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Chris Gladman

Ballarat Property Group - Ballarat

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Customer Reviews

Being first time sellers, we had a lot of questions and uncertainty as to the process. This agent always presented well, explained everything clearly and showed an excellent work ethic. His attitude put our minds at ease that we were making the right decision and worked hard to get us a fantastic result. I would recommend this agent and the BPG team any day.
Reviewed by:
It was refreshing to find an honest and helpful agent. This agent's communication, effort, honesty and commitment both as a buyer and a vendor is second to none. I could not recommend him highly enough.
Reviewed by:
Thank you for making my first home buying experience wonderful. I will definitely use this agent's services again.
Reviewed by:
I am very happy with this agent. He is easy to talk to and extremely accommodating to our needs when selling a property. We would highly recommend.
Reviewed by:
This agent made the normally very stressful process of negotiating and buying very easy. He was always happy to help and very quick to respond to any queries we had and we seemed to have plenty. I would highly recommend this agent and Ballarat Property Group to both vendors and purchasers - thanks again for all your help.
Reviewed by:
This agent provided a great service. We commend this agent for his professionalism and we would highly recommend him to potential customers.
Reviewed by:
This agent enabled efficient and effective service in selling my property and I would recommend him highly to others.
Reviewed by:
Thanks for a great job by this agent. This agent showed tenacity and perseverance in the marketing of my property. He was very attentive to my needs yet of strong enough character to steer me back on track with pertinent advice when needed. I cannot fault his commitment and would recommend him highly to anyone in the real estate market.
Reviewed by:
This agent is an accountable agent. Our requests and enquiries dealt with to our satisfaction.
Reviewed by:
This agent has provided me with a seamless approach to selling this property where other agents of other real estate businesses have failed.
Reviewed by:
This agent is professional, has excellent market knowledge and delivers outstanding service. We would recommend this agent's services to anyone looking to buy or sell a property.
Reviewed by:
We were more than pleased dealing with this agent. He was very helpful and kept us up-to-date.
Reviewed by:
He was very helpful, kept us informed, was friendly and we had a great outcome.
Reviewed by:
I found this agent to be an extremely efficient, down to earth, honest person and would highly recommend him as an agent to anyone considering putting their home in the market.
Reviewed by:
All the team were very helpful.
Reviewed by:
This agent always has a positive attitude and is quick to respond to questions.
Reviewed by:
This agent was very approachable and was willing to help in any way he could to make sure that the transition went smoothly during the purchase of this property. At times, he went above and beyond to help. He was always friendly and respectful.
Reviewed by:
This agent did what seemed to be the impossible on multiple occasions. He was great to communicate with, with no need to be chased up at any stage, and was easy to talk to as a person not just not just as an agent. Wouldn't hesitate to use this agent again if I was to sell again.
Reviewed by:
Excellent communication, always keeping me informed. Didn't need to chase up for any update information. Extremely knowledgeable. Thanks to this agent for your service. You will be highly recommended for your knowledge, credibility, negotiations skills and the overall satisfaction.
Reviewed by:
This agent is down to earth and honest, very approachable and reliable. He always kept us updated and well-informed. Would recommend this agent.
Reviewed by:
We chose this agent as our selling agent after coming into contact with him whilst searching for a new property. He was always very approachable, professional and any questions or queries we had were always answered quickly and politely. This agent made selling our house stress and hassle-free as well as a quick result.
Reviewed by:
I was extremely happy with this agent as my agent with the recent sale of my home. This agent was professional, hardworking, had excellent communication skills and his honest as well as caring approach was always appreciated. I would not hesitate to recommend this agent to others when selling a house.
Reviewed by:
Naz and I were very pleased with the manner in which this agent and his colleagues conducted all transactions including sale and leasing arrangements. We were kept in the loop at all times and everything ran smoothly. A pity that you don't have an office in Melbourne.
Reviewed by:
I could not have had a better agent, very professional in every aspect, thank you.
Reviewed by:
Overall, we had a genuinely positive experience with this agent. He was honest and didn't try to sugar coat things like previous agents I have dealt with. Would recommend his services.
Reviewed by:
This agent was very professional in every aspect of our purchase, we would certainly recommend them.
Reviewed by:
I dealt with this agent on the sale of a house in Ballarat. The best way to describe this agent's service is exceptional. If all agents were like this agent, it would be heaven buying and selling property.
Reviewed by:
This agent was very professional and kept us informed of inspection feedback and marketing strategies without being pushy. He worked around our busy schedule and nothing was too much trouble. Great knowledge of the local market and very friendly and easy to talk to. Would highly recommend this agent to anyone who is thinking of selling their property.
Reviewed by:
This agent was a highly professional agent who accurately knew the market in the area. His communication skills were excellent and he communicated with us at every stage of the sale. He gave sound advice in the preparation of the property, right through the process to the signing of the contracts. His no pressure, friendly and helpful approach was greatly appreciated. I had complete confidence that he would sell our house quickly and at a good price and he delivered. I would highly recommend this agent to anyone looking to sell their house. A great agent.
Reviewed by:
Recently, I purchased my first home through this agent. He was in constant communication throughout the whole sale process and made my first experience a smooth one. I highly recommend this agent when selling or purchasing a property.
Reviewed by:
My wife and I had the pleasure of working with this agent as buyers. He explained the process clearly and he is very easy to talk to about any issues and concerns we had. I would highly recommend this agent in the future.
Reviewed by:
This agent was incredibly fast at gaining the information we needed to make a decision to list our home for sale. This agent already had a planned holiday less than a week after listing, so the team at Ballarat Property Group (BPG) continued to push forward to achieve a sale, that this agent was back to finalise a few days later. This agent and the team at BPG all worked so well together.
Reviewed by:
I am very happy to do this review for this agent who is a wonderful agent. He has done everything very well during the whole process when we purchased our land in Lucas. I really appreciate him for his performance and I recommend others to choose him as an agent. Thank you so much to this agent for everything you have done for us and sorry for the late response.
Reviewed by:
Thanks to this agent for making our sale happen they way we wanted it.
Reviewed by:
This agent exceeded my expectations with his communicate at every step of the sale. Even when he was on a well-deserved family holiday, I knew my property was still being worked on and received great feedback. I will be recommending this agent's expertise and professional, friendly manner to anyone looking to sell.
Reviewed by:
The decision to sell was stressful for us as we are living in Canberra and were reluctant to sell but needed to do so. This agent was extremely professional in all his dealings with us but was also jovial and easy going to deal with. He made this sale as smooth as possible for us, kept us updated on everything that was happening and gave us very good advice all through the process. It really became a less stressful experience due to this agent's personal skills and market knowledge. We certainly have great pleasure in recommending him to anyone selling property in the Ballarat area.
Reviewed by:
We interviewed five different agencies prior to selecting this agent who came out on top for all the criteria regarding the best agent to sell our property. This agent's most outstanding feature was the genuine regard and respect he had for both us as vendors, as well as for all the potential buyers. This really impressed us. All parties need to have a good experience to get optimal results. This agent had a very well-articulated, ethical approach to the Real Estate sales process. We really liked the sales model this agent used which was consistent with BPG's ethical approach. The advertised price range of the property reflected the true market value, which made good sense to us, and meant no unfortunate surprises for buyers down the track. This agent was very knowledgeable about house values, market trends and buyer behaviour. This agent was creative and tireless with the marketing strategies to sell the property. Buyer follow-up is one of this agent's great strengths - and he was never pushy. This agent had the backup of the whole team of agents at BPG, hence access to a large number of potential buyers, and a great collaborative teamwork approach between all of the agents. We were not always around to prepare the house for the Open for Inspections so this agent or one of his colleagues, would be there well in advance to set it up for us - a terrific service. BPG has very competitive commission rates and in our case there was also a 'No sale, No pay' arrangement other than standard advertising costs. This was of great comfort at the beginning as we didn't know quite what to expect but as time went on, we realised that there was no way that this agent wasn't going to work extremely hard to sell the property within our indicative price range. All the above is true. We are very happy vendors and the buyer is too. This agent, the buyer and us are going to share a glass of bubbles, when the new owner has finished moving in. What a great recommendation for this agent's capability and service.
Reviewed by:
On our first meeting with this agent, we instantly liked his friendly personality, he was very professional straight to the point no mucking around which I found most accommodating for us as we have no time for playing games. The follow-up was exceptional as this agent never kept us waiting and always going the extra mile to answer any questions we have had along the way which has lead to us having a very enjoyable experience purchasing our new home. Thank you so much to this agent and we look forward to following your success with the green team.
Reviewed by:
This agent is an absolute gem. He never fails to return your text or phone call. He would fit into my schedule not the other way round. Professional all the way. It was more like dealing with a friend. Thanks for making my selling and purchase easy and stress-free. Would definitely recommend this agent and Ballarat Property Group to anyone.
Reviewed by:
I would like to thank this agent for his honesty and openness and his communication in relation to not just our purchased property but others we have viewed. This agent has excelled himself and represented Ballarat Property Group to a high standard.
Reviewed by:
Both my wife and I have found this agent to be one of the best of the many agents we have dealt with over the last couple of years whilst searching for our new home. He has presented us with a host of homes to consider that have been within our price range and specifications. I am sure we have frustrated him on many occasions with our requirements that have changed during the search period. This agent has always acted in a professional, considerate and caring manner. We would highly recommend him to anybody as an agent that will provide only the best service available to prospective home buyers.
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Recently Sold Properties

121 Stawell Street North, BALLARAT EAST 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 07/06/2016
12 Patricia Court, INVERMAY PARK 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 07/06/2016
11 Lewis Avenue, MOUNT HELEN 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 21/05/2016
119 Yarrowee Street, SEBASTOPOL 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 18/05/2016
11 Zora Court, SEBASTOPOL 5 Bedroom House
SOLD 16/05/2016
3 Brookside Drive, MOUNT CLEAR 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 15/05/2016
101 Moss Avenue, MOUNT HELEN 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 13/05/2016
228 Grant Street, GOLDEN POINT 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 02/05/2016
802 Macarthur Street, BALLARAT CENTRAL 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 28/04/2016
1117 Grevillea Road, WENDOUREE 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 05/04/2016
2/634 Eureka Street, BALLARAT EAST 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 04/04/2016
Lot 201/420 Greenhalghs Road, DELACOMBE 4 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 30/03/2016
50 Oakbank Drive, MOUNT HELEN 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 22/03/2016
211 Whitelaw Avenue, DELACOMBE 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 24/02/2016
204 Barkly Street, BAKERY HILL 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 15/02/2016
5/910 Lydiard Street North, BALLARAT NORTH 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 15/02/2016
24 Ashwood Gardens Drive, MITCHELL PARK 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 12/02/2016
6 Ryeland Court, ALFREDTON 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 08/02/2016
183 Walker Street, SEBASTOPOL 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 02/02/2016
118 Hickman Street, BALLARAT 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 26/01/2016
31 Malmesbury Street, WENDOUREE 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 21/01/2016
222 Kline Street, EUREKA 0 Bedroom Land
SOLD 21/12/2015
79 Yarrowee Street, SEBASTOPOL 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 16/12/2015
2 Gumdale Place, SEBASTOPOL 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 20/11/2015
4 Moonlight Court, BLACK HILL 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 20/11/2015
10 Clayton Park Drive, CANADIAN 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 12/11/2015
224 Yarrowee Parade, BALLARAT 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 19/10/2015
12 Redford Drive, WENDOUREE 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 16/10/2015
13 Stockade Street, BALLARAT EAST 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 01/10/2015
15 Anderson Street East, BALLARAT CENTRAL 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 24/09/2015
36 Kirby Avenue, CANADIAN 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 09/09/2015
37 Midlands Drive, BALLARAT NORTH 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 31/08/2015
10/145 Grant Street, SEBASTOPOL 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 28/08/2015
15 Parkside Road, DELACOMBE 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 10/08/2015
9 Shaftesbury Avenue, DELACOMBE 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 31/07/2015
80 Alfredton Drive, ALFREDTON 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 29/07/2015
28 Amana Drive, ALFREDTON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 30/06/2014
15 Anthony Crescent, SEBASTOPOL 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 24/06/2014
28 Anderson Street, BALLARAT CENTRAL 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 28/05/2014
2 Baird Street, BALLARAT 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 26/05/2014
Lot 24 Grant Place, SEBASTOPOL 0 Bedroom House
SOLD 01/05/2014
56 Daly Drive, LUCAS 0 Bedroom Land

Properties Sold

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All time: 42

Last 3 months: 0

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We would like to thank you both for your efforts over the past weeks. We have been very pleased with the way you have conducted every phase of the marketing campaign and we are delighted with the outcome of the auction. - Peter

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