Collins Simms - Fitzroy North

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Belinda Lindsay

Collins Simms - Fitzroy North

13 reviews 0.0/5

Activity in the last 12 months

Properties Sold: 18

Highest Sale: $1,746,000

Reviews : 0

Recent sales in: Fitzroy North, Northcote, Clifton Hill, Collingwood, Alphington, Carlton, Carlton North, Thornbury

Customer Reviews

Thank you very much for the wonderful service you all provided in selling the property. It was all very emotional selling the family home and I really appreciated your calmness, common sense and good humour in the face of a few dramatic developments along the way. In the end, it's all worked out beautifully. - Louise
Stephen and I would like to thank both you and Stephen for your hard work in the selling of our property. Your efforts throughout the campaign were tireless, but never pushy or uncompromising. We appreciated your thoughtful, professional approach in the advice you offered and the manner in which you adapted to, and kept us informed of, a constantly changing situation. We are very happy to have chosen Collins Simms to sell our property. Your competence and professionalism, together with a sincere and honest manner, made us comfortable in all dealings with you, whether in person, over the phone or by email, and we would have no hesitation in entrusting future real estate matters to your careful attention nor indeed would we hesitate to extol your virtues to anyone seeking to sell their property. - Stephen and Marie
Selling your home is always a difficult time and choosing the right agent a more daunting task. We considered a few, but after talking to this agent and Stefan, their enthusiasm and professionalism won us over. The way they were talking about our house made us want to buy our own house from them. Unlike other agents who just stand outside your door and do not say anything, they engaged prospective buyers. They new everything there was to know about our house and highlighted special features. After a short campaign, our house was sold at a very good price and their service and help continues up to the day of settlement. - Jacques and Tara
We wish to express our gratitude to all of the Collins Simms team who had involvement in the sale of our unit last weekend. The professional approach that this agent , Angela, and Steve demonstrated before and during the auction gave us great confidence that we were in good hands. Your suggested marketing campaign proved to be spot on and we were appreciative of your regular feedback after each inspection, together with the weekly progress report, which kept us well-informed throughout the process. The end result was a pleasing one and in no small part a credit to all concerned. - Bruce and Cheryl
We are writing to this agent and Angela Coates to thank you for your help in selling our home. We always found you both honest, straight and easy to deal with, and you responded to all of our comments, queries, suggestions and requests. We also felt that you really got our home, which meant that we never doubted that we had chosen the right agents. The proof was in the pudding on the day of the auction there were enough interested parties competing with each other to push the price well over our reserve, and we were extremely happy with the result. - Andrew
Thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job marketing our property. We are grateful to you both for achieving us a great result. We would have no hesitation in recommending Collins Simms to potential sellers. It was a delight dealing with you this agent and we very much appreciated you assisting with maintaining the appeal of our property whilst we were on vacation. Thank you also for constantly keeping us informed about the progress of things. - Nancy and Mike
Nobody can be like this agent . In an industry that's infamous for charlatans and dodgy dealing, this agent is a stand out consummate professional of the highest integrity. Over the years, I have bought and sold a number of properties. Of course I have happily purchased properties from the other real estate companies but when it comes time to sell, I simply wouldn't consider employing the services of anyone other than this agent and Collins Simms. Selling a property can most certainly be a difficult and trying time but this agent has always without exception ensured that the process has been a smooth and seamless exercise. I have no hesitation in highly recommending this agent and Collins Simms. If you are selling a property this agent is the asset you require to be assured of an excellent result. - Jane
I recently chose this agent to sell my property as she was actually the agent who sold it to me six years ago. At the time, I was impressed with her energy, enthusiasm and professional approach, and she delivered these qualities and more in my recent campaign. this agent and Angela make a very supportive team in what can be a stressful time, offering continual guidance and positive feedback throughout the process. They have very high standards of professionalism with a down-to-earth touch, and have the drive and know how to achieve excellent results. I would confidently recommend them as agents to any prospective sellers. Thanks again. - Lucille
I really thank you so much for all your hard work, and what an outstanding end to a very busy campaign. I think I speak for Stephanie when I say that the Collins Simms experience has been nothing short of fantastic. You and your team have marketed our high profile property in the best possible way, and the record breaking price you achieved is testament to this. I am so glad we decided to go with you and your great team. - David and Stephanie
How much simpler life is now that I've sold my unit and have a nice little word of bank notes in my pocket far thicker than I expected it to be. In fact, the whole experience has been extremely pleasant, from the day I first met you and dumped all my problems in your lap. You have a warm friendliness in your manner which is balanced by your competence and enthusiasm so that, by the end of our first meeting, I felt a confidence, as you apparently did, that all would go well and indeed it did. Thank you so much for all you did to make it smooth, easy and frankly, fun. I'm not only referring to money here. I feel as though I've made a friend for life. Someone I would trust in any situation, to hold impeccable values and someone I can recommend unhesitatingly to my friends. - Margot
Many thanks to you, this agent , and your assistant Angela, in managing the sale of our property. We chose you as our agent for two reasons. Firstly, your approach was very well-organised, clear and friendly and secondly, you recognised that our unusual house would be very attractive to the right buyer because not all agents did. Your advice about the presentation of the property was sound, as was your ongoing analysis of the market situation. At all stages, we felt supported and fully informed about the process, and that you and Stephen, the auctioneer, did everything you could for a successful outcome. In the event, we got a great result at auction, but if it hadn't gone that way, we feel confident that you had the ability to negotiate a successful outcome. We are looking forward to working with you again. - Susan and Peter
In reference to the sale of our property, both my wife and I were absolutely delighted with the result and we believe this was due mainly to your massive contribution. Although we had been approached by several other agents to handle the sale of house, we had no hesitation in choosing you as our selling agent. Simply because if your diligent work as an agent in our local area several years prior. We also loved the way our children would react so warmly towards you, every time you came over. Your work during our sales campaign was without fault and we could not have been happier with the amount of people we had through as well as your up to date reports that kept us informed. Once again, thank you so much for all your helpful advice, professionalism and friendship during the sale of our property. We wish you every success for the future and would have no hesitation in recommending your services to others. - Grant and Charmaine
I would like to thank you for all your efforts involved in the auction of my father's home. We found you friendly and very attentive listeners. Your professional approach and keeping us informed and up-to-date was really appreciated. Needless to say, we are delighted with the sale result. We will have no hesitation in recommending Collins Simms to our friends. - Steve


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Recently Sold Properties

68 Grattan Street, Carlton 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 14/10/2017
125 Hutton Street, Thornbury 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 07/10/2017
55 Dwyer Street, Clifton Hill 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 07/10/2017
10/2 Johnson Street , Northcote 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 23/09/2017
18/187 Mckean Street , Fitzroy North 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 30/08/2017
15 Bird Avenue, Northcote 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 16/07/2017
4/49 James Street, Northcote 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 11/04/2017
694 Brunswick Street North, Fitzroy North 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 11/04/2017
72 Thomson Street, Northcote 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 01/04/2017
89 Noone Street, Clifton Hill 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 30/03/2017
50 Victoria Road, Northcote 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 25/03/2017
10 Alister Street, Fitzroy North 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 25/03/2017
129/4 Bik Lane, Fitzroy North 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 01/03/2017
17 Lowther Street, Alphington 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 25/02/2017
11K/21 Northumberland Street, Collingwood 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 25/02/2017
1017 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 18/02/2017
51A O'connell Street, North Melbourne 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 05/12/2016
10 Scotchmer Street, Fitzroy North 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 03/12/2016
24 Davis Street, Carlton North 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 22/10/2016
44 Shiers Street, Alphington 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 08/10/2016
23 Howitt Street, Northcote 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 24/09/2016
45 Mcgregor Street, Fairfield 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 26/08/2016
221/44 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 25/08/2016
225 Gillies Street, FAIRFIELD 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 25/06/2016
40 Rae Street, FITZROY NORTH 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 12/03/2016
5117/570 Lygon Street , CARLTON 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 03/03/2016
3 Margaret Grove, ALPHINGTON 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 22/01/2016
61B Grange Road , FAIRFIELD 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 14/01/2016
22 Broomfield Avenue , ALPHINGTON 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 03/12/2015
3 Hartington Street , NORTHCOTE 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 10/10/2015
166 Gillies Street , FAIRFIELD 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 26/09/2015
573 Drummond Street , CARLTON NORTH 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 12/09/2015
1 Rose Street , BRUNSWICK 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 05/09/2015
303/18 Hull Street, RICHMOND 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 27/08/2015
113 Easey Street, COLLINGWOOD 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 19/08/2015
2/132 Emmaline Street, NORTHCOTE 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 12/06/2015
7/132 Clarke Street , NORTHCOTE 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 02/05/2015
12/5 Chandler Highway , ALPHINGTON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 29/04/2015
30/23 Coate Avenue , ALPHINGTON 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 25/04/2015
53 Best Street , FITZROY NORTH 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 18/04/2015
3C/26 Wellington Street , COLLINGWOOD 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 17/04/2015
51 Fenwick Street , CLIFTON HILL 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 21/03/2015
96 Wingrove Street , ALPHINGTON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 21/03/2015
419 Wellington Street , CLIFTON HILL 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 14/03/2015
28 Stanley Street , NORTHCOTE 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 14/03/2015
170 Curtain Street, CARLTON NORTH 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 20/12/2014
27 Fyffe Street, THORNBURY 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 13/12/2014
20 Salisbury Crescent, FITZROY NORTH 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 13/12/2014
3/199 Barkly Street, BRUNSWICK 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 23/11/2014
11 Balmer Street, BRUNSWICK 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 22/11/2014
5/18 South Terrace, CLIFTON HILL 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 21/11/2014
14/8 Trenerry Crescent, ABBOTSFORD 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 13/11/2014
503 Brunswick Street, FITZROY NORTH 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 18/10/2014
11 Yarralea Street, ALPHINGTON 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 31/05/2014
13 Willowbank Road, FITZROY NORTH 5 Bedroom House
SOLD 17/05/2014
923 Park Street, BRUNSWICK WEST 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 17/05/2014
421 Wellington Street, CLIFTON HILL 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 03/05/2014
145 Elm Street, NORTHCOTE 5 Bedroom House
SOLD 22/03/2014
696 Brunswick Street North, FITZROY NORTH 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 22/02/2014
23 Outlook Drive, EAGLEMONT 5 Bedroom House
SOLD 10/12/2013
5/45 Milton Street, WEST MELBOURNE 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 07/12/2013
164 Nicholson Street, FITZROY 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 02/11/2013
78 toria Road, NORTHCOTE 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 26/10/2013
7 Tranmere Street, FITZROY NORTH 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 26/10/2013
875 Park Street, BRUNSWICK 5 Bedroom House
SOLD 21/09/2013
13 Langston Street, NORTHCOTE 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 21/09/2013
19/45 James Street, PRESTON 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 17/09/2013
2 Rushall Crescent, FITZROY NORTH 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 24/08/2013
276 Rae Street, FITZROY NORTH 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 03/08/2013
18/30 Mater Street, COLLINGWOOD 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 06/07/2013
5 Gracie Street, NORTHCOTE 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 01/06/2013
48 Gordon Street, FAIRFIELD 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 13/04/2013
48a Wilmoth Street, THORNBURY 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 06/04/2013
2/195 Road, BRUNSWICK 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 06/04/2013
1 Bower Street, NORTHCOTE 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 23/03/2013
116 Charles Street, ABBOTSFORD 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 13/03/2013
11 Farnan Street, NORTHCOTE 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 23/02/2013
67 Drummond Street, CARLTON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 24/09/2012
74 Falconer Street, FITZROY NORTH 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 01/09/2012
102 Yarralea Street, ALPHINGTON 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 23/08/2012
21 Arthur Street, FAIRFIELD 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 27/06/2012
309/1-3 Dods Street, BRUNSWICK 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 02/06/2012
104 South Crescent, NORTHCOTE 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 07/05/2012
47 Park Crescent, FAIRFIELD 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 14/04/2012
8/85 Clyde Street, THORNBURY 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 04/04/2012
22b Barries Place, CLIFTON HILL 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 30/03/2012
16 Bennett Street, ALPHINGTON 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 24/03/2012
20 Howitt Street, NORTHCOTE 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 10/03/2012
87 Woolton Avenue, THORNBURY 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 18/02/2012
26 Nash Street, NORTHCOTE 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 10/12/2011
37 Turner Street, ABBOTSFORD 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 10/12/2011
10 Edmund Street, CLIFTON HILL 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 26/11/2011
30 Fulham Road, ALPHINGTON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 14/10/2011
1/4 Rathmines Street, FAIRFIELD 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 08/10/2011
37 Traill Street, NORTHCOTE 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 17/09/2011
24 Charles Street, NORTHCOTE 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 10/09/2011
413a Wellington Street, CLIFTON HILL 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 02/07/2011
1/12 Brennand Street, FITZROY NORTH 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 31/05/2011
4 Clyde Street, THORNBURY 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 28/05/2011
10/133 Clarke Street, NORTHCOTE 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 04/05/2011
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Properties Sold

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All time: 159

Last 3 months: 5

Last 12 months: 18

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We would like to thank you both for your efforts over the past weeks. We have been very pleased with the way you have conducted every phase of the marketing campaign and we are delighted with the outcome of the auction. - Peter

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