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Property Shop Cairns has 1 agent listed on OpenAgent. Over the last 12 months, they have received 11 verified reviews and have sold 50 properties in the Cairns area.

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    An absolutely seamless process made possible by this agent 's professionalism and remarkable sense of calm. The sale of our property was a completely stress-free event and we would more than recommend this agent 's services to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Cairns area.
    Review by for Peter Musso from Property Shop
    this agent was always very helpful over the years with my property search and recently securing my new home. 6 stars for him.
    Review by Harry for Peter Musso from Property Shop
    this agent was very attentive to our property sale. He kept us informed of progress and was quick to follow up on any enquiries we had. He also went out of his way to make sure a repair of our rental property was completed, even though it was not his responsibility to follow up on it.
    Review by Jill for Peter Musso from Property Shop
    this agent helped me to purchase my home recently. His professionalism, delightful personality, and his honesty is highly commendable. this agent is a people's agent, he surely has your best interest at heart. Interpersonally, he is highly skilled, and he is really dependable. I wish this agent all the very best in his profession, I wish to thank him for all his selfless support.
    Review by Taha for Peter Musso from Property Shop
    Buying our first home through this agent was a pleasant experience. From the first inspection through to settlement, we found this agent to be most helpful. We would highly recommend this agent for his outstanding customer service, honesty and friendly disposition. The next time we need an agent, this agent is our man.
    Review by Nick for Peter Musso from Property Shop
    this agent helped us both in the purchase and sale of the property and was always in touch to ensure we were appraised of all that was happening. this agent was pleasant to deal with and was ready to supply any information we needed. Even since the sale of the property, this agent has kept in touch from time to time giving us an update of the market in the Cairns area. As we have mentioned we may purchase again later in the year, depending on where we finally decide to settle.
    Review by Lynette for Peter Musso from Property Shop
    this agent has great interpersonal skills and an absolute pleasure to deal with. He consistently went beyond the norm, which we really appreciate. We would highly recommend this agent to anyone buying or selling. Nothing should change.
    Review by Caroline & Gary for Peter Musso from Property Shop
    this agent worked diligently for over a year to get my property sold. I would recommend him to anyone in the Cairns area requiring a knowledgeable and responsive agent.
    Review by Murray for Peter Musso from Property Shop
    We sold our property through this agent late last year. We were extremely satisfied with his service. We recommend this agent to everyone.
    Review by Gary for Peter Musso from Property Shop

Recent Sold Properties From Property Shop - Cairns

    4/13-15 Brisbane Street , Parramatta Park 2 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 11/09/2017
    3 Yumbabulla Green , Smithfield 0 Bedroom Land
    SOLD 05/09/2017
    12 Newry Trail , Smithfield 0 Bedroom Land
    SOLD 11/08/2017
    32A Leonard Street , Kewarra Beach 0 Bedroom Land
    SOLD 31/07/2017
    18 Newry Trail , Smithfield 0 Bedroom Land
    SOLD 19/07/2017
    20 Gilberton Gate ,, Smithfield 0 Bedroom Land
    SOLD 07/06/2017
    9 Castleton Entrance, Smithfield 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 06/06/2017
    5/194 Mccoombe St, Bungalow 2 Bedroom House
    SOLD 29/05/2017
    9 Collinson St, Westcourt 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 26/05/2017
    59 Dalton St, Westcourt 5 Bedroom House
    SOLD 17/05/2017

116 -118 Grafton Street
QLD, 4870

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