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Belle Property Surry Hills has 0 agent listed on OpenAgent. Over the last 12 months, they have received 4 verified reviews and have sold 104 properties in the Surry Hills area.

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    Excellent feed back, good advice and very approachable.
    Review by for Mark Foy from Belle Property
    This was my first time selling and it felt overwhelming knowing which agency to choose. I'd interviewed a few agents who were all clearly smart and successful but I was drowning in pie charts and sales spin. In walked this agent, the last interview for the day and his calm but focused demeanour was instantly refreshing. His presentation was factual but warm and relatable about what he could achieve. No big noting of himself and interestingly he didn't put down any other Agencies - even when given the opportunity, instead explaining what he could achieve and how he'd go about it. During the month long campaign, this same good character with high standards has shone through. All the other Agents (except this agent) kept asking me 'What do I want in an Agent'? I found this a ridiculous question because it is self-evident. I want someone to sell my unit for as much money as possible and be pleasant about it during the process. What I have appreciated is that this agent has been in the driver's seat anticipating what I need - not me having to articulate to him. By nature I'm fairly highly strung and not above micro managing which ultimately increases my stress, but this agent would remind me that he and his Agency were taking care of things because that's what they do - and boy they sure did. They attended to needs and errands I didn't even know I needed help with. Although at no time was I leaned on or pressured or influenced. Just given facts and guidance at every stage. No manipulation or game playing. It's been an unexpected refreshing experience as most people, and rightly so, are highly wary about Estate Agents. If you want a very real, down to earth but highly tenacious Agent, this agent is definitely the person for you.
    Review by for Mark Foy from Belle Property

Recent Sold Properties From Belle Property - Surry Hills

    911/133 Goulburn Street , Surry Hills 2 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 19/09/2017
    48/153 George Street, Redfern 2 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 18/08/2017
    48/153 George Street , Redfern 2 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 18/08/2017
    22 Morehead Street, Redfern 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 17/08/2017
    752 Elizabeth Street, Waterloo 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 12/08/2017
    752 Elizabeth Street, Waterloo 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 12/08/2017
    14/1 Pelican Street , Surry Hills 2 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 05/08/2017
    4/47 Buckingham Street, Surry Hills 2 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 01/08/2017
    1/20 Royston Street, Darlinghurst 2 Bedroom House
    SOLD 28/07/2017
    263 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst 6 Bedroom House
    SOLD 26/07/2017