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Chris Gamarra

Laing & Simmons - Narrabeen

48 reviews 0.0/5

Activity in the last 12 months

Properties Sold: 34

Highest Sale: $2,080,000

Reviews : 5

Recent sales in: Narrabeen, Warriewood, Collaroy, North Narrabeen, Bayview, Belrose, Brookvale, Cromer

Customer Reviews

This agent was instrumental in getting a fantastic sale price for our property within less than a week. Throughout the entirety of the process he was communicative throughout, made sure we were prepared and always went the extra the mile to get the best results for us. He is truly passionate about real estate and this is evident in his knowledge of the market particularly on the northern beaches and his ability to negotiate the best deal and sell properties for outstanding results.
Reviewed by:
A superlative agent. This agent is an energetic agent working tirelessly on behalf of his clients. He has great knowledge of the real estate market and is fully briefed at all times on comparable sales that help clients determine marketing strategies and decisions. This agent is sensitive and readily adjusts to individual issues and circumstances, and demonstrates an insightful understanding of human nature and needs which greatly assisted in working through the complexity of arrangements and processes leading up to auction. He communicates with honesty, clarity and humour and at all times operates in a positive way without negative comment on competitors. Finally, on a personal perspective, this agent is a warm individual who cares for and does all possible to ensure his clients feel supported. People should not hesitate to commission him to sell their property.
Reviewed by:
My husband and I would like to say a huge thanks to this agent for helping sell our apartment in a week and a half. Prior to seeking this agent's help, we were on the market with another agency which failed to perform. The previous agent was very difficult and left a bad impression with us about Real Estate agents. We switched agencies and this agent was very helpful and professional in the way he put us first and went out of his way to help sell our apartment for a great price in an exceptionally short timeframe. We have had a completely different experience selling with this agent and we are really happy with the results he produced and would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of selling their home. 5 out of 5 Stars.
Reviewed by:
From the moment we met this agent, he was everything you would want from an agent; honest, available, enthusiastic and genuine. This agent loves what he does and it is obvious in the 24/7 attention he gives his clients and his extensive knowledge of the property market and the northern beaches areas. Not only did he sell our property for more than we were expecting, he also found, negotiated and purchased our new property for us. We would, and will always, recommend this agent to anyone looking to sell their property. You're guaranteed to have a positive experience when you go with this agent.
Reviewed by:
I have bought and sold many properties over many year but recently I had the greatest experience I have had in selling a house, and it was all due to the work of this agent. This agent and his agency were recommended to me after I experienced a series of less than satisfactory dealings with other real estate agents. Almost from the moment we met it was clear this agent not only knew exactly what he was doing but demonstrated an extraordinary ability to listen and to understand my requirements. To say he worked above and beyond what one normally expects from estate agents is a massive understatement. Throughout the entire process of preparing my house for sale and then managing the marketing process, he provided the most professional advice, brilliantly managing (and minimising) renovation expenses while getting the maximum result. As I was based in another city, I had to trust his judgement a great deal and throughout the whole process he never let me down. His communication was faultless. When it came to the final sale negotiations with buyers he showed quite extraordinary skill. If you are planning to sell a property I don't believe it would be possible to find a more talented and dedicated agent.
Reviewed by:
Being a vendor and a purchaser within a few months gave me the opportunity to experience a relationship with real estate agents from both sides of the contract. I observed that real estate agents are in a precarious position - wanting to get the best deal for the vendor and simultaneously build and sustain the purchasers' interest. This agent achieved an excellent balance - I am happy with our purchase and this agent achieved a street record for the vendors.
Reviewed by:
We found this agent to be very helpful and his presentation of our home was outstanding.
Reviewed by:
Paul and I couldn't recommend this agent more, we were impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. Even though we were at first hesitant to go to auction, we trusted that this agent had our best interest at heart and he didn't disappoint. We were delighted with the result and wouldn't hesitate to use him as our agent in the future.
Reviewed by:
We spoke to a number of agents prior to choosing who was going to represent us, and from the very beginning it was clear there was something different about this agent. It wasn't just the same one liners and empty promises of the world - he spoke about strategy, psychology, tactics and influence, and used examples, evidence and reasoning to explain his ideas. After making the decision, we agreed on a specific auction campaign and were guided and informed the whole way. This agent was on hand to answer any questions we had, worked around our schedules by meeting us late at night and kept us in check to ensure we were doing our part. As the day drew closer you could sense the excitement building in us, this agent as well as prospective buyers, which is a testament to all the hard work that this agent was doing behind the scenes. The day itself was almost a foregone conclusion - everything we were hoping to happen in our wildest dreams did happen, and we sold for well over our happy price. To be more specific, in 18 months and without renovations this agent was able to sell our place for almost 25% more than we paid for it, and significantly more than our reserve. If I ever, ever sell another place I will be contacting this agent straight away and putting it in his safe, capable hands. I could not possibly recommend this agent higher.
Reviewed by:
This agent has been excellent to deal with. All the way through the negotiations, he has been clear and forthcoming with the information we required in order to pursue our interest in the property. The deal was not as straightforward as some, nevertheless he was consistently well-informed and able to quickly answer our many questions. There were some complications in the purchase due to intense interest from another party. He intelligently and conscientiously pursued our needs while remaining ethical in his actions at all times. A great experience.
Reviewed by:
This agent is very efficient and a pleasure to work with. He is professional and warm and the selling of my property was easy and got results I was very happy with.
Reviewed by:
Deciding on this agent as the agent to sell our apartment in Narrabeen was easy. After months of research seeing various agents in action selling other properties we decided on this agent. His ability to interpret the market, understand our needs and therefore put the best campaign in place to sell our property was impressive to say the least. This agent was readily available and made us feel at ease through the process. Our property sold quickly at at a record price thanks to this agent's market knowledge and hard work. We were extraordinarily lucky to have this agent represent us through this process.
Reviewed by:
Selecting a real estate agent to handle the sale of my unit was not easy. My final decision to choose Raine and Horne of Narrabeen was based on them being a registered local agent with an office on the main street of Narrabeen, their professionalism, provision of data related to properties similar to mine and their ability to listen to me. They also respected my wish for no contact over the weekend while I made my decision about which agent to chose. This agent was enthusiastic, offered relevant advise regarding how to present my property in the best possible way for sale, involved me in the presentation process pre-sale, provided me with his excellent outline sheet of the day by day plan for the selling process and kept me up to date. I felt both this agent and Paul treated my unit and I with respect and were a pleasure to deal with. Added to this, there was a quick sale for a price above my expectations. Thank you.
Reviewed by:
Thank you so much this agent. You are one amazing real estate agent and we can't thank you enough for selling our first home. We still remember buying it from you three years ago and how excited we were. As much as we are happy that we have sold the place for an amazing price all thanks to you, we are also sad as this is where we started our lives as husband and wife and had a baby boy. We definitely will be recommending you and have been. We really appreciate your dedication when you where selling our place and always keeping us informed of everything and being on top of it. Thank you.
Reviewed by:
This agent is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. He has sold two of our properties and throughout was friendly and eager to help.
Reviewed by:
We could not fault this agent's enthusiasm in the process of selling our unit. He provided friendly, efficient service that resulted in the sale of our unit in around ten days.
Reviewed by:
After being involved with real estate agents as both vendor and buyer for nine months, my wife and I bought our family home through this agent. From the outset, this agent defied what we had come to expect from agents especially in a hot sellers market. This agent has actually fine tuned a method of selling property that relies on his high level of interpersonal skills, work ethic and professionalism instead of the dishonest meandering we have experienced in the past. We would recommend this agent to any of our friends and family selling on the Northern Beaches and have done so already.
Reviewed by:
It is hard to find words to describe what this agent has done for us. From the moment he entered our home, we could see he was different from other agents. We had high expectations for the sale of our property and he immediately set out to do everything in his power to ensure we reached that goal and in fact he delivered beyond those expectations. This agent is exceptional, he's professional, energetic, grounded and incredibly knowledgeable regarding the local Northern Beaches real estate market. He has a natural talent in how to deal with people, both us as vendors but remarkably his ability to work with buyers. His negotiation skills are like nothing I have ever witnessed. It is without question that we would recommend him to anyone wanting to sell their home, he will work with you from the very moment you meet him to well into the future. Thank you for everything.
Reviewed by:
We would like to compliment Raine & Horne Narrabeen, in particular this agent and James Hayward for selling our townhouse for an outstanding record amount. This agent impressed us with his knowledge, confidence, experience, communication skills and positive attitude. As this was our first time selling property, he guided us through every step with reassurance and was very obliging in addressing any of our concerns making himself available anytime, even out of hours. He kept us updated with feedback from the open houses and inquiries and even after the sale has continued to keep in touch offering help and advice for our move or just to see how we're going. This agent was very respectful of the emotional attachment we had to this being our home and not just a property for him to sell and therefore he managed our expectations by going above and beyond. We developed a rapport with this agent that we hope will continue into the future and believe he deserves recognition for his outstanding excellent work. We are forever grateful for the experience we had with this agent, James and the team at Raine and Horne.
Reviewed by:
We are extremely happy with this agent and his strategies and market knowledge during our sales process. He is not only reliable and well-presented, but also very proactive which in turn helps him deliver his promises fast. Having the chance to work with this agent, we are excited to have found an agent for all future property dealings
Reviewed by:
We are very happy with the help of this agent. His excellent knowledge of the market, confidence, experience, communication skills and positive attitude was outstanding which allowed us to plan accordingly for the requirements of an auction. As this was our first time attending an auction, this agent was very professional on quickly updating us of any changes that occurred and anticipating what to expect at the auction. We recommend this agent and his excellent team at Raine and Horne of Narrabeen to anyone who is buying or selling their house. Thank you for all your help.
Reviewed by:
We called this agent to get a quote. We were thinking of selling private. We got other quotes and his was the highest. A few days after the quote, this agent called and said he had a buyer. We agreed for him to show the property and sell it off market with no advertisements, no pamphlets, no money spent and we wanted a minimum of money in line with his quote. He did a fantastic job with the tenants as the property was rented and the tenants were uncooperative, and in a few weeks, he managed to sell the property for more than we expected in the first place and with very little involvement on our part.
Reviewed by:
We were particularly impressed with this agent's enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to selling our property. We liked the way this agent communicated with us and found him to be a very positive person to deal with. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone else interested in selling their property. Well done.
Reviewed by:
We were very happy with this agent and would highly recommend him as an agent.
Reviewed by:
This agent was the best agent I met, very professional and helpful.
Reviewed by:
This agent proved himself to be a very safe and skillful pair of hands during the entire selling process. Always available and ready to help with any problem, his advice proved to be correct time and again as he guided us through the sale of our property to a very successful conclusion. We would recommend him unreservedly.
Reviewed by:
I was very happy with the way this agent kept us informed on the progression of the property right through until the auction. He was totally professional and transparent with the way he handled the campaign.
Reviewed by:
This was the first property my wife and I had sold and we found this agent to be great. He talked us through the overall process from start to finish very clearly and unlike some agents, we had spoken to, he was very professional yet very down to earth and approachable. We felt completely comfortable selling our apartment through this agent. He was very detail-focused and advised us on slight tweaks to make to the layout of our apartment to maximise our sale price. Overall, a very positive experience and I would not hesitate in recommending this agent to family and friends.
Reviewed by:
The professionalism and approach of this agent and the team at Raine and Horne Narrabeen meant our whole experience of selling our house was such a positive one. Coming from a rural background, the experience of selling in the Sydney market was a new one. Your insight, advice, support, and availability, were appreciated greatly by us. We placed our trust in you, which was well-rewarded. You listened to our story, understood how we wanted the property presented, and our desire for a clear transparent sale process. It was in a nutshell, a dream campaign. We have tremendous gratitude and admiration for the way you conducted the whole process, working with us, and for us, conscientiously, with courtesy, clear focus on the end game, and an exciting conclusion exceeding our expectations. We can think of no improvement, your communication with us could not have been better, always prompt, clear and concise. We felt a connection with a real person, with strong ethical principals, which was important to us. We can honestly say it was a pleasure, and will have no hesitation of recommending you. Thank you.
Reviewed by:
This agent has exceptional negotiation skills and we were very happy with the price he achieved on the sale of our property. This agent has a very calm approach and always presents himself in a professional manner.
Reviewed by:
We have been looking for the right house for over eighteen months and during this time have come across a lot of dishonesty, especially from real estate agents. This agent restored our faith in the market - he was honest and hardworking for both the seller and buyer. I would recommend him to anyone.
Reviewed by:
We were living overseas and engaged this agent through the help of a relative. Our meeting with him part way through the process of selling confirmed that we had made a great choice. This agent has a great mind for this line of work and we found we could really trust his advice and acumen. He was honest and upright in our dealings with him. He was great at communicating and very understanding of our issues. We heartily recommend him.
Reviewed by:
It is with great pleasure that we recommend the services of Raine and Horne, Narrabeen, to anyone who is seeking a professional, yet friendly and trustworthy, team of real estate agents who actually deliver. This is the challenge we presented to this agent and his associates, Paul McArthur and James Hayward: We live in Karratha, Western Australia, and wanted to sell our home in Mona Vale, without being present for the auction campaign or the actual auction, which was conducted via mobile phone. This agent and his team organised literally everything on our behalf going over and above the call of duty in every respect and doing most of the hard yards themselves in their own time. They kept us informed every step of the way and everything was done with finesse. Our auction was conducted without a hitch across the miles and we must pause here to say that the auctioneer, Mark, was legendary. A great result was achieved on our behalf and we couldn’t recommend this team of professionals highly enough.
Reviewed by:
I recently bought a property in Narrabeen where this agent was the agent. He was a pleasure to deal with, prompt in returning calls and following up and the process was clear. This agent was also flexible and I think worked well with both his vendor and I in addressing some of my requests. For example, as the property was vacant, this agent helped me to get permission from the vendor for early access to complete some cosmetic works like painting before settlement or completion which I really appreciated. It was great to deal with someone who, while clearly representing the interests of his client, also understood that he could be of service to the purchaser. I would happily recommend this agent and his colleague James Hayward from Raine and Horne Narrabeen.
Reviewed by:
We meet this agent at a number of open houses during the time we were researching to buy a property. This agent is professional and we found him to be one of the best agents we dealt with. If we had any questions, this agent was always prompt in answering or getting back to us with an answer. As we dealt with this agent only through auction, I cannot genuinely rate his negotiation skills as we were not in need of them.
Reviewed by:
This agent has been an excellent agent to deal with from the position of a buyer. He was honest, straightforward and fair. He maintained excellent communication throughout the process and followed through on all that he said he would. I would recommend this agent to all looking on selling, he knows his stuff and made a stressful process more manageable.
Reviewed by:
I found this agent to be very easy to talk and well-informed regarding the property in question.
Reviewed by:
I have bought and sold over 10 properties and must say he was the best agent to date.
Reviewed by:
This agent helped me through the process from start to finish, and got me the outcome I wanted in minimal time. I couldn't recommend him higher.
Reviewed by:
This agent went above and beyond for us during the sale of our property. Couldn't be happier with the outcome.
Reviewed by:
This agent was recommended to me by one of the other owners in my strata building, who had used this agent previously for both purchases and sales of various properties. I'm extremely grateful for this recommendation. This agent was very professional and obliging in helping with my various questions, as well as ultimately getting a fabulous price for my property. I would also highly recommend this agent to anyone looking to sell their property.
Reviewed by:
This agent was an absolute pleasure to deal with and made the whole process easy. He has a real down to earth but professional approach which I have found is often lacking in many agents. He always kept me well-informed and being a first home buyer, this is exactly what I needed. Being young and in the property market, I was often brushed aside and not taken seriously by other agents however I never once felt this way when dealing with this agent. I would definitely recommend this agent to anyone buying or selling in the northern beaches.
Reviewed by:
This agent is a true professional. From the outset, he took it upon himself to go beyond what could be expected from an agent. He coordinated everything including a minor renovation prior to the sale of my property. He made the entire process seamless and stress-free and managed to get a fantastic price. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by:
I would like to sincerely thank this agent and the team and Raine and Horne Narrabeen for the incredible result you have achieved for my family in the sale of our property. Your warm, honest, professional and no nonsense approach was very much appreciated right from the first meeting which gave me the confidence that we were in the right hands. Prior to the campaign, this agent went above and beyond to make sure our home was ready for sale. Throughout the campaign, this agent kept me well-informed on the progress of the property, there was transparency and honesty throughout the campaign. If I was ever concerned or had a question, this agent was always approachable, supportive and understanding right up to and even after the auction. We never felt we couldn't call or email to ask a question. I would have no hesitation in recommending this agent and the team at Raine and Horne Narrabeen to anyone planning to sell or buy a property. We are truly grateful and thankful and it couldn't have been a more positive experience.
Reviewed by:
This agent provided very helpful advice throughout the sales process. We appreciated this agent's enthusiasm, integrity in achieving a strong sale result. We would recommend this agent to anyone looking to sell in the Narrabeen area.
Reviewed by:
Thanks again for all your help, it's been a great pleasure doing business with you.
Reviewed by:
We recently had a pleasant experience with this agent during our search for a home. His professionalism, honesty, and hard work ethic are much respected and appreciated. He had an invaluable understanding as related to the specific neighbourhood, quickly handled any issues that may have risen and answered emails, texts and calls in a timely manner. Besides, he provided us with an excellent home inspector and was always there to answer our questions and concerns. We are first time home buyers and this agent went above and beyond to help us through every step of the closing process making it stress-free. We highly recommend this agent, especially if you want someone who truly knows what they are doing and truly cares about what is the best decision for you and your family.
Reviewed by:
It is always daunting to choose who to trust especially when it comes to selling your investment for retirement. For me however, it was an easy decision as this agent came highly recommended by one of my wonderful neighbours. This agent's professionalism is a credit to the real estate industry and without a doubt to his employer.
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Last 12 months: 5

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Recently Sold Properties

2/4 Stuart Street , Collaroy 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 27/10/2017
47 Aranda Drive , Davidson 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 27/10/2017
10 Mcnamara Road , Cromer 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 21/10/2017
16/15-19 Shackel Avenue , Brookvale 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 10/10/2017
2/1211 Pittwater Rd , Collaroy 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 29/09/2017
31 Tatiara Crescent , North Narrabeen 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 21/09/2017
6/9 Mactier Street , Narrabeen 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 20/09/2017
106/1348 Pittwater Road , Narrabeen 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 15/09/2017
203/1348 Pittwater Road , Narrabeen 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 14/09/2017
26 Weeroona Avenue , Elanora Heights 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 02/09/2017
27/11 Ocean Street , Narrabeen 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 02/09/2017
25 Alleyne Avenue , North Narrabeen 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 26/08/2017
46/26 Macpherson Street , Warriewood 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 28/07/2017
34/1337 Pittwater Road , Narrabeen 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 20/07/2017
1/17 Jenkins Street , Collaroy 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 13/07/2017
10 Riverine Court, Warriewood 5 Bedroom House
SOLD 17/06/2017
61/11 Ocean Street, Narrabeen 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 07/06/2017
31 Lakeview Parade, Warriewood 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 29/05/2017
2 Isla Place, Belrose 5 Bedroom House
SOLD 22/05/2017
2/32 Seabeach Avenue, Mona Vale 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 15/05/2017
207/12 Howard Avenue, Dee Why 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 15/05/2017
60/1337 Pittwater Road, Narrabeen 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 03/05/2017
1A Albert Street, Narrabeen 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 13/04/2017
27/9 Mallard Lane, Warriewood 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 31/03/2017
25/11 Ocean Street, Narrabeen 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 10/03/2017
7/1290 Pittwater Road , Narrabeen 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 15/02/2017
46/30 Macpherson Street , Warriewood 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 14/02/2017
1/35 Park Street , Narrabeen 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 06/02/2017
34/11 Ocean Street, Narrabeen 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 01/02/2017
7/13 Frazer Street, Collaroy 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 25/01/2017
45/79 Macpherson Street, Warriewood 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 14/12/2016
9/12 Mactier Street, Narrabeen 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 12/12/2016
10 Kookaburra Close, Bayview 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 09/12/2016
2/35 Park Street, Narrabeen 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 28/11/2016
1/6-8 Waterloo Street, Narrabeen 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 05/11/2016
41 Nareen Parade, North Narrabeen 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 10/09/2016
1/57 Seaview St, Balgowlah 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 31/08/2016
10/18 Darley Street, Mona Vale 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 31/08/2016
13/6-7 Funda Place , BROOKVALE 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 28/07/2016
150/79 Macpherson Street , WARRIEWOOD 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 01/07/2016
29/1 Funda Place , BROOKVALE 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 19/05/2016
1/6 Stuart Street, COLLAROY 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 14/05/2016
17 Hakea Drive , WARRIEWOOD 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 22/04/2016
2/2 Forest Road , WARRIEWOOD 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 21/04/2016
11/12 Mooramba Road , DEE WHY 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 29/03/2016
26/9 Mallard Lane, WARRIEWOOD 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 02/02/2016
63 Park Street, MONA VALE 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 27/01/2016
7/5 Carousel Close, CROMER 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 22/01/2016
54 Taiyul Road, NORTH NARRABEEN 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 19/12/2015
30/4-16 Kingsway, DEE WHY 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 07/12/2015
33 Quirk Street, DEE WHY 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 14/11/2015
13/1204 Pittwater Road, NARRABEEN 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 06/11/2015
2 Mount Pleasant Avenue , MONA VALE 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 10/10/2015
17/5 Carousel Close , CROMER 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 08/10/2015
3/9 Mactier Street, NARRABEEN 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 02/10/2015
207/20 Wellington Street, NARRABEEN 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 26/09/2015
18/1204 Pittwater Road, NARRABEEN 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 22/08/2015
2/1211 Pittwater Rd, COLLAROY 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 14/08/2015
9/14-16 Robertson Street, NARRABEEN 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 13/08/2015
8/1 Ramsay Street, COLLAROY 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 24/07/2015
27 Alleyne Avenue, NORTH NARRABEEN 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 18/07/2015
105/18 Ocean St , NARRABEEN 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 08/07/2015
5/13 Westminster Avenue , DEE WHY 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 17/06/2015
8/96 Ocean Street , NARRABEEN 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 12/06/2015
4/18 Mactier Street , NARRABEEN 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 10/06/2015
33 Heath Street , MONA VALE 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 06/06/2015
54 Powder Works Road , NORTH NARRABEEN 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 06/06/2015
21 Bayview Place , BAYVIEW 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 30/05/2015
21 Carawa Road, CROMER 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 06/05/2015
3/1630 Pittwater Road , MONA VALE 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 17/04/2015
13 Alexandra Crescent , BAYVIEW 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 11/04/2015
11/12-14 Clarke Street , NARRABEEN 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 02/04/2015
86A George Street , AVALON BEACH 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 28/03/2015
1/21 Fielding Street , COLLAROY 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 27/03/2015
3/7 Narrabeen Street , NARRABEEN 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 27/03/2015
2 Albemarle Street , NARRABEEN 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 11/03/2015
67 Park Street , MONA VALE 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 21/02/2015
4/1 Robertson Street, NARRABEEN 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 14/02/2015
19/5 Carousel Close , CROMER 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 06/02/2015
47/30 Macpherson Street , WARRIEWOOD 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 20/12/2014
9/153 Garden Street , WARRIEWOOD 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 21/11/2014
5/3 Grafton Crescent , DEE WHY 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 21/11/2014
20/5 Carousel Close , CROMER 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 07/11/2014
12/19-21 Clarke Street , NARRABEEN 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 24/10/2014
4A Kamilaroi Road, BAYVIEW 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 29/09/2014
17 Georgina Avenue , ELANORA HEIGHTS 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 15/09/2014
301/517 Pittwater Road, BROOKVALE 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 20/08/2014
2/1206 Pittwater Road, NARRABEEN 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 19/07/2014
6/3-7 Mactier Street, NARRABEEN 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 12/07/2014
3/6-8 Waterloo Street, NARRABEEN 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 25/06/2014
10/2-10 Jenkins Street, COLLAROY 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 05/06/2014
15/10 Minkara Road, BAYVIEW 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 02/06/2014
3/47-49 Elanora Road, ELANORA HEIGHTS 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 30/05/2014
6/42 Ocean Street, NARRABEEN 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 23/05/2014
1/14 Robertson Street, NARRABEEN 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 17/05/2014
11/10-12 Robertson Street, NARRABEEN 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 12/04/2014
6/2-6 Robertson Street, NARRABEEN 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 19/03/2014
1 Cedar Grove, FRENCHS FOREST 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 18/03/2014
41 Tatiara Crescent, NORTH NARRABEEN 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 28/02/2014
4/22 Hawkesbury Avenue, DEE WHY 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 11/12/2013
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We would like to thank you both for your efforts over the past weeks. We have been very pleased with the way you have conducted every phase of the marketing campaign and we are delighted with the outcome of the auction. - Peter

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