W. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    This agent was knowledgeable about the area, and the competitive landscape. She was very easy to work with, and had a great engagement style.
    Review by Geoffrey & Tanya for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    My legally blind and elderly mother needed to sell her unit in Redcliffe so that she could move to somewhere providing a higher level of care. I tried to assist her as much as I could, but living in Sydney this was quite difficult. This agent came to the rescue and helped Mum through every step of the sale. This agent certainly went above and beyond what you would normally expect from an agent and Mum learned to trust her. Both Mum and I were extremely happy that we chose this agent and cannot recommend her highly enough. Thanks to this agent.
    Review by Margaret A. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    I recently sold my property through this agent from Move On Realty. This agent impressed me as being very knowledgeable of the local market and good at managing my expectations. I would like to take the opportunity to thank her for the excellent job she did & for making the experience of selling my property through Move On Realty a pleasurable one. From the start she made me feel at ease & kept me informed through every step. The honesty, professionalism & advice she gave me was greatly appreciated.
    Review by Sheila M. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    Honest and very professional. Sold my property for what I wanted when most other agents wanted me to drop my price to make their job easier. This agent was great and I would never hesitate to recommend her.
    Review by Edna S. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    Fantastic Team. From the lowest charges to the height of success. What a talented, knowledgeable, friendly lady, we were so glad that this agent came our way, her professionalism and negotiation skills were first class. Anybody that is looking for an agent we would highly recommend her as she got us a quick sale and a good price.
    Review by Gillian & Frank S. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    Looking for a professional Agent to sell your home? I highly recommend you give this agent at Move On Realty a call. I was absolutely delighted with her professionalism, no nonsense attitude, and in particular - a special quality - that of "Qualifying the Buyers”. Something many Agents do not do, this agent arranged for ONE ONLY inspection with her suitably qualified Buyers, resulting in my home being sold to the first and only lookers. Well done by this agent and Team at Move On. Now I can Move On.
    Review by Lorraine C. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    Impressive. I found Move On Realty to be fantastic with the sale of our house with what we got for house being the highest possible amount. It was very fast and with no problems. Would definitely go through them again. Thank you to all the team.
    Review by Jayne P. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    An honest Real Estate Agent with that personal touch. When listing our property we noticed that all the homes and units selling in our area had a one stand out sign on the premises. Thus after struggling with agents who did not keep appointments, phoned at inappropriate times, hardly ever returned calls and did not keep us up to date on what was happening with our listing we decided to call this agent . This agent is the best Real Estate Agent we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She was honest, caring, professional and most importantly punctual with her replies to any questions we had for her. This agent was mindful of my work as a nurse on shift work and only ever contacted me at times I was available. This agent listened to what we were asking for in both sale and re-buying and worked her butt off to accomplish the best result we could have asked for in both fields. We highly recommend this agent and would not consider using another agent in any future venture. We can’t thank her enough.
    Review by Sue & Jim M. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    I had first met this agent earlier this year in the knowledge that later this year I would have my house on the Market. I had spoken to a number of Agents but had found her a lot more open and honest and certainly easy to talk to. As it turns out, I was right as this agent not only sold my house in a minimum time frame but also was very professional and always greeted you with a smile. This agent is a much sort after agent and I think her record speaks for itself. Thanks to this agent. Well done.
    Review by Julie K. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    Thank you for your ongoing assistance and advice which led to the sale of our house. Your down to earth and friendly demeanor made us feel very comfortable around you and such, we found it a pleasure working with you.
    Review by Timothy B. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    Very good service.We are very pleased that we chose this agent and her team to market our property. From the 1st meeting until finalisation of the sale we were kept informed and treated professionally and amicably. Office staff, sales team et al are very competent and Andrea the photographer is very good behind the lens. They certainly know the market and how to promote and sell a property. They got us a quick sale and it was a good sale at the right price. We have no hesitation in recommending this agent and her team.
    Review by Ean & Joan P. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    Without a doubt the most professional, personalized service possible. We have been astounded from the very first phone call. Thank you this agent, you made our experience one to remember for all the right reasons.
    Review by Angela S. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    I really appreciate the amount of hard work this agent put into the sale of my house in Clontarf and the purchase of my future home. Mine was not an easy place to sell but this agent achieved a fair price with good negotiating skills, patience, persistence, good humor and a large amount of reassurance when needed. Thanks very much to this agent and Stacey for such professional, friendly service.
    Review by Monica M. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    I would like to congratulate this agent and all the team at Move On Realty on their very professional and positive approach to selling real estate. I was surprised and a little skeptical about this agent's initial valuation of my property but she succeeded in finding a buyer who appreciated the better features of the property and was prepared to pay a good price for it. The whole team was friendly and approachable at all times. I would definitely recommend Move On Realty to anyone with property to sell.
    Review by Virginia M. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    Professionalism at its best from first meeting to the extremely quick settlement on my home, I have been more than happy with the overall service this agent provides.
    Review by Kathleen S. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    We were completely satisfied with this agent from Move On. Nothing was too much for her to arrange at a moments notice. She gave us positive feedback to maximize the house's potential and sold to very excited interstate buyers. We would strongly encourage buyers who want the best outcome to sign with this agent.
    Review by David & Toni for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    This agent & Move On Realty are the ultimate professionals. Our property was unique and other agents had undervalued the value this uniqueness brings. This agent valued it at the level we had believed it sat in the current market. And she could explain the detailed, lateral thinking approach she used to come to that figure. It sold for that figure to the second people who saw it. All our dealings with the staff & this agent were efficient and professional. Would highly recommend them.
    Review by Russell & Therese for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    As a first home buyer I did not have a lot of understanding about what to do and how to do it. I had however done some research over a period of several years,so as not to be totally naive. I found the whole team at Move On Realty, Gina Shaw, Stacey Platts & this agent very supportive every step of the way in purchasing a property which ticked all the boxes for me. When I was forgetful, for example about following up with my solicitor, there was a gentle reminder given. I have worked for approx 36 years in the human service sector, both in Australia and overseas and it is both my professional and personal opinion that MOVE ON Realty offer a competent and excellent service. Consequently I would have no hesitation in highly recommending this real estate team The staff are in my opinion, all caring , and skillful. Beyond that I found that they were all happy to go out of their way to bring about win, win solutions. In closing, I would simply like to say that I am a super satisfied customer and imagine that the vendor of the property I am purchasing is also very pleased with the agreement, (which was reached with the skillful management of the Move On team).
    Review by Marcelle & Manika M. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    We found this agent very easy to deal with, a person who went out of their way to be helpful in all areas and ready with advice, which as interstate buyers we found very helpful. We are looking forward to the final inspections and hand over of keys. We would recommend this agent and her staff to anyone. The followup call from Stacey to keep us in the loop was appreciated as were the extra little things such as directions and information on local businesses that you need to access when moving.
    Review by Chris & Lyn M. for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty
    We chose this agent to help us sell our late mother's unit. This agent was thoroughly professional and hardworking throughout a longer than expected process. The unit was also our sister's home and this agent was always supportive and considerate of her during open houses and then extremely helpful with the logistics and problems of moving out.
    Review by Catherine for Teri Maguire from Move On Realty

Recent Sold Properties From Move On Realty - Redcliffe

    53/56 Miller St, Kippa-Ring 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 04/10/2017
    222 Prince Edward Pde, Scarborough 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 18/09/2017
    11 Tilley St, Redcliffe 2 Bedroom House
    SOLD 08/09/2017
    0, Kippa-Ring 2 Bedroom House
    SOLD 08/09/2017
    2/42 Macdonnell Rd, Margate 2 Bedroom House
    SOLD 01/09/2017
    9/64 Station Rd, Lawnton 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 30/08/2017
    2 Prince Street, Clontarf 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 23/08/2017
    33/56 Miller Sytreet, Kippa-Ring 2 Bedroom House
    SOLD 18/08/2017
    2/31 Grant Street, Redcliffe 2 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 09/08/2017
    138 Duffield Rd, Margate 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 02/08/2017

67 Redcliffe Parade
QLD, 4020

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