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    Very professional, had network of ready investors. Easy to deal with.
    Review by for Donna Mills Properties from Elders
    I was very happy with his professionalism & knowledge of the area, my house sold within 2 months so would definitely recommend this agent.
    Review by for Nathan Strudwick from Elders
    This agent has assisted me in one of my recent purchases. Due to my busy work schedule and commitments, this agent has been able to accommodate around this to suit me. She is professional, punctual and very knowledgeable as she is able to answer any queries I may have. She has always followed up with me ensuring that I have a peace of mind. By doing so, she has made it a much easier experience for myself. She has gone above and beyond and definitely, exceeded my expectations as a customer. I would be recommending her to any friends or relatives in the future whether buying, selling or renting property.
    Review by Raymond Chung for Sharnelle James from Elders
    This agent has a strong local connection & knowledge of the area & this showed from the beginning. This agent was extremely helpful & thorough throughout the entire selling process & worked hard to get the result I was after & went the extra mile to get a quick sale while keeping me calm & remaining professional. Would definitely call on this agent & Kylie again if selling in the future.
    Review by for Sharnelle James from Elders
    He was very professional, he had a good team behind him. He had very good communication. Everything was explained, he told us what we needed to know to sell the property. The whole process was stress-free.
    Review by for Nathan Strudwick from Elders
    Great agent, straight to the point. Property was sold within 3 weeks.
    Review by for Nathan Strudwick from Elders
    Very professional and compassionate. Always keeping me updated with open house results. Good advice.
    Review by for Nathan Strudwick from Elders
    She did a great job and went above and beyond to help us sell, found her to be honest and reliable.
    Review by for Sharnelle James from Elders
    If you are looking for a quality real estate agent who is professional, honest and reliable then contact this agent. I have had numerous dealings with this agent over a period of 11 years when both buying and selling my homes. Throughout this time, this agent has always been my first and only person to contact. Her knowledge of the area along with her integrity, communication and negotiation skills makes her a first-class agent. More recently, I contacted this agent with a brief of what I was looking for and within 24 hours she had organised 9 properties for me to view, one of which I purchased on the day. I was very specific as to my requirements and she met the mark as she listened to what I wanted. This agent listens to her clients and understands what you are saying. If you are looking to buy or sell a property you can contact this agent confident in the knowledge that she will get the job done. Thanks to this agent for all of your help and as always, I'll be in touch next time I'm ready to hit the property market.
    Review by for Sharnelle James from Elders
    This agent is a brilliant agent. No messing around. Upfront, honest but friendly. Happy to do what she can. Her honesty and upfront approved was refreshing.
    Review by for Sharnelle James from Elders
    This agent would have to be one of the best Real Estate agents that I have ever dealt with. I initially called this agent requesting information on purchasing an investment property. This agent immediately went into fact finding mode and asked me the pertinent questions so as to hone in on my exact needs. Within weeks, this agent had found me exactly what I was looking for. She negotiated for me and we agreed to a price and have since settled. I found this agent to be pleasant, courteous and above all a great communicator. She went the extra mile to ascertain what I wanted and then delivered. I would thoroughly recommend this agent as an agent who understands and doesn't stop until the job is done.
    Review by for Sharnelle James from Elders
    I would definitely use this agent again for any sale or purchase. She had amazing professionalism and was very approachable. We didn't feel like there were any games being played out in the background as is often the case when dealing with real estate agents. She was gave us realistic feedback regarding price range and was prompt with all timeframes. Again, highly recommend her.
    Review by for Sharnelle James from Elders
    This agent was easy to deal with, answering our many queries and going out of her way to accommodate our requests. We would highly recommend her if you are selling as she gets the job done in a pleasant and professional manner.
    Review by for Sharnelle James from Elders
    From our very first dealing with this agent, we found her to be prompt and extremely helpful. She went above and beyond expectations with any enquiry that we had regarding the purchase of our new home (even offering to help us paint one of our walls - who can beat that) I would highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling a property. I am so glad that we had someone as kind as this agent to help with our purchase. It made our experience of buying our first home much more enjoyable and stress-free.
    Review by for Sharnelle James from Elders
    This agent followed through till the end and sold out town very quickly.
    Review by for Sharnelle James from Elders
    Thanks to this agent for all the effort and time you have put towards on selling all our blocks. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that is selling property. You are the best.
    Review by Deb for Sharnelle James from Elders
    The best smooth transition from one to the next on the same day. Thanks to this agent for your invaluable assistance.
    Review by for Sharnelle James from Elders
    I had my property on the market with another agent for 5 months with little communication, no genuine offers, I believed them when they gave me whatever excuses they provided on why the property wasn't selling. I finally went with this agent & the property was sold within 6 weeks. She kept me informed every step of the way, multiple offers & this agent probably would have sold it earlier but there were complications on my behalf, which this agent also helped me with. I have never sold any property before now & I found this agent extremely honest, informative & professional. I STRONGLY recommend this agent to anyone who is looking or selling. Thank you so much for all your help & advice & if I'm ever in the position to buy again, this agent is the only person I would contact. Contact her, you won't regret it.
    Review by for Sharnelle James from Elders
    We are more than satisfied with the way this agent handled the whole procedure from listing to selling all our properties and rank her 10 out of 10. It is a pleasure getting to know her and dealing with her and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a property. Thanks for all your support and great work.
    Review by for Donna Mills Properties from Elders
    Fantastic, helpful and the team really works well together.
    Review by for Donna Mills Properties from Elders
    This agent did an amazing job. A real professional. Treats everyone with respect and is always there to answer the phone.
    Review by for Nathan Strudwick from Elders
    This agent doesn't beat around the bush. You've hired him to sell your biggest asset and that's what he'll do. Thanks for a quick no hassles sale for a record price in the area.
    Review by Kirsten Thorne for John Jessop from Elders
    This agent sold out our project at Daisy Hill, we continue to use this agent on our next project in Daisy Hill. I found this agent to be extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of our project not just the real estate market. This agent went further than other agents that we have used in the past and provided great advice which resulted in a superior service. I never had to call this agent to chase him up about anything. I would highly recommend this agent and his Elders team.
    Review by Edward Moore for John Jessop from Elders
    I a very happy with this agent and his personal attention to the sale of my property. Successfully sold at auction and achieved a pleasing result.
    Review by Steve Thompson for John Jessop from Elders
    I found this agent to be a pleasant person to deal with. He is always happy to go the extra mile to make the process easier and convenient.
    Review by Nigel and Jay for John Jessop from Elders
    I met this agent as an agent when I first brought the property and this agent was the agent who I also used to sell my property. He has always been professional, polite and easy to get along with and negotiated well on my behalf. So if you are looking for the right person to sell your property, I would highly recommend this agent for the job.
    Review by Nick Beutel for John Jessop from Elders
    It was a real pleasure having Ben Ive sell my property, he was professional and friendly at all times and we achieved a great result. I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to sell their property.
    Review by Janine Brown for John Jessop from Elders
    I would like to sincerely thank this agent from Elders for the incredible result he achieved in selling my investment property at Graceville. He managed to facilitate a purchase with record expectations - all within 30 days. This agent yielded a cash contract, with no building and pest, no cooling off period or finance. Brilliant. In economic times such as now, the above circumstances are virtually unheard of. Coupled with tenants who made the process even more confronting due to their inability to cooperate with open houses etc. Furthermore, this agent was given a non-existent marketing budget, so he was battling from the start. But with his tenacity, he relished even more with the challenge. This agent proved to have the eight elements of being a top real estate agent. Communication, proactive, listens, adaptive, client-motivated, he knew my timeframe, was highly motivated and was willing to offer many past testimonials - all which made my business relationship with him very pleasurable. From the onset, I had confidence that I was in the right hands and would have no hesitation in recommending this agent to others who value professionalism, honesty, passion, challenges and integrity. Thank you.
    Review by Bradley for John Jessop from Elders
    Our second property listed with this agent at Elders and we've all achieved success again. Thanks to this agent.
    Review by Dylan Wallis for John Jessop from Elders
    Dealing with quality real estate professionals such as this agent and Ben Ivle made my recent addition to my investment portfolio a breeze. Their communication skills and going above and beyond on delivering customer service has now made their business my go to for all my real estate needs.
    Review by Maria Skouros for John Jessop from Elders
    I have known this agent for several years. We actually bought this house with this agent and we were so pleased with his honesty and attention to detail that we had no hesitation in selling our home with him. This agent helped us in achieving a price above our asking price which was a great bonus.
    Review by Paul and Nicole Van Hout for John Jessop from Elders
    I have purchased my current house through this agent who provided high standard professional service. Therefore, I didn't think of anyone else when I decided to sell my previous property. This agent has negotiated a contract within a week with higher than expected price. I would highly recommend this agent when selling property.
    Review by Qing Sun Sonny for John Jessop from Elders
    This agent was customer-focused throughout the whole process. His communications skills were of a high level and he kept us informed throughout. He listened to our suggestions and acted upon them accordingly. He made the whole process relatively painless and smooth.
    Review by John Gough for John Jessop from Elders
    My husband, myself and our 5 adult children all agree that this agent was not only very professional at his position as an agent with Elders but also had the ability to be emotionally involved with us as people. We found him to be very personable and approachable and he was always available for any questions or any time we wanted to speak to him. He never made us feel we were ever a bother to him although we probably were a pest at times. Kidding. We would definitely recommend this agent if we know of anyone looking for property and if we are ever in this position again, we aim to just contact this agent first up. He clearly is an asset to Elders.
    Review by Evan and Kathryn Jones for John Jessop from Elders
    I'm a first home buyer so the whole process was very daunting for me. It was great to work with an agent who was patient and understanding and very often took the time to talk me through the process and where things were at and what my options were. More than was his duty. I felt a lot 'safer' in the process than what I thought I would as I wasn't pressured and felt supported.
    Review by Tania Sarafian for John Jessop from Elders
    This agent has done a fantastic job on assisting us with the property. I do wish there are more agents in the field like him, will recommend him 10 out of 10.
    Review by Yin Dai for John Jessop from Elders
    This agent will tell you how it is and what needs to be done to achieve results. I recommend him to anyone looking to sell.
    Review by Peter for John Jessop from Elders
    This agent and Ben were helpful, friendly and made the purchase easy and hassle-free.
    Review by Lisa Coker for John Jessop from Elders
    This agent, Ben and Jaana all went out of their way to assist with the sale of the property which included two other signatories on the contract. We had a difficult family situation which made the process of communication between the parties selling challenging, but with the help of this agent and the team, it made the process much easier to manage. The house was marketed well for the money we spent and we were happy with the overall process.
    Review by S Martin for John Jessop from Elders
    Third time luck in selling our house. They have done an amazing job in getting it sold. We would use them time and time again. Fanatic agents in selling properties, they know what the market is doing and what you can get for your property. Great work by Ben and this agent. Thank you.
    Review by Iain Renee for John Jessop from Elders
    This agent gave a quick response and ensured an easy non-complicated process whilst buying the property.
    Review by Emily Garrett for John Jessop from Elders
    We are happy to recommend this agent at Elders Shailer Park who sold our house this month. He is very professional, not pushy, lets you do your own thinking and final decisions. Thank you for an easy house sell.
    Review by Alex Artes for John Jessop from Elders
    I can't say enough about this agent and Ben. They were very helpful in all aspects of the marketing and sale of our house. They put in the hard yards and effort and kept us informed and up to date with the whole process. They also gave us great advise and negotiated a good final outcome for us.
    Review by Brett and Sandra for John Jessop from Elders
    I found a townhouse I liked and gave this agent a call from the site. Within minutes, he had one of his staff meet me and show me through. The next day, I made an offer of price and settlement time and this agent said, 'leave it with me.' True to his words, he contacted me the same day saying the offer had been accepted. Since then, its been a no-hassle experience, I received a phone call to say settlement was complete and I could come to his office or he would meet me on site with the keys and documentation. A large box of cakes accompanied the hand over. This agent look after every detail, answered all my questions and researched those he couldn't and came back to me. I would recommend him and his office to anyone.
    Review by Frank Cooper for John Jessop from Elders
    It was an absolute pleasure dealing with this agent on the purchase of our new home.
    Review by Gary and Cara Joseph for John Jessop from Elders
    We've tried to sell our house previously, but due to market conditions we weren't successful. This time around, we understood that the process of selling our house isn't the most enjoyable process. So when deciding on which agent was right for us, my husband and I took the approach that we wanted, not only an agent that would find us a buyer, but also someone we would enjoy working with. Ben Ives, from this agent's team, was exactly what we were looking for. He knew the market in our area, but most importantly to us, we enjoyed working with Ben and it made the process a lot less stressful. As this is the first home we've ever sold, Ben made sure we understood each stage of the sale and contract process so that we knew what to expect next. We highly recommend Ben.
    Review by Danielle and James for John Jessop from Elders
    It all seems a bit surreal. This agent made the process so easy and efficient that before we knew it, we were excited to be in a deal for our dream home. He has an approachable personality and nothing seems too much trouble.
    Review by Tapel and Miriam for John Jessop from Elders
    Having been on the market for quite some time with another agent, we swapped to this agent and Ben. They were great, very personable and realistic which is what we needed to be able to make a decision for sale. With not an offer for over 6 months - as soon as we swapped to this agent and Ben at Elders, we had immediate results in increased numbers through the open houses and within a month we had a contract.
    Review by Carolyn and Chris for John Jessop from Elders
    Elders Real Estate Shailer Park and this agent successfully and most professionally sold our property. Whilst this property may not have been an easy property to sell, this agent certainly didn't let that discourage him and persistently continued to market and followed up on any potential buyers. Thanks to this agent and all your staff involved with our sale.
    Review by Andrew Kerrilie for John Jessop from Elders
    Whilst our house hasn't sold yet, this agent and his team have been excellent in their communication and regular updates. Nothing has been too difficult.
    Review by Tapel and Miriam for John Jessop from Elders

Recent Sold Properties From Elders - Shailer Park

    5 & 6/13-15 Sally Drive, Marsden 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 07/12/2017
    5 & 6/13-15 Sally Drive, Marsden 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 07/12/2017
    154 Orchard Road, Redland Bay 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 05/12/2017
    3 Coral Avenue, Loganholme 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 28/11/2017
    52 Caloola Drive, Springwood 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 20/11/2017
    22 Evenwood Street, Daisy Hill 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 20/11/2017
    38 Goenoeng Drive, Tanah Merah 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 20/11/2017
    12 Caparra Street, Shailer Park 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 17/11/2017
    24 Mingah Crescent, Shailer Park 5 Bedroom House
    SOLD 16/11/2017
    21 Lewina Street, Daisy Hill 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 15/11/2017