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There are over 5925 agents in over 1764 agencies in Perth. Baldivis is one of the most popular suburbs in the city with competition between over 498 agents, this represents a significant portion of the 13301 properties sold every year in Perth.
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Perth OpenAgent Seller Sentiment

The state of property markets across the major metros of Australia looks very different at the end of 2017 than it did at the start of the year. Back in Q1, Sydney and Melbourne were riding big positive sentiment with index values over +6. Sydney has gone a totally different direction to Melbourne since then, with a Q4 index value of +2.8 versus Melbourne’s +5.6.

Adelaide has the most impressive positive sentiment trend among the capitals, with index values rising from +3.4 in Q2 to +4.5 in Q4.  Brisbane dropped from +4.8 in Q1 to a low of +3.8 in Q3 before recovering somewhat to +4.1 in Q4.

Finally, Perth appeared to have turned a corner in Q3 with an index of +1.2, only to drop back to +0.3 in Q4. So at the end of 2017, with the exception of Perth, the other metros have realigned on their relative sentiment, leaving much uncertainty about where prices will go in 2018.

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Real estate agent fees in Perth

In Perth, the average real estate commission rate is 2.48%. However, commission rates aren't regulated and are instead set by individual agents. This means, they will vary from suburb to suburb. In Fremantle, for example, the average rate sits at 2.63%, while in Armadale, the average is 2.73%.

Bear in mind, every agent will also structure their commissions differently. Some will have a fixed rate, while others may have a tiered rate. Not only that, but some real estate agents will include the marketing and advertising expenses in their fee, while others don’t. It’s different for every property and for every real estate transaction.

That’s why, it’s fundamental to negotiate with your agent the terms and conditions of your agreement. Commission rates are flexible and are made to cater to a plethora of different sales.


Top real estate agents in Perth

Over 13301 properties that have recently been sold within the last 12 months have been evaluated by OpenAgent to identify Perth's leading real estate agents.. We have 3037 reviews on 494 different agents to help you make the most informed choice when choosing a real estate agent to sell your home in this region.

Below are some of Perth's award winning agents. They are the recipients of OpenAgent’s Home Sellers Choice Awards, recognised for their excellent customer service and outstanding sale results.

Glen Newland recently sold a 3 bedroom house at 9 Tarata Way, WA 6058 Forrestfield

Josh Brockhurst recently sold a 3 bedroom house at 10 Oakfield Gardens, WA 6167 Parmelia

Simon Mills recently sold a 4 bedroom house at 95 Ewart Street, WA 6056 Midland

Soulla Semple recently sold a 4 bedroom house at 1 Platypus Parkway, WA 6164 Beeliar

Harley Burke recently sold a 3 bedroom house at 54 Nalpa Way, WA 6023 Duncraig

Elizabeth Good recently sold a 3 bedroom house at 293 Lord Street, WA 6063 Beechboro

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Perth property market

With the end of the mining boom, it’s no secret that Perth’s property market has significantly slowed down in recent years. The negative migration and population growth has seen an oversupply of properties and a limited amount of buyers and tenants to balance out demand. Because of this, investors are not as abundant as they are in other capital cities, such as Melbourne or Sydney. This has made Western Australia the state with the highest proportion of first home buyers.

It’s not all gloom and doom, however, as certain pockets of areas still have activity, including purchases from first home owners, upsizers, international buyers and local investors.

What’s it like living in Perth?

If you’re a lover of gorgeous beaches, good wine, great food and glorious weather, Perth might be the city for you. In terms of lifestyle, it has to be one of the most laid-back capital cities in Australia.

So naturally, it wouldn’t be the best choice for those who love the hustle and bustle of city life. Perth is regularly ranked amongst the world’s most liveable cities. With its idyllic climate and average of 131 blue-skied days per year, it’s easy to see why. Conde Nast Traveller even referred to Perth as “Australia’s rising star,” and come to think of it, it's rising in more ways than one, thanks to the city skyline continuing to shoot upwards with an array of inner-city developments.

Some say Perth has become a ghost-town post mining boom, but with lower barriers to entry in the housing market, we have to disagree - what's transpired is a clear buyers market, especially for first home buyers and young families.

When it comes down to it, Perth is the kind of city that nails work-life balance. From a tower in Perth’s CBD you can have ocean views and within 10 minutes you could be enjoying a meal or after-work drink by the ocean. Not to mention the world-class surfing and snorkelling within an hour’s distance. Does Perth have it all? Any seasoned surfer or wine connoisseur might think so, with the famous Margaret River being accessible within a 3 hour drive. We'll cheers to that.