Understanding the property selling process

While the approach to selling a property varies from home to home, there are some key steps in the process that virtually stay the same. Once you’ve spoken to agents and when you choose the one that you’d like to work with, the typical steps of selling your property from that point forward include: Understanding […]Read more >

How to compare marketing proposals, sales methods and listing agreements

When you interview and compare real estate agents, some will give you different marketing proposals and sales methods than others. What is the best way to compare them? When you choose an exclusive agent, you will have to sign a listing agreement. What do you need to know about listing agreements? Marketing proposals, sales methods […]Read more >

How to structure an agent agreement so they work harder for you

When you choose a real estate agent, you will have to sign an agency agreement. The agreement is a legally binding contract. All agreements are negotiable. Don’t sign an agent agreement until you understand the terms of the agreement and feel the terms are fair and work to your advantage. Terms of an agent agreement […]Read more >

How to compare property appraisals

When you meet with shortlisted agents, they will typically give your property an appraisal and suggest a listing price. While each agent will give you an appraisal, what they value your home at may be different. If the difference in appraisal price is slight, then that’s a good indication that the appraisals are fairly accurate. […]Read more >

Preparing for your first meeting with an agent: what you need to know

You want to sell your home. The first step is to interview a real estate agent. Ideally, you shouldn’t stop with just one. If you interview three or more real estate agents, you’ll be able to compare them more effectively and choose one who is a good fit with you and your property. What do […]Read more >

How much should your agent tell you when selling your property?

Communication is important in any relationship, no more so than with your real estate agent. Why? Because the more effectively you communicate with them, the more successful your whole  experience is likely to be. But if you haven’t sold property or dealt with an agent before it is difficult to know how often you will […]Read more >

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