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    Having recently decided to relocate overseas, we faced the daunting task of selling our house from abroad. Much to our relief we had engaged this agent and Janet at R&W as our agents. Throughout the process, we were constantly impressed by the level of integrity, professionalism and compassion that resounded from the whole R&W team. This agent’s knowledge of the local market, Janet’s attention to detail in the presentation of the property and the collective importance that R&W place on the client-agent relationship were second to none. By placing total faith in this agent and Janet, we were rewarded with them finding us short-term tenants, who as it turned out were awaiting settlement on another R&W property as they too were relocating. The mutual benefit that was brought to both parties by the R&W team stands as further testament to the exemplary level of service extended to all of R&W’s clients, buyers or sellers alike. Reflecting upon our experience the decision to engage R&W was one of the wisest we have ever made. The team are consummate professionals who provide a uniquely personalised and assuring service that extends well beyond the norm. We have no hesitations in recommending R&W to anyone wishing to buy or sell in Armidale, particularly if you are seeking an agent who is not only caring and involved but also has your best interests at heart. Many thanks for everything.
    Review by Chris and Lizi for Peter Cooke from Richardson & Wrench
    Richardson and Wrench Armidale recently sold my property. Not an easy one to sell, this property is unusual, gorgeous, but not for the faint-hearted buyer. I have never before encountered the like of Janet and this agent and I have dealt with many a real estate agent in my past. Janet and this agent inspire trust, they are open and generous with their advice and recommendations. They take justifiable pride in their profession and their professionalism. They are realistic in their valuations, they ensure that any potential buyer has been properly credentialed. Richardson and Wrench's other great strength is their personal approach, they seek and attain an understanding of their client and the clients needs. They have a personal and genuine interest in achieving the best outcomes for all parties. They are great people, displaying in all their dealings a great level of honesty and integrity, they are to be trusted. And as for Tiffany, what can I say, what a women. I cannot recommend Richardson and Wrench Armidale highly enough.
    Review by Annette M. for Peter Cooke from Richardson & Wrench
    We would like to thank Richardson and Wrench for their great work on the sale of our house. Once we made the decision to switch to R &W we were certain we had made a good decision. Their professional touch and attitude was clearly going to give us a winning edge, and two weeks later the house was sold. The lesson for other sellers, who feel their first choice of agent may not be the best, is change. We couldn't have been happier with our result and with the professionalism of R&W. So a heartfelt thank you must go to this agent, Janet and staff for their efforts.
    Review by Jen & Ronnie for Peter Cooke from Richardson & Wrench
    You treated me like a person from Day 1. With competence, respect and quiet humour you patiently answered my (many) questions and offered me frank, fearless and well-informed advice throughout the sale of my home.
    Review by Stacey W. for Peter Cooke from Richardson & Wrench
    We have known the staff at Richardson & Wrench for a number of years now. My wife and I first came to know them through the purchase an investment property in Armidale. Our experience with this agent and Janet Cooke has been wonderful. They were very focused on our needs and were mindful of both our financial requirements and property aspirations. As we build on our professional relationship and friendship, I have learnt a lot about what is important to this agent and Janet. I appreciate their integrity, which I value highly. My wife and I are always confident to accept any advice they offer, which is not only sensitive to our needs but also well informed and dependable. They are amazing in helping us build our property portfolio by knowing their market and our specific requirements. Some time ago, Janet told us about their fantastic Property Manager, Tiffany Frazer and how professional she is. I listened once again to their recommendations about how well-organised she is in maintaining their tenancy roll. I was immediately persuaded to sign up and transfer my properties over to her. To say the least, I have never looked back. Tiffany is incredibly talented, professional and also personable. My wife and I trust her implicitly and we have never been let down. Our properties couldn't be in better hands. I cannot speak highly enough of this agent, Janet and Tiffany along with the amazing team at Richardson & Wrench Armidale.
    Review by Wayne & Hazel P. for Peter Cooke from Richardson & Wrench
    We are delighted with our experience with Richardson and Wrench. This agent and Janet were helpful, realistic and highly professional. Our house was not an easy one to put a price on and their research was thorough and promptly presented, which resulted in the house selling quickly and with no problems or issues. We would highly recommend the team at Richardson and Wrench to anyone looking to list a house.
    Review by Coenraad and Lesley M. for Peter Cooke from Richardson & Wrench
    Young Life would like to thank Richardson and Wrench Armidale for helping us to find the perfect new home for our work in the community. They understood our needs and found us the ideal location. It will enable our organisation to flourish into the future. The Team at R&W walked with us through a long negotiation and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thank you to this agent and Janet Cooke and the rest of the team at R&W.
    Review by Brendan H. for Peter Cooke from Richardson & Wrench
    We needed to sell our house in Armidale. It was in a very attractive area and had many excellent features. Yet over three months we had, despite visitors, no offers- not even a nibble. A close friend strongly urged several times that we change agents and ask this agent and Janet Cooke of Richardson and Wrench to sell it. We resisted this for some time as we had always had a good relationship with our agent and hesitated to give offense. Anyway, perhaps no one was buying at that time. Finally we asked this agent and Janet to take us on. They got down to business straight away. After a detailed, considered and sensible valuation from this agent, we had a truly dynamic publicity campaign with some excellent professionally executed photos. Suddenly, there was a dramatic increase in interested visitors and for the first time we had some offers. The Cookes clearly had valuable and interested clients and not just in Armidale. Within a relatively short time the house was sold at the previously agreed valuation price. I cannot emphasize enough how impressed we were with the care, energy and advice that Janet and this agent displayed. They were in constant contact with us regarding developments - always keeping our expectations realistic and never hesitating to give advice about the house’s appearance where necessary. They are very experienced, innovative and good with public relations. A quite excellent team producing an excellent result.
    Review by Chris & Judith for Peter Cooke from Richardson & Wrench
    This agent and Janet and their team at R & W approached the sale of our home with admirable professionalism. We were impressed at their marketing approach, they kept us informed throughout, the property sold quickly and we were very happy with the price obtained. This agent and Janet had a very sensitive understanding of our needs as well as the needs of the purchaser. As vendors we were quickly formed a very positive and comfortable relationship with the agents and, at all times, felt they were working in our interests. All of our expectations were met. We have no hesitation in recommending this agent and Janet to others.
    Review by Ann and John M. for Peter Cooke from Richardson & Wrench
    We would like to thank this agent and all his staff for their help in the sale of our property. We have been buying and selling properties for many years and this is the first time we have been kept informed about what was going on during the sale period. This information was found to be valuable for us, as this agent was contacting us with their every move. This agent and his staff at Richardson & Wrench come with the highest recommendation we can give.
    Review by William & Rosemary P. for Peter Cooke from Richardson & Wrench
    Thank you so much for selling our home. It was not an easy one to sell being an Armidale Blue Brick and part of Armidale's heritage. Janet, you made yourself available in person and by phone almost 24/7 which no other agent would consider doing. There were some trying and frustrating times. We would like you to know how much you were appreciated. You both take pride in your profession and give advice and recommendations when needed. Your dedication is to be envied by all other agents. We came to be a family. Janet, you are a gem. Anyone who wants to sell their home could look no further than Richardson & Wrench. We highly recommend them for their honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. Many thanks.
    Review by Les & Ann S. for Peter Cooke from Richardson & Wrench
    Richardson and Wrench are honest, reliable agents with great knowledge and offer that personal touch.
    Review by for Peter Cooke from Richardson & Wrench

Recent Sold Properties From Richardson & Wrench - Armidale

    28 Norris Drive, Armidale 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 09/11/2017
    148 Mann Street, Armidale 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 07/11/2017
    148 Mann Street, Armidale 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 07/11/2017
    3 Mccarthy Crescent , Armidale 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 22/09/2017
    3 Mccarthy Crescent, Armidale 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 22/09/2017
    22 Golden Grove , Armidale 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 17/09/2017
    22 Golden Grove, Armidale 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 17/09/2017
    18 Catherine Street, Armidale 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 25/08/2017
    18 Catherine Street, Armidale 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 25/08/2017
    13 Wendo Street, Armidale 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 24/07/2017