Gary Peer and Associates - Carnegie

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Aviv Samuel

Gary Peer and Associates - Carnegie

7 reviews 0.0/5

Activity in the last 12 months

Properties Sold: 58

Highest Sale: $3,000,000

Reviews : 0

Recent sales in: Carnegie, Caulfield South, Caulfield North, Murrumbeena, Ormond, Bentleigh East, Caulfield, Glen Huntly

Customer Reviews

Thanks very much for your hard work throughout our campaign. We were immediately impressed by your willingness to listen to what was important to us and build the campaign around these key issues. Your attention to detail was consistent from beginning to end which reassured us both that you were always giving our home your full attention. We believe your comprehensive approach to marketing and selling the property, incorporating the many resources available to the Gary Peer group, was instrumental in attracting a large number of potential buyers. Most importantly, you demonstrated your experience and professionalism on auction day, when it counted the most, to achieve a great result for us. All the best. We look forward to working with the Samuel for our next home sale.
We just wanted to take the time to thank you for the effort you invested in selling our property. You kept us well-informed throughout the campaign with reports and phone calls, which kept our mind at ease. You also professionally handled our tenants and they were appreciative of you keeping them informed too. You achieved our reserve price and we would be happy to recommend you and your real estate agency, Gary Peer and Associates.
Your team was very friendly and efficient. Thank you very much for a great campaign. Leor your thoroughness, ability to assess the market as we progressed, and your contact ability were all attributes that helped such novices as ourselves. We really appreciated the fact that you always responded quickly to any of our queries. We were impressed with your professionalism, your large detailed data base and your ability to assess the potential buyers well. This was all crucial in achieving a great result. We felt a little less nervous about making the right decisions on auction day after being well-informed and prepared for various scenarios. The auction itself was extremely well done with the Samuel team and fellow associates all on board. Leor constantly kept us updated and we were relieved that our decisions were respected. Your team was very friendly and efficient and responded to our requests promptly, no matter how small they were. We would highly recommend the Samuel team and the Gary Peer team as a whole for its well-polished and assertive approach, particularly with their strong hold in the Caulfield area.
I want to express my sincere appreciation for the successful and wonderful results you obtained on our behalf over the weekend auction in Caulfield South. I was most impressed with your expertise, care and preparation for the four week campaign and the weekly Open House inspections you managed on our behalf and the meetings we had leading up to the auction and also engaging us every step of the way and sharing all the knowledge and market information. Finally, I want to give thanks to the very special people behind the scenes like this agent , Glen, your assistant and staff associated with completing the contract documents and all others involved in making this sale the success it was.
I hope all's well. I am contacting you because I want to bring to your attention the absolutely outstanding contribution that this agent , from your Caulfield North office, is making to your company. I first had the pleasure of meeting this agent at an open for inspection in Caulfield South over twelve months ago. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in buying the property, but since that day he promised to keep in touch and help me find another suitable property. this agent was genuine and true to his word, because without fail, he would call me once a week to give me the heads up of any property that may be suitable for me to come and inspect. Over the next twelve months, this agent introduced me to multiple properties that were suitable but unfortunately I wasn't successful in purchasing. On countless occasions, I believe he went over and above his duties for what I would expect a reasonable real estate agent would do for a client. I recently purchased in Bentleigh East through Gary Peer. Once again, I sincerely thank this agent for bringing to my attention this property and making the process of buying the property a very enjoyable experience. Leon Gouzenfiter was also helpful during this process too. Based on this agent 's recommendation and his fantastic level of service towards me, it's also a no brainer for me to utilise Gary Peer for the property management services. this agent is extremely professional, instantly likable, knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy. He's clearly ambitious and passionate about becoming a star performer in real estate. I have no doubt he will become extremely successful in the industry if he continues providing his high level of client service and raising the bar of professionalism. I have had no hesitation in recommending this agent or Gary Peer to my family, friends and associates and will continue to do so.
May I take a small amount of time to express our appreciation of having the opportunity to have this agent act on our behalf. It was back in August 2012 that we first met this agent while we were doing some rectification work at our unit. this agent was in the complex and by chance we introduced ourselves. Without any pressure, this agent made mention that if we were going to sell he would be interested in representing us. We exchanged contact numbers and over the next few months conversations were held without any pressure or obligation. When we decided to sell, we made the mistake of talking to two other agencies. After meeting up with this agent , we decided to go with Gary Peer and Leor became involved and further enhanced a broader perspective. During the 2013 campaign, this agent was in constant contact keeping us informed of the market any potential buyers etc., all along and feeling comfortable we knew this agent was representing us 100%. He instilled a good relationship with the tenants of our unit which made it easier for the tenants to allow strangers to come through on viewings. When the sale of the unit emanate, we were informed of every move and this agent 's calmness took away any pressure that we may have been experiencing. We believe coming to the pointy end this agent represented us well above our expectations firstly to have a sale pre-auction and secondly achieving an excellent sale price. A meeting was set up with the perspective buyer and the level of this agent 's commitment gave us confidence that a sale could be achieved. I should make mention that Leor was present with this agent . this agent called me later on that evening and asked to meet so that the sale contract could be signed so without hesitation we met this agent and Leor and the good news was delivered, an excellent sale result. Apologies for rambling and in closing we would have no hesitation in recommending Gary Peer as a representing agent and would suggest they contact or utilise the skills of this agent .
We have been in the market to buy a property since mid May this year. Fortunately, we were successful last week in our quest, however sadly it was not with your company. It is sad for us that you did not ultimately get our business, because this agent has been working with us tirelessly over the last three or so months. I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on this agent 's professionalism and undivided attention he gave to us, which included weekly calls. this agent has the perfect personality and style as a real estate agent which is not always the case in your profession. He was never pushy or over the top and gave sound advice, which as you would well know, is not always the situation. Once again, I think you have a marvelous employee in this agent and we wish this agent and your company all the very best for the future. Your weekly videos are fantastic. I enjoyed watching them immensely.


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Properties Sold in the
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Properties Sold
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Highest Sale in the last
12 months


Recently Sold Properties

8/18 Waratah Avenue, Glen Huntly 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 14/10/2017
44 Teak Street, Caulfield South 5 Bedroom House
SOLD 27/09/2017
1/49 Coorigil Road, Carnegie 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 24/09/2017
20 Moylan Street, Bentleigh East 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 24/09/2017
6/1036 North Road, Bentleigh East 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 23/09/2017
3/19 Ash Grove, Caulfield 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 09/09/2017
6/38 Brighton Road, Balaclava 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 07/09/2017
16 Manchester Grove, Glen Huntly 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 03/09/2017
2/3 Milton Street, Carnegie 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 03/09/2017
142 Sycamore Street, Caulfield South 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 27/08/2017
970 Glen Huntly Road, Caulfield South 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 19/08/2017
12/26 Lillimur Road, Ormond 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 13/08/2017
204/157 Balaclava Road, Caulfield North 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 13/08/2017
29 Holywood Grove, Carnegie 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 12/08/2017
480 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield South 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 06/08/2017
5/12 Judith Street, Carnegie 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 30/07/2017
1/27A Bambra Road, Caulfield North 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 30/07/2017
2A Goodrich Street, Bentleigh East 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 29/07/2017
1/242 Koornang Road, Carnegie 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 19/07/2017
3/63 Bealiba Road, Caulfield South 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 16/07/2017
1 Pell Street, Bentleigh East 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 15/07/2017
204/36 Lynch Street, Hawthorn 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 13/07/2017
259-261 Neerim Road, Carnegie 0 Bedroom Land
SOLD 06/07/2017
18 Atkinson Street, Murrumbeena 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 28/06/2017
25 Sebastopol Street, Caulfield North 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 25/06/2017
17/190 Murrumbeena Road, Murrumbeena 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 24/06/2017
11/192 Cecil Street , South Melbourne 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 17/06/2017
2/254 Dandenong Road, St Kilda East 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 17/06/2017
6/36 Johnstone Street , Malvern 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 03/06/2017
G04/37 Park Street , Elsternwick 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 03/06/2017
163 Oakleigh Road, Carnegie 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 03/06/2017
3/2 Ash Grove, Caulfield 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 09/04/2017
272 Warrigal Road, Oakleigh South 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 08/04/2017
11 Adams Street, Murrumbeena 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 02/04/2017
1982 Malvern Road , Malvern East 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 25/03/2017
G01/37 Park Street, Elsternwick 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 07/03/2017
5 Graceburn Avenue, Carnegie 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 04/03/2017
3/59 Poath Road, Murrumbeena 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 25/02/2017
3/78 Moonya Road, Carnegie 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 24/02/2017
1/15 Crimea Street, Caulfield North 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 19/02/2017
7 Maxwell Grove,, Caulfield 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 19/02/2017
1/15 Crimea Street, Caulfield North 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 19/02/2017
306 Mckinnon Road, Mckinnon 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 18/02/2017
16 Cambridge Street, Caulfield North 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 18/02/2017
13 Adams Street, Murrumbeena 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 18/02/2017
310/74 Queens Road, Melbourne 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 04/01/2017
1/2 Griffiths Street , Caulfield South 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 14/12/2016
4 Los Angeles Court , St Kilda East 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 11/12/2016
2/31 Malane Street , Ormond 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 10/12/2016
25 Rob Roy Road , Malvern East 6 Bedroom House
SOLD 10/12/2016
6 Ocean Street , Ormond 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 10/12/2016
3/239 Canterbury Road , St Kilda West 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 05/12/2016
5/409 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield South 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 27/11/2016
1/75 Lillimur Road , Ormond 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 19/11/2016
22 Lydson Street , Murrumbeena 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 19/11/2016
4/29 Oakdene Crescent , Carnegie 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 05/11/2016
3/3 Duke Street , Caulfield South 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 23/10/2016
16 Hinton Road, Glen Huntly 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 22/10/2016
30 & 30A Holloway Street , Ormond 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 22/10/2016
78 Bambra Road , Caulfield North 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 22/10/2016
83 Grange Road, Glen Huntly 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 08/10/2016
3/8 Hudson Street, Caulfield North 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 03/09/2016
1/70 Truganini Road, Carnegie 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 03/09/2016
14 Latrobe Street, Caulfield South 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 03/09/2016
1/39 Neville Street, Bentleigh East 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 27/08/2016
6/1126 North Road, Bentleigh East 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 24/08/2016
8/198 Alma Road, St Kilda East 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 24/08/2016
21 Edgewood Street, Carnegie 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 20/08/2016
3/239 Canterbury Road, ST KILDA 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 06/08/2016
254 Neerim Road, CARNEGIE 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 06/08/2016
1/205 Grange Road , GLEN HUNTLY 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 23/07/2016
42 Poplar Street , CAULFIELD SOUTH 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 23/07/2016
6 & 6A Wimmera Street , ORMOND 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 23/07/2016
5/29 Nepean Highway, ELSTERNWICK 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 14/06/2016
5/78 Moonya Road, CARNEGIE 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 04/06/2016
48 Darling Road, MALVERN EAST 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 04/06/2016
48 Darling Road, MALVERN EAST 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 04/06/2016
16/89 Neerim Road, GLEN HUNTLY 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 21/05/2016
G03/677 Glen Huntly Road, CAULFIELD 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 11/05/2016
9/71 Westbury Street, ST KILDA EAST 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 09/05/2016
14 Dover Street , CAULFIELD SOUTH 5 Bedroom House
SOLD 08/05/2016
14 Wallace Avenue , OAKLEIGH SOUTH 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 30/04/2016
18/1 Whitehall Court, Caulfield North 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 21/04/2016
11 Rochford Street, Bentleigh East 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 21/04/2016
8/92-94 Waverley Road , MALVERN EAST 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 20/04/2016
2/69 Narrawong Road, CAULFIELD SOUTH 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 10/04/2016
19 Moylan Street, BENTLEIGH EAST 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 09/04/2016
4/35-37 Macgowan Avenue, GLEN HUNTLY 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 20/03/2016
28 Munster Avenue, CARNEGIE 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 05/03/2016
12/55 Hotham Street, ST KILDA EAST 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 01/03/2016
152 Bambra Road, CAULFIELD 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 28/02/2016
2 Sycamore Grove, ST KILDA EAST 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 21/02/2016
5/11 Rosstown Road, CARNEGIE 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 13/02/2016
1-10/9 Frogmore Road, CARNEGIE 10 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 20/01/2016
13/358 Beaconsfield Parade, ST KILDA WEST 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 13/01/2016
14/5 Duke Street, CAULFIELD SOUTH 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 14/12/2015
4/10 Dean Avenue, ST KILDA EAST 1 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 07/12/2015
1/38 Scott Street , ELWOOD 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 07/12/2015
3/5 Beresford Street , CAULFIELD NORTH 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 07/12/2015
187 Kambrook Road, CAULFIELD 5 Bedroom House
SOLD 01/12/2015
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Properties Sold

Highest Sale in the last 12 months


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All time: 246

Last 3 months: 17

Last 12 months: 58

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We would like to thank you both for your efforts over the past weeks. We have been very pleased with the way you have conducted every phase of the marketing campaign and we are delighted with the outcome of the auction. - Peter

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