Real estate in Hobart

Real Estate Agents in Hobart

There are over 1022 agents in over 270 agencies in Hobart. Kingston is one of the most popular suburbs in the city with competition between over 1104 agents, this represents a significant portion of the 5838 properties sold every year in Hobart.

Real estate agent fees in Hobart

For the first time in many years, Hobart is experiencing a period of growth when it comes to its real estate market, but the average commission rate of 2.96% is one of the highest in Australia.

Compared to other capital cities, where agents generally charge anywhere between 2 and 2.5 percent, it's clear that Hobart's commission is a lot higher than the national average.

In a property market where real estate fees are high, it's important to do your research to not only find the best agent for you, but to really understand what's up for negotiation. In saying that, it's also important not to settle for any Hobart agent just because their fees are lower. Take the time to understand their track record and what they can really offer you; by doing this you're more likely to find a top Hobart agent who works hard for your best interests. It's this approach that will get you a higher sale price once your property is on the market.


Hobart property market

While not as large or impactful as some of our mainland capital cities, Hobart's still packs a punch. Due to a stronger state government and a more diversified economy strongly supported by Hobart's burgeoning tourism and arts industry, the real estate market has been growing at a steady pace. Interstate migration is also helping to boost Tasmania's median house and unit prices, with rental vacancy rates also on the way down.

As a result of a better performing state government and a more diversified economy, the median house and unit price in Tasmania has, in recent years, been growing at a steady upward trend. Vacancy rates have also dramatically dropped and demand has far outgrown supply in many areas. Not only does this represent a good foundation for growth, but it also represents promising returns for potential investors.

What’s it like living in Hobart?

Over the past ten years, Hobart has reemerged as one of Australia's most popular cultural destinations. Apart from its growing food and wine scene, the city is also home to thriving markets and a burgeoning music scene. In fact, plenty of creatives are making the move south to call Hobart their home - and it's not hard to see why with the likes of the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) driving a strong culture of artistic expression. You only need to look at the museum's annual festival Dark Mofo, which draws in international and interstate crowds

One of the biggest advantages of living in a place like Hobart is its lower barriers to entry when it comes to the housing market. The city has a diverse range of properties, from old renovated miners cottages through to modern apartments and the heritage listed properties of Battery Point that are reminiscent of the kinds of homes you'd see in a seaside English town. The lower median houses means you can get more bang for your buck in comparison to places like Sydney and Melbourne, and enjoy a relatively simple and laid-back lifestyle to boot. Traffic jams in Hobart are largely unheard of so for a change you might actually enjoy your commute to and from work.