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Gary Seaye

Harcourts - Croydon

5 reviews 0.0/5

Activity in the last 12 months

Properties Sold: 23

Highest Sale: $1,580,000

Reviews : 0

Recent sales in: Croydon, Mooroolbark, Ringwood, Ringwood East, Kilsyth, Bentleigh East, Chirnside Park, Croydon South

Customer Reviews

Just a short note to thank you and your team at Harcourts for your continued efforts in ensuring that our home in Wonga Park achieved the highest premium possible. We would also take this opportunity to note the dedicated attention given by Jennifer Marshall, always available, always helpful and always on time. Jennifer's guidance and positive nature has been particularly reassuring. - Marueen and Allen
Thank you this agent and the team at Harcourts Croydon. As we entered cautiously into an agreement to sell our house, we asked ourselves, are we making the right decision? We had spoken to a variety of agents, each making a great case as to why they were the person for the job. Our decision was pretty easy. We approached this agent when we first decided to put the house on the market, approximately six months prior to signing with an agent. this agent made a great first impression, he kept in occasional contact for an update and offered assistance while we prepared the house for sale. We found this agent very easy to talk to, he listened to what we had to say, he answered our many questions in turn easing our minds of any concerns we had. Natalie Minniti put together a great marketing campaign. We were given the opportunity to give feedback and make any changes. We had concerns with one of the main photos, Natalie was wonderful to arrange with the photographer to have this re-taken within a very tight time frame and managed to work her magic to have the photo board up before the first open. Natalie personally checked the board was up and called us to let us know. During the four-week campaign, this agent kept us up-to-date on the interest he and his colleagues had on the house. We found this agent to be very professional in his approach. He obviously wanted to do what was right for us, however he also wanted to ensure he was genuine to potential buyers. this agent found the time to meet with us when it suited us, he also replied to our many emails at all hours of the day and night. On auction day, the Harcourt team swung into action. They had all the signs up early, balloons and flags were blowing in the wind. As we anxiously waited for the auction to start, no bids waiting, finally a bid and we were off, this agent and the team did a great job as we managed to sell above our reserve, beyond our expectations. this agent and his team managed to make what could be a stressful, emotional and nerve-wracking time, into a pretty smooth-sailing time with an excellent result. Thank you. - Kristy and Paul
I was on the hunt for an investment property, and entertained no intention of wasting my time searching around. I saw two properties Harcourts were advertising, both units were lovely, but the first one stole the show. I made an offer and two days later the place was mine, the deal was done. Jennifer, my real estate agent was very helpful and made the process an exciting and enjoyable one. I would recommend Harcourts to anyone looking to purchase a new home or investment property. - Caroline
As overwhelming as purchasing a home can be, this is the third time I have done so and would have to say third time lucky having you as the agent. I haven't come across an agent, as organized and efficient as you. Your genuine care didn't go unnoticed nor did the energy you put into your work. It was a pleasure working with you and I wish you every success in what you do. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone that is planning to sell or buy a home. You are definitely an asset to Harcourts. Keep up the fantastic work. Take care and speak soon. - Rita
Everyone knows that buying a house is likely to be the single, most expensive, lifetime investment. Understandably, it can be a stressful process particularly when you have not sold a property before. Up for the challenge, we chose to buy and sell within weeks of the birth of our first child. Also, a very significant but stressful event. It was so important that we had a genuine, caring and understanding professional to help guide us through the selling and purchasing process and allow us to not only get the best offer on our home and not waste precious time better spent with our newborn. this agent was able to gain a good understanding of our needs and desires, giving us excellent personal attention, and with his impeccable knowledge of the local market, we were confident in entrusting him in assisting us. We were extremely happy with both the time frame and the prices that this agent was able to negotiate. We have no hesitation in highly recommending this agent should you be considering buying or selling your home. - Richie and Kelly


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Properties Sold in the
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Properties Sold
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Highest Sale in the last
12 months


Recently Sold Properties

124 Pembroke Road, Mooroolbark 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 27/11/2017
Lot 2, 74 Roseman Road, Chirnside Park 0 Bedroom Land
SOLD 16/11/2017
5/36 Lusher Road, Croydon 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 10/11/2017
428 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood East 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 10/11/2017
27 Marion Avenue, Mooroolbark 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 03/11/2017
58 Mount Dandenong Road, Croydon 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 02/11/2017
3 Dunrossil Drive, Kilsyth 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 27/10/2017
31/7 Turnbull Court, Ringwood 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 03/10/2017
25A Lomond Avenue, Kilsyth 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 28/09/2017
5-6 Elmore Avenue, Croydon 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 25/07/2017
13 Cass Avenue, Croydon 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 13/07/2017
25 Mundara Drive, Ringwood 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 28/06/2017
69A Woodville Road, Mooroolbark 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 30/05/2017
1/98 Mount Dandenong Road, Ringwood East 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 09/05/2017
4/230 Bayswater Road, Bayswater North 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 04/05/2017
3 Wyuna Walk, Mooroolbark 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 28/04/2017
Address Available On Request, Croydon 0 Bedroom Land
SOLD 04/04/2017
4/1 Omeo Court, Bentleigh East 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 04/04/2017
1/41 Browns Road, Bentleigh East 4 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 29/03/2017
86 Victoria Road, Lilydale 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 15/03/2017
6 Royal Road , Croydon South 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 27/01/2017
1/13 Heather Grove, Ringwood 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 24/01/2017
52 Vinter Avenue , Croydon 0 Bedroom Land
SOLD 09/01/2017
Address Withheld, Croydon 0 Bedroom Land
SOLD 01/12/2016
67 Bonnie View Road, Croydon North 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 28/11/2016
1/15 Farnley Street, Croydon 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 22/11/2016
23B Diana Street, Croydon 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 08/11/2016
7/6 Donald Street, Croydon 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 04/11/2016
3/7 Moore Avenue, Croydon 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 20/10/2016
10 Inglewood Close, Croydon 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 07/10/2016
2/31A Rodleigh Street, Croydon 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 03/10/2016
258 Hereford Road, Lilydale 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 19/09/2016
2/7 Moore Avenue, Croydon 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 12/09/2016
14 Loddon Court, Croydon Hills 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 05/09/2016
14 Arundel Street, Croydon 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 30/08/2016
41 Stirling Road, Croydon 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 24/08/2016
29A Jesmond Road, CROYDON 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 11/07/2016
15 Alamein Avenue, CROYDON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 21/06/2016
41 Strathfield Parade, CROYDON 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 21/06/2016
13 Linden Road , RINGWOOD NORTH 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 23/05/2016
270 Hereford Road , LILYDALE 5 Bedroom House
SOLD 19/05/2016
1/16 Jackson Street , CROYDON 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 02/05/2016
7/57 Bayswater Road, CROYDON 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 15/04/2016
160A Dorset Road, CROYDON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 01/04/2016
3/60 Faraday Road, CROYDON SOUTH 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 31/03/2016
7 Sang Court , RINGWOOD 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 22/03/2016
10 Collins Grove , CROYDON NORTH 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 02/03/2016
31A Rodleigh Street , CROYDON 0 Bedroom Land
SOLD 22/02/2016
7/379 Dorset Road , CROYDON 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 16/02/2016
2/58 Sunbeam Avenue , RINGWOOD EAST 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 05/12/2015
Address Withheld, CROYDON NORTH 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 25/11/2015
428 Maroondah Highway, RINGWOOD EAST 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 09/11/2015
15 Farnley Street, CROYDON 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 06/11/2015
8 Royal Road, CROYDON SOUTH 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 05/11/2015
16 Terrigal Crescent, KILSYTH 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 20/10/2015
4/64 Vinter Avenue , CROYDON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 16/09/2015
31/7 Turnbull Court , RINGWOOD 2 Bedroom House
SOLD 09/09/2015
8A Sellick Drive , CROYDON SOUTH 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 09/09/2015
428 Maroondah Highway, CROYDON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 29/08/2015
4 Field Street , CROYDON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 06/07/2015
3/82 Bayswater Road , CROYDON 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 09/06/2015
5 Alto Avenue , CROYDON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 30/05/2015
1 Hubble Road , CROYDON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 22/05/2015
2/4 Alamein Avenue , KILSYTH 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 28/04/2015
4 Alamein Avenue , KILSYTH 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 20/04/2015
10 Lachlan Way , LILYDALE 0 Bedroom Land
SOLD 16/04/2015
1 Vega Close , LILYDALE 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 09/04/2015
5/42 Patrick Avenue , CROYDON NORTH 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 12/03/2015
7 Kauri Court , CROYDON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 11/03/2015
10 Chinook Crescent , MOOROOLBARK 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 26/02/2015
1/45 Dorset Road , CROYDON 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 23/02/2015
2/4 Montgomery Court , KILSYTH 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 09/02/2015
2/41 Jarma Road , HEATHMONT 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 09/02/2015
7/230 Bayswater Road , BAYSWATER NORTH 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 18/12/2014
16 The Briars , MOOROOLBARK 5 Bedroom House
SOLD 28/11/2014
Address Withheld, RINGWOOD 0 Bedroom Land
SOLD 07/11/2014
1 Cassandra Court , RINGWOOD 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 25/10/2014
2 Kennedy Avenue , RINGWOOD 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 25/10/2014
65A Mount Dandenong Road , RINGWOOD EAST 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 18/10/2014
LILYDALE 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 13/10/2014
53 Nangathan Way, CROYDON NORTH 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 07/10/2014
31 Hardy Crescent, HEATHMONT 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 22/09/2014
4 Chateau Close, CROYDON 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 16/09/2014
1/31 Jackson Street , CROYDON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 12/09/2014
42 Sherman Drive, BAYSWATER NORTH 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 05/09/2014
159A Plymouth Road, WARRANWOOD 0 Bedroom Land
SOLD 02/09/2014
45a Dorset Road, CROYDON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 15/08/2014
19 Jull Parade , RINGWOOD NORTH 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 06/08/2014
5 Jessica Park Drive , LILYDALE 3 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 30/07/2014
160 Dorset Road , CROYDON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 28/07/2014
16 Glenwood Drive , CROYDON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 25/07/2014
42 Pascoe Avenue, CROYDON 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 08/07/2014
1B Campbell Street, HEATHMONT 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 02/07/2014
8 Evon Avenue, RINGWOOD EAST 4 Bedroom House
SOLD 28/06/2014
Lot 2, 8 Sebire Avenue, WANDIN NORTH 0 Bedroom House
SOLD 20/06/2014
9 Joffre Street, CROYDON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 14/06/2014
5 Jacks Place, LILYDALE 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 27/05/2014
WANDIN NORTH 0 Bedroom House
SOLD 21/05/2014
58 The Range Boulevard, CROYDON 3 Bedroom House
SOLD 15/05/2014
8/11 Peden Street, CHIRNSIDE PARK 2 Bedroom Apartment
SOLD 11/05/2014
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Properties Sold

Highest Sale in the last 12 months


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All time: 189

Last 3 months: 9

Last 12 months: 23

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We would like to thank you both for your efforts over the past weeks. We have been very pleased with the way you have conducted every phase of the marketing campaign and we are delighted with the outcome of the auction. - Peter

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