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Professionals Erskine Park has 0 agent listed on OpenAgent. Over the last 12 months, they have received 11 verified reviews and have sold 28 properties in the Erskine Park area.

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    This agent was so helpful and it was easy to choose him to sell my mother's house. He knows the market in the area, and followed through with everything he promised. This agent even came out to see me when I wasn't sure on things just to put my mind at ease. Thanks to this agent.
    Review by for Angelo Mavris from Professionals
    This agent showed great service and was very professional. We have bought and sold with him and will only use him.
    Review by for Angelo Mavris from Professionals
    I'm very happy with the service I'm being provided with. I will not hesitate to recommend his services to any of my friends.
    Review by for Angelo Mavris from Professionals
    Me and my wife Samantha would like to thank you, this agent , for your professional assistance in selling our home. We asked several local real estate agents including you to provide some advice in relation to the sales process and also the asking price for our property. Me and Samantha had agreed on our wish for price. The price which we were prepared to sell the property at was in the high-price end for properties within St.Clair. Of the 3 agents that came and had a meeting with me and my wife, you were the only one to be at the price we believed we should list our home at. For some years after selling other homes within our street, you always called over to say hello and complimented us on our home and these little gestures made me and Samantha feel that you had earned the right to list our home. We sincerely appreciate all of your professional support in finding the perfect buyers for us. You exceeded our minimum price and it was a really pleasant surprise after you had negotiated with the buyer to find out you achieved several thousand more than we were hoping for. Who doesn't like good surprises! Although the day is near for us to finally move out of our beautiful home and I am sure we will shed a tear after almost 14 years of living here, we are really happy that the new owners will look after our property. We could not picked better people to hand the keys of our pride and joy over to. Thank you, this agent , for your utmost professionalism. As customers, it was nice to have our expectations exceeded. - Steve and Samantha
    Review by for Angelo Mavris from Professionals
    I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to Solutions Real Estate for their assistance in the sale of my property. I especially wish to thank this agent who handled our matter from beginning to end. this agent displayed from the very beginning a professional manner. His polite and courteous manner helped me in making all the decision to sign up with Solutions. This was the first time I have ever had to sell my home and this agent was always very helpful and ready to answer any question I may have had. I found him to be very efficient and punctual when meeting for appointments. He constantly kept me up to date with any inquires and any offers that were made on the property. He was very determined to do all within his ability to get the sale I so wanted on my home. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wishes to sell their home with Solutions Real Estate (now known as Professional's Real Estate). Without a doubt, I know that he will provide you with a great service and the result you want in the sale of your home. - Mathew
    Review by Mathew Naven for Angelo Mavris from Professionals
    It was a pleasure working with you and your after our dreadful experiences with the other real estate agency. We are grateful for all of your expert advise and your professional manner. We found you to be prompt, dedicated and ethical. We found you and your colleagues friendly and helpful also. We wish you all well for your futures. Darin and Sam
    Review by Sam Boyce for Angelo Mavris from Professionals

Recent Sold Properties From Professionals - Erskine Park

    23 Lexington Avenue , St Clair 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 16/10/2017
    39 Tulipwood Drive , Colyton 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 10/10/2017
    6 Cepheus Place, Erskine Park 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 13/09/2017
    13A Blackbird Glen, Erskine Park 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 08/09/2017
    52 Regulus Street, Erskine Park 5 Bedroom House
    SOLD 22/08/2017
    8B Mill Place, St Clair 5 Bedroom House
    SOLD 21/08/2017
    38 Amazon Place, St Clair 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 11/08/2017
    24 Denver Road , St Clair 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 08/08/2017
    10 Kunipipi Street, St Clair 5 Bedroom House
    SOLD 17/07/2017
    93 Swallow Drive, Erskine Park 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 07/07/2017