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Real Estate Agents in Regional NSW

New South Wales is a whole lot more than just Sydney, and just over the Great Dividing Range lies plenty of laid-back towns packed with character, just waiting for you to discover them. In fact, Regional NSW accounts for 40% of the state's population and has booming agricultural, mining and manufacturing industries. With a population of more then 2,628,999, regional NSW covers almost 800,00 sq km. Regional NSW covers a range of geography and climate, from the humid coast in the North, the semi-arid desert in the west and the alpine peaks and sheep belt of the South. The NSW government has recently announced commitments to boost infrastructure in the region, as well as supporting local jobs and the tourism sector.

Real estate agent fees in Regional NSW

Many people do not realise that real estate agent fees are not set in stone. As there are currently no national guidelines governing real estate agent fees, commission rates and structures are often negotiable. Using a tiered commission rate can be a great way to achieve a better sale price.

The average real estate agent commission in Regional New South Wales currently sits at 2.78%, which is slightly above the national average. A lower rate, however, may not include marketing and advertising costs, so be sure to discuss what’s regarded as inclusive in your agent’s commission rate.


Top agents in Regional NSW

Openagent has analysed 13777 property sales within Regional New South Wales to help you find the most successful real estate agents in the area to help you sell your home. With 1365 on 248 real estate agents, we make it easy to make an informed decision when choosing a real estate agent to represent you and your property. Below are Regional NSW’s recipients of OpenAgent’s Home Sellers Choice Awards, having received recognition for their best-in-class customer service and impressive sales results.

Brian Phegan

Reviews in the last 12 months: 9

Brian Phegan - Home Seller Choice Awards Winner

Brian Phegan recently sold a 3 bedroom apartment at 3/546 Kotthoff Street, NSW 2641 Lavington

David Winton

Reviews in the last 12 months: 7

David Winton - Home Seller Choice Awards Winner

David Winton recently sold a 0 bedroom land at 449 Rodeo Drive, NSW 2447 Wirrimbi

Richard Rossiter

Reviews in the last 12 months: 5

Richard Rossiter - Home Seller Choice Awards Winner

Richard Rossiter recently sold a 3 bedroom house at 1 Tichborne Crescent, NSW 2650 Kooringal

Michael Harris

Reviews in the last 12 months: 4

Michael Harris - Home Seller Choice Awards Winner

Michael Harris recently sold a 2 bedroom house at 36 Wells Street, NSW 2042 Newtown

Melissa Kuiper

Reviews in the last 12 months: 3

Melissa Kuiper - Home Seller Choice Awards Winner

Melissa Kuiper recently sold a 3 bedroom house at 190 Lake Albert Road, NSW 2650 Kooringal

Brad O'Mara

Reviews in the last 12 months: 3

Brad O'Mara - Home Seller Choice Awards Winner

Brad O'Mara recently sold a 3 bedroom house at 122 Cooma Street, NSW 2620 Karabar

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Regional NSW property market

With Sydney taking a big hit to its property market in the last 12 months, regional areas have all but bucked the trend, holding steady through the nationwide slump. Larger regional centres such as Dubbo and Bathurst have achieved above-average growth; however, investors should be wary that when urban prices bounce back, regional NSW may suffer.

For the time being, houses in rural areas have allowed first home buyers an entry-level option, and investors continue to enjoy low-risk ventures with opportunistic returns.

What’s it like living in Regional NSW?

Getting out of the big smoke means peace and quiet in tighter-knit communities, with often more affordable real estate and cost of living. To the west of Sydney, sits Bathurst, a major regional centre and the oldest of inland Australia. Built around the gold rush in the mid-1800s, Bathurst is currently a destination for agriculture, motorsport and education. West of Bathurst is the heart of NSW, a region known as the Great Western Plains, characterised by vast open plains, rock formations and volcanic mountains.

The centre of the Western Plains is Dubbo, a major centre and home to the famous Taronga Western Plains Zoo - so large it's offers more of a safari experience than that of a zoo. Further west is outback territory, the earth is red and the sun hot, with Bourke often depicted an outpost of the desert. North is Lightning Ridge, an eccentric opal mining town with a lot of history to tell.

Regional NSW is not all scorching hot desert. To the south, there lies many cooler country towns, known for fantastic local produce and historic charm. The Snowy Mountains region is one of NSW's main tourism attractions and features Australia's tallest point, Kosciusko Mountain. The surrounding areas are packed with tourists during the winter who flock to the town of Jindabyne to access the Perisher and Thredbo ski fields. Regional NSW has so much to offer that it dares you to go and get a little lost.